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How to Fix Common Problems with the Nokia 6

The Nokia 6 hasn’t been released globally yet, but since it’s still been out for a year, a few problems have surfaced with it by now.

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Thankfully, the Nokia 6 is a fantastic phone for the price, and doesn’t have enough issues under the hood to push me, or most users away from it.

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The phone has its shortcomings, much like the two other phones in the same line, the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, but there are ways to get around them.

There are problems that Android phones always run into, like the WiFi not working, or Bluetooth not pairing, but I’ll be focusing on what issues the Nokia 6 specifically has that you can resolve, or be aware of before buying.

Awkwardly Placed Fingerprint Scanner

At the bottom of the Nokia 6 is a fingerprint scanner that works well enough, especially in the phone’s price range, but the placement isn’t ideal. With its almost cylindrical and long design, it’s a pain to use one handed at the very bottom of the device.

scanner nokia 6 problems

The fingerprint scanner works in conjunction with the Nokia 6’s capacitive navigation buttons, which poses another problem when hold the phone horizontally. If you’re playing a game, or using an app that has a lot of constant movement, it’s very easy to hit these buttons during regular use.

The placement of the scanner is something that you’ll grow accustomed to with time, and the capacitive buttons aren’t that big of a deal breaker, even if you’re used to on screen buttons at this point.

A Limited and Closed Off Battery

While the 3000mAh battery inside of the Nokia 6 should last you through the day on a full charge, it being stuck inside of the phone without a way to replace it, or swap it for a fresh one is disappointing.

battery nokia 6 problems

In most cases throughout the day, you wouldn’t need to change batteries with light use, but if you’re on your phone constantly, using apps or games that take up most of your phone’s resources, you’ll need some help to conserve your battery power.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make sure a single charge lasts through the entire day, and we’ve covered some of the best of them.

An Outdated Chipset

The Nokia 6, while powerful enough to do most simple tasks without a problem, is still using the old Snapdragon 430. To help put things into perspective, even though they’re in different price ranges, the Google Pixel uses a Snapdragon 821 under the hood.

snapdragon nokia 6 problems

With the 430 expect to be able to run apps and simple games without much of a problem, but trying to load anything graphically, or mechanically intense and you’re going to run into hiccups and issues.

If you’re expecting the Nokia 6 to be able to handle something like VR, even with its 1080p screen, it simply doesn’t have the power behind it. So while the Nokia 6 is underpowered when compared to other phones out this year, and even last year, what can you do about that?

example nokia 6 problems

In short, there really isn’t anything you can do to boost the Nokia 6’s processing power, but you can manage your system’s RAM effectively, and better understand what your phone can and can’t do to avoid stressing it to the point of overheating.

No NFC or Infrared Capability

The lack of NFC and infrared isn’t a deal breaker for the Nokia 6 by any means, and if anything the addition of them would raise the price, but them not being there is another small issue with the phone.

nfc nokia 6 problems

However, this isn’t one of the problems with the Nokia 6 that you can fix, or with the Nokia 3 and 5. While losing infrared isn’t a tragic loss, losing NFC does mean you miss out on a few Android tricks that aren’t possible without it.

Poor Color and Contrast in Photos

This has unfortunately been the same case for the Nokia 3 and 5, but the camera on the back, and the front, of the Nokia 6 have problems with colors and contrasts. If you add uneven or low lighting into the mix, colors in Nokia 6 pictures won’t be represented accurately, making them come off as washed out, or imbalanced.

camera nokia 6 problems

This is where photo editing apps come into play to make it easy to add touch ups here and there, make small corrections, and even major edits. As long as you make sure you have enough lighting, have a photo editor in your app toolkit, and take photos with a steady hand, your pictures will look their absolute best.

edit nokia 6 problems

The 16MP 1080p camera on the back, and the 8MP camera on the front do an admirable job at taking photos, even with the color and contrast issues.

A UI That isn’t for Everyone

The last problem that I’ve seen people have with the Nokia 6, aside from minor gripes here and there, is with the UI.

ui nokia 6 problems

I’m in the same boat as far as not liking the design. I’m not sure if the colors match the simplistic theme, and even for something simplistic it comes off looking sparse. If you think the same way, or even have different gripes with the UI, don’t worry, you still have time to change it.

This doesn’t just apply to the Nokia 6 either, you can do this with any Android phone. In just a few minutes, or even seconds, download a custom launcher, or even try to make your own with icon packs and different themes.

launcher nokia 6 problems

The choice is thankfully up to you about how you want your phone to look and feel, so if you don’t like how the interface for the Nokia 6 looks, it’s easy to fix.

Some Improvements Over Nokia Line Problems

The Nokia 6, while it’s the Android phone in this new line that released last year, doesn’t have some of the problems the Nokia 3 and 5 have. Since the Nokia 6 is the most expensive out of the three, it’s expected to have a few improvements over the others.

example2 nokia 6 problems

While I listed the battery problems above, the Nokia 6 does have a larger battery than the two other similar Nokia devices. At the same time, the small amount of RAM I’ve criticized the Nokia 3 and 5 for having is bumped up to 3GB’s and 4GB’s respectively depending on the model you pick for the 6.

Additionally, the internal memory jumped to 32GB and 64GB on the more expensive model, but both still have a microSD card slot for easy expandable storage.

lineup nokia 6 problems

The Nokia 6 is the most expensive of the three, but without going into it too much here, it’s probably worth the extra money to get a better Nokia experience, even with the problems still present.


The Nokia 6 probably has the least amount of problems when compared to the 3 and the 5, but it still has its downsides. Some of these issues you can fix, and others just have to be dealt with, and more will probably be discovered over time. When problems with the Nokia 6 crop up, there will no doubt be even more solutions.

If you have anything about the Nokia 6 you want to let us know about, or even anything about Nokia in general, please tell us below.


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  1. I reside in UAE. I bought Nokia 6 from online site Souq, which was a Chinese imported product. Now after inserting du Sim which I was using with 4G network previously, this phone is running only on 3G network. Any solution for this?

    1. Hi, Kevin. If your sim card is 4G compatible, then try changing the devices settings. Go to Data Usage -> Cellular Network Settings -> Preferred Network Type and make sure that 4G is set as the preferred network type. Let me know if that solves your problem.

      1. Hi Megan, I still have a problem after changing the settings to 4G compatible. The network keeps changing from 4G & 3G due to network signal issues but if you keep only on 4G compatible then it is not working on 3G network. What should i do now….?
        Please let me have your comments

  2. the phone doesn’t have any back up application unlike lg where you can back up your files like messages contacts memos pictures etc. and transfer it to another phone.

    what i mean is that. after you reset everything you won’t have your save messages or memos or saved datas anymore in nokia 6

  3. there are some wifi connection issues reported for the phone in the US version of nokia 6 that some of the local wifis are not been able to track by the device.. i am waiting for the indian version of the phone.. please check it out. if there is an issue how can we solve it. most of the buyers of the phone in amazon.com has commented this issue below.. pls get me a solution

    1. Hi, Ibnu. Like Strider said, wifi issues are (unfortunately) very common in various Android devices. Checking security settings on your device and disabling power saving mode are two fixes that often aren’t thought of but can solve most connection issues.

      1. I also can’t connect to my home wifi. I tried your suggestions, but still nothing. I don’t always see my WiFi network come up as an option, but when I do I click on it, push connect, but nothing happens. Any other suggestions? Or is this a defect in the phone and I need to return

        1. Hi, Jess. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of fixes to try. Are other devices able to find the network?

          If you haven’t already, try resetting the router. You can also try forgetting the wifi network when it does come up again, and manually entering the information to reconnect. Make sure SSID broadcast is enabled.

          If you’re still having problems, try setting your router to a channel other than the first or last one available. Android can sometimes have issues detecting and connecting to the first and last channels of a router.

          If you got your phone and router in different countries, they may not both be set up for networks in the country that you live in, so double check both devices’ network location settings.

          Good luck and let me know if none of these solutions help so I can give you a hand with any further troubleshooting.

  4. hello. my nokia 6 stoped working today, thscreen is black, only the green light of notification is pulsing. i try to hold the power button and volume down nothing happens. i really need to use the phone now. is trhere any way to make it work again ?

    1. I bought a Nokia 6, seven weeks ago. It kept shutting down. I read that pressing the buttons on the side at the same time would start it again and this worked a few of the times but no longer works. At seven weeks old I hope I get a complete replacement as I can’t work properly without a phone.

      1. I bought Nokia 6 in January 2018. Phone is awesome for this price bracket. But today (31/May/2018) the gpa sensor stopped working.

        Phone didn’t fell or didn’t experienced any kind of physical damage. When I open google maps, the gps is unable to point my location. I tried changing the sensor settings and sensor not picking signal in any app that uses location. Is there a way that I can check for error? Or I have to visit the service centre?

  5. hy i have some wifi issues when ever i try to connect my wifi it connect but after some time it automatically disconnect or write on top of the phone no internet asses plsssssssss solve this issue

  6. Hi My 5 day old Nokia 6 was working fine at 11:15 this morning when I switched it off (power off). 90 minutes later it refused to start. Pressing on button lights up return and home button lights briefly. Power was 59% so do not think phone has discharged suddenly and recharging makes no difference. Faulty device?

    1. Hi, Richard! If buttons and the LEDs are lighting up, this is probably a screen issue. Was there any incident that could have caused damage to the device?

      You’ll need to have the device serviced, but in the meantime you may benefit from our guide on unlocking a device with a dead screen. That will let you go ahead and access and back up any files and data on your phone.

  7. The USA Nokia 6 USA edition has NFC. The stock 7.1.1 nougat UI is perfectly fine. Wifi no problems at at all… Only problem is it supports LTE if make a call drops to 3g voice then when the call is over it drops all cell network connections for then a few seconds to come back 4g lte. And all is already set for 4g preferred and VoLTE enabled and wifi calling. None of that works with proper settings. It’s a glitch in it’s latest stock update for all American models and I don’t know how to contact them about it.

    1. Hi, Dave. You can find Nokia USA’s customer support page here. You can also contact them by phone at 1 (888) 665-4228. Does that provide you with the information you need?

  8. hi nokia 4 daay old nokia just shut down while i was browsing but the back button and recent button was lit but the screen black and then the phone rebooted and it is stuck at nokia symbol please help me

    1. Hi, Amith. Could you clarify exactly what the problem with the display is? Is the phone freezing during booting, or is the screen not lighting up at all?

      1. Hello Team ,

        I have same issue my phone got stuck at the Nokia logo nothing work it got freeze no activity on screen I tried pushing buttons .Please help it just show Logo only

    1. Hi! Go into your camera’s settings and make sure video stabilization is turned on. Is the blurring only happening during video calls or whenever you record video?

  9. I reside in UAE. I bought Nokia 6 from online site Souq, three months back and as the phone was not launched in UAE, it was with out warranty. This was a Chinese imported product. It was absolutely fine till yesterday. Yesterday evening it started over heating and battery drains very fast. Any solution

  10. When I take photos and try to view them through the default ‘Photos’ app, it takes a while for the photos to appear. Is this because all photos are saved to GoogleDrive and connects to the internet?

    I just like all photos to save automatically onto the SD card, not GoogleDrive, but the Nokia 6 doesn’t have a default Gallery app! I want to be able to view my photos even without an internet connection.

    Any advice? TIA.

  11. Hi
    My Brand new Nokia 6 just wont switch on. I Thought the battery had died so I connected the charger however nothing is happening.. no lights, no screen… Nothing. I tried holding in the power button and still nothing.

    1. Hi, Graham! Have you been able to turn the device on at all since you got it? It should have come with at least some charge, so if you haven’t been able to turn it on at all, it indicates a defect with the device. If you have been able to turn it on, have you tried using a different charger chord and brick, that you’re able to use to charge other devices? Has there been any incident that could have damaged the device? If you know the charger isn’t the problem and there’s been no incident that has caused damage, then the cause is most likely a factory defect. You should be able to get a replacement by contacting customer support, particularly if the warranty hasn’t been voided.

  12. Good day, my Nokia 6 is a week old (I am from South Africa) and as of this morning it has gone bonkers. When I touch the screen to type an H or a B it just refuses to show the letters and types the letters next to it instead. I also have a problem with the touchscreen sometimes just not ‘registering’ my taps? The screen also ‘jumps’. Rebooting doesn’t help, please can you assist?

  13. Hi – my Nokia 6 is connecting perfectly to my home wifi but doesn’t have any connection to mobile data. My Provider says my SIM is completely set up and good to go, and the shop where I bought the phone say it is the provider at fault. Can you help? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Dee. Your access point names may be the issue. Go to Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names and reset them.

  14. Hi.I got Nokia 6 one wk back, while connectig a call display goes blank ,unable to get display even after pressing on/off button. Rebooting doesn’t help, please can you assist?

    1. Hi, Sanjay. Is this only while the call is in progress? If so, it is likely the result of the proximity sensor. First, clean your phone screen well to ensure that the proximity sensor isn’t getting confused. An incorrectly applied screen protector can also cause issues with a proximity sensor. If you applied one, you may want to take it off and try again with a fresh protector. One that doesn’t cover the sensor would be a good choice. Finally, you can try to adjust the proximity sensor settings and calibration.

      1. Hi Thanks ! I was also facing same issue of screen blank after making call from Nokia6. This was due to proximity sensor as issue got resolved after removing the transparent cover from phone..

        1. Glad I could help! Fortunately it was an easy fix. Let me know if there are any other issues I can help you with!

  15. there is lag while playing video in nokia6.how to overcome?is there any call record option without using 3rd party app

    1. Hi, Buna. Is the lag when playing any video, just when playing online videos, or just when playing videos stored on your device? There is not a call record option without using a third party app.

  16. I was wondering are there any recommended apps to turn off the screen via virtual button? I’ve tried installing a lot of screen off/lock apps but it won’t unlock using the fingerprint scanner.

    Uninstalling these screen off/lock apps and the fingerprint scanner works fine. I was hoping there is an app out there that will work well with Nokia 6.

    1. There are a variety of lock screen apps that are compatible with the fingerprint scanner. LockR, CM Locker, C Locker, and Hi Locker are all fingerprint scanner compatible lock screen options.

  17. Great article. I live in Australia and bought an Asian version of the Nokia 6 and one annoying issue I’m experiencing is that the phone seems to drop the network connection (both mobile data and Wifi) when the screen is locked. The result is that I only get notifications in “batches” every 30min or so, or when I actually unlock the phone.

    I’ve added the network speed to the notification bar, and it always drops to 0KB/s when locked, as shown in this screenshot – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByWZcXD-P3y2OEhrc284emxTVms/view?usp=sharing

    Has anyone experienced this?

    1. Hi, Fernando. You need to change your wifi sleep settings. Go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Wi-Fi settings -> Advanced, and change your Wifi Sleep Settings to Never. Let me know if you need more assistance!

      1. Thanks, Megan. Tried that and also tried changing the settings for individual apps over Mobile data, but still no luck. Not sure if there’s anything else I could try? thanks!

        1. Hey, Fernando. Are you using an app for the lock screen? Sometimes they override your system settings. GoLocker in particular is known to cause this problem. You can also check the power saving settings. In some instances, especially if you are using a power saving app, these can also override other settings to turn your internet connections off while the phone is locked or in sleep mode.

  18. Hello,
    I tried to send text from my Indian version of NOKIA 6,but it failed. It’s showing, ‘message not not sent.Phone number formatted incorrectly’. How to solve this issue.

    1. Hi, Swarnendu.

      Have you been able to send texts with the number formatted the same way in the past? If not, simply double check your formatting. If so, try re-seating your SIM card. If that doesn’t fix it, try inserting your SIM into a different phone to see if the problem is with your SIM/carrier or your device.

      If it’s with your SIM or carrier, take it to a nearby shop and talk to an associate about the problem. Most likely you’ll simply need a new SIM card, which is typically a free service.

      If the issue is with your device, try going to Settings -> Apps -> Messages -> Disable -> Remove updates. Reinstall any updates through the last one before the problem began. You can also try deleting your messaging app’s cache and data, disabling and re-enabling your messaging app, and trying another messaging app to see if the issue persists.

      If none of those fixes work, please feel free to comment again and we can keep working. Good luck and thanks for commenting!

      1. Yes, I have tried both options (uninstall & reinstall app, change the mobile set ‘SIM working in different mobile set’ )
        But end up in weird situation
        1 ) SIM 1 is working – (working in both sim slot)
        2) SIM 2 not working – (not working in both sim slot)
        3) SIM 2 sending message on special number like – 51409
        4) SIM 2 not sending message any mobile number (tired with every standard format)

        1. Hi, Nitin. Sounds like either the second SIM is damaged or there’s an issue with the account. Contact the service provider.

  19. My new Nokia 6 (on Cricket Network-USA). Is giving me problems with certain functions when using the data plan but works when on wifi. Some of the problems include not sending or receiving picture texts, group texts, and downloading some updates for games, etc. There is no error message, but these things don’t work on data but immediately work when connected to wifi. Please help!

    1. Hi, Chris. This sounds like a problem with Cricket. Try contacting their customer service. For your convenience, here is a link to where you can find Cricket’s customer service contact information.

  20. My Nokia 6 didn’t have call forward option and while calling anybody display doesn’t show calling process that’s why I can not cut off call whenever required..I can’t give missed call as well.

  21. Hi Team,

    Nokia 6, is having issue with Mobile Data Connection.
    Network shows, full bar of LTE network available.
    Mobile Data is switched on.
    Unable to access to Internet.
    Chrome and google shows , “No Connection”, Please connect to WIFI/Mobile data.
    However, Whatsapp works with the mobile data connection.
    Internet is not accessible from Chrome and google with the error as “No Connection”.
    Restarted the phone a few times.
    Turned off mobile data.
    Turned on Flight mode for few minutes and Off.
    Turn on Mobile data again.
    Cleared cache for Chrome and Google.
    Still same error.
    Any solution for Internet Connection on Mobile data?
    WIFI works fine.


    1. Hi Prasad. Try resetting your Access Point Names (APNs). Go to Settings -> Mobile Data/Wireless Controls/Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access point names. You’ll see a list of APNs. Tap the menu icon at the top right and choose “Reset to default.”

  22. I wonder how to manage call using nokia 6. My phOne turns black everytime i make call and receive call.. And i cant even make it loudspeaker.. Pls . Help thanks

    1. Hi Renz! This is the result of an issue with your proximity sensor. You may be able to resolve it in your sensor settings. You also may need to clean your sensor and make sure that it isn’t covered by a screen protector or case.

  23. Hello,I am not able to lock the my new Nokia6 Model:TA-1021 phone with the screen lock option present in security.I have been trying to set the lock with various options like PIN,Password etc.When I try to unlock the phone none of the security option is coming up which was set earlier.How to solve the issue?

  24. Hi i bought a new Nokia 6 a week ago and the major disappointment is heating. The phone perfectly fails in thermal management. While playing a game at once with no background apps running would cause my phone to heat up to a considerably higher level where you can have sufficient amount of energy to heat a cup of coffee.

    I guess there is no other way other than replacing this phone. I’m a big fan of Nokia fan btw but this issue is annoying. I could barely hold my phone in my hand due to this imbalanced heat loss.

    1. Hi, harjeet! What exactly is the problem? Are you just getting a black screen when using the back camera? Do apps crash? Are you getting an error message? Is it something else? More detail will help me effectively troubleshoot your problem and help you find a solution.

  25. Hi, I have bought Nokia 6 couple of days back from Germany used in India Bangalore. its not even two days I am facing problems , I am not able to use the fingerprint reader and other controls both the sides of the finger print reader the light glows if I touch the screen and goes off in a second I am not able to go back or do any thing.
    Have any one come across this problem please advice.


    1. Hi! Have you added an apps or system updates that might have caused the problem? Have there been any incidents that could have caused damage to the device? Thanks!

  26. hi, sir my nokia 6 phone not unlock…when i m unlock the lock screenturn on nd automatically off nfd again automatically on but phone are nd unlock …i m from india.plz help me

    1. Hi, Amrat! Could you please restate the problem? I’m afraid I’m not quite understanding what exactly your issue is. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Yogesh. Could you please provide me more detail about what the problem is so that I can pinpoint a cause? Thanks!

  27. Hi all, maybe there is someone to help here. I got Nokia 3 couple of days ago and I experience serious GPS problems.
    The location on Google Maps is hopping in a range of 10 of metres in a city (wifi AGPS) or even hundred of metres in country. I found out using “GPS Test” app that the phone continuously gets weak GPS fix and loses couple of seconds later just to fix again. I have tried all GPS settings, tried safe mode, cache data delete, cache partition wipe, factory reset, to no success.

    Searching the web I found this could have something to do with Mediatek MT6737 chipset Nokia 3 is using. There are some tutorials for Mediatek GPS problems, but they either don’t work on Nokia 3 or they require root acess.

    Any Nokia 3 owner to confirm similar GPS issues? Is there anyone that could help?
    I am quite dissapointed becuase none of the Nokia 3 reviews that I have read fo far had ANY complaint about GPS quality. Is my piece defective or the reviewers’ standards are so low?

    1. Hi, Frant. This is not a typical issue with the Nokia 3. I suggest contacting your service provider to see if it’s a problem on their end.

      1. I encountered the same GPS problem with my Nokia5 phone after using the phone couple of months.
        I wonder how a service provider is involved with GPS functioning?

        1. Hi, Tim! For one, GPS services on mobile phones don’t really just rely on GPS satellites to determine location. For greater precision, that also factor in location-based services and connections between the device and cell towers. Second, GPS requires cell signal to properly communicate location information with your device. If there is a connection information, your mobile device may be receiving incomplete GPS information.

          I hope that answers your question. Please let me know if I can be of further service!

  28. I brought Nokia 6 last week and now my fingerprint and back button and home screen buttons are not working what to do???

  29. Hi I’m Zion I just both my Nokia 6 last week .. and suddenly the navigation key and finger print are not working I tried the setting but still it isn’t working.. I cannot use the home and the navigation key .. thanks in advance..

  30. Hey,when my Nokia 6,is on 2G or EDGE,I can’t make calls on pick incoming call.pls is there anyone with this issue before?

    1. Hey, Abbey. Could you please be more specific so that I can better assist you? For example, what happens when you try to make a call? Are you notified that a call is coming through, but are unable to answer, or do calls not come through at all?

  31. Hi Sir, please my Nokia 6 internet is always on Edge(E) I tried resetting APNs, bought a new 4g sim, but doesn’t change to H+ or even a 3G. What should I do please

    1. Hello Hakeem! Try resetting Network Operators. If that doesn’t work, try setting the device to WCDMA only to try to force it to pick up a different signal. If neither works, feel free to comment again and I can walk you through some other possible solutions, but this may be an issue with your service provider, in which case you’ll need to work with them directly.

  32. Hi team, my nokia 5 cant connect to my home wifi, but my home wifi can connect to other device,pls help me…it keeps appear saved,my password correct,already do factory reset,also didnt solve it

  33. My three weeks nokia six has shutdown or screen is black till other person response .so i can not stop to dial it every time when i call but bottom is lit .

  34. I recently purchased Nokia 6, all at a sudden a problem occurred. When i put call on loud speaker mood, my voice doesn’t reach to the other party. can someone please guide the solution to such problem.

    1. Hi there! Were you able to use speaker phone on the device before? If not, the Nokia 6 likely just has a weaker microphone than you’re used to.

      1. I have the same problem and it is new purchased . do u have solution for this . the mic turns to mute once I open the loud speaker

    1. Hi, Mahender. Can you please clarify what you mean by blinking? Is the notification LED blinking? Does the screen flicker? Or do you mean something else? More detail will help me to more effectively troubleshoot your issue. Thanks!

      1. I had a problem with my Nokia 6 mobile….. Finger print and unlock screen is not working…. While I m trying to unlock my screen then my screen gets on and off ,not only while trying always screen blinks , even I tried to reach d unlock pattern but it seems blank with in seconds…. I tried restarting my mobile after that it’s get on then I can unlock my screen for with in seconds with pattern., after that same blinking problems….. Only I can receive calls

        1. Hi, Rajan. Try booting your device in safe mode to make sure that this problem isn’t the result of an app you’ve installed or some malware you accidentally downloaded. If the problem persists, try a factory reset, but be warned that this will cause you to lose your data, so you should backup as much as you can first. If the problem still occurs, your best bet will be to have it professionally serviced or to try to replace the device under warranty.

  35. After the recent 7.1.2 update my nokia 6 have one issue with the audio output.
    While im listening to music through earphones ,when any app notification or message comes it interrupts music playback and then the music is played through phone speakers. i.e, music can be heard through both earphones and speakers. And i have to pause and resume the song to fix this. So now im always using vibrate mode while listening music so the notification sound wont interrupt in between. Can anyone fix my problem? Please

  36. I’ve hadf a Nokia 6 for 3 months with no issues but was talking on the phone today when it dropped the call and the screen brightness had turned right down on its own. The screen brightness slider worked (barely visible because I was outside)and I was able to reconnect the call. Is this a random glitch or what could have caused it please?

    1. Hi, Marray! I haven’t heard of this problem before, so it may just be, as you put it, a random glitch. The other likely cause, especially since you were using the device outside in the sun, is an issue with the proximity sensor. All you need to do is clean the sensor and make sure that any case or screen protector that you’re using isn’t interfering with the sensor.

  37. Got Nokia 6 on contract in September and phone has stopped working 3 times since then. I get a message every few seconds on screen saying ‘com.android.phone has stopped’. First time Carphone Warehouse told me it was a sim problem. EE replaced the sim card and couple of weeks later same problem. Then Carphone Warehouse replaced the phone itself. Worked fine for 3 weeks then same problem again. Carphone Warehouse say it must be a network problem, EE say it’s a software problem, Nokia are telling me to sent it for repair but this means being without a phone for up to a month. Any ideas for a way through this?

    1. Hi, Carolyn. There are a few things that you can try before sending your Nokia 6 in for repairs. First, clear the cache and data of your phone app by going to Settings -> Applications -> Phone (or similar, depending on your OS) and select Clear Cache and Clear Data. If that doesn’t work, do the same with the SIM Toolkit. If the problem persists, you can try a factory reset. This will wipe all the data on your phone and restore it to factory condition, so be sure to back up what you can before resetting. Good luck!

    1. Unfortunately in instances of hardware damage, there’s not much that can be done. You can try putting the device in a bag of rice overnight to dry it out completely, but the damage may have already been done. In this case, you’ll need to see if you can have the phone professionally serviced. The water damage will have voided the warranty, but if you have insurance on your n6 then be sure to contact them before having repairs done. If you’re willing to work with them, they will generally be able to get you a lower price on repairs or a replacement.

  38. M using Nokia-6 from past 2 months. It is working fine except Google MAP. It is not showing arrow it is just showing the blue dot which doesn’t work properly. Can you please let me know is there any setting which i have to turned on or off.

    1. Hi, Ashish. The blue dot is the indicator for your current location. The arrow is for marking particular locations. How is the blue dot not working properly? If you can provide me with a few more details I can help you more effectively. Thanks!

  39. hey i buy the new nokia 6 and when i was turning on the phone so there were extreme small and tiny points on my black screen with the colour of green which is only visible in black screen please tell me what can i do with that

    1. Hi, tauseef. As long as you haven’t done anything to invalidate the warranty, you can just exchange the device for a new one.

  40. Hi
    I’m sophie..i resides in Dubai..i bought nokia 6 yesterday just to realise the back camera doesn’t work…no images..its just black..
    But the front camera works perfectly.
    How can i fix this please

    1. Hi, Sophie! As long as you haven’t done anything to damage the device, you can just exchange your Nokia 6 for a fully functional one!

  41. hello, my problem with this phone is that when i take a snap video of a song the sound that i play sound funky or wavy in annoying way and noticeable way like there is two mikes recording i don’t know if there’s an option in the settings to fix it, thanks

    1. Hi, Charlie! Could you clarify a couple of things so I can more effectively help you?

      First, could you clarify what you mean by “snap video?” Do you mean a video on Snapchat, or do you just mean a short video that you took with your Nokia 6’s regular camera, or is it something else entirely? Could you try recording and playing back with different apps/different combinations of apps to see if the problem persists across all of them?

      Also, you say that it sounds like there are two mics recording. Would you describe the sound as echo-y, where you’re getting to recordings with one playing slightly after the other? Or is it more like two recordings playing at once at different frequencies?

      In the meantime, try emptying the cache of any effected apps and reinstalling them if the problem persists. If the problem is only with the built in camera app, try booting the device in safe mode to see if another app is causing the problem. If so, you may need to delete or modify the permissions granted to apps that could be influencing the camera app.

  42. Hi,
    My nokia 6 navigation and fingerprint sensor stoppedI working all of a sudden. I got an error message”Fingerprint hardware not available.”
    When i tried to add a new fingerprint print i got the message.”Fingerprint enrollment didn’t work. Try again or use a different finger”

    Then i did factory reset and did the pending system update. Now sensor is not working and also no error is being displayed.

    Please help.

  43. Hello joa team,
    i have a broblem in nokia 6 whenever i call to anyone recevier complain me our voice repeat and repeat during call When you caLl.

    on the other hand, when i call volume down THROUGH phone then the voice decrease
    why its happening, My firend complain me when you call our voice repeat during call
    i bought it from saudi arabia last month
    i am waiting your reply

  44. Hi, I set up an Exchange email account on my Nokia 6 but it will only sync when connected to wifi (it won’t sync with cellular data) – where can I change this setting?

    1. Hi, Simon. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Exchange and confirm that it’s set to sync on data. Exactly what menus are called depends on which version of Android you’re running, so if you don’t see a menu with the exact name, look for something similar.

  45. My nokia6 bought only 4th sec from online store amazon suddenly displayed nokia logo and dead not charging nothing
    How can I rectify this

  46. I bought nokia6 in oman but using in india.. even my mobile data is on .. it’s not getting connected to internet…. I bought it as a gift… I’m embarrassed now for giving such a phone…. even I called airtel customer care for network issues…. bt after putting on mob data and no sign of internet access is not a network problem I thnk sooo…. plz help me out

    1. Hi, Jeni. Most devices are location locked when purchased. You’ll simply need to go to a distributor and have it unlocked.

  47. I had purchased Nokia 6 in mid Dec .. while I try to do video recording by going to camera and start it it is telling video recording failed so not able to record it pls help …Does it requires phone replacement….Pls help

    1. Hi! Try clearing the cache for your camera app. Are you able to record using other apps with camera features, like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger?

        1. Hi! Did you try clearing the cache? You can also try booting in safe mode to see if a third party app is causing the problem. Is the phone overheating or has it gotten excessively hot?

  48. Out of the blue the earpiece of my 2 months old Nokia 6 stopped working. I never had used the headset on this phone, it still was in the original wrapping.

    Plugging and unplugging the headset repeatedly did not work.

    Stirring the little copper switch in the jacket did solve the issue. I used the plug of the headset to prod around.

    1. Hi, Noggia! Glad you were able to get your headset working. To get the earpiece on your Nokia 6 working, you’ll most likely need to have it professionally serviced. Fortunately, it should still be under warranty.

  49. I bought nokia 6 TA 1003 but I couldn’t call when my data network turns to E. However i can call when there is 3G network. Help pls

    1. Hi, Abubakar. Most likely, your problems calling aren’t because of your data network speed dropping to EDGE, or E, but rather the difficulty calling and the slowed data speed are both due to weak signal.

  50. Hi, I purchased a Nokia 6 about six months ago and since the last update (Android 8.0.0) the audio has gone wonky. YouTube seems to work fine but videos in the Facebook app and the audio in games is louder than the volume indicates and has a static-like noise in the background. I’ve restarted my phone several times and tried fiddling with the audio settings in-app but nothing seems to work. Could you help?

  51. Whenever I connect my nokia 6 to the charger and leave my mobile data connection on,my phone starts consuming mobile data in a never ending manner….I don’t know where this data gets consumed …Please help me.This is happening even after I have updated my phone to Oreo.

  52. Hi, please help me how to fix my nokia 6 coz it keeps disconnected messanger apps or facebook even its only on standby mode. I dont know how to do its start when i kept updated this device to oreo beta.

  53. I got Nokia 6 Mobile but so many problems am facing,Today happed like When I was in cal suddenly it got struck,..I can’t able to switch off using power button and I cant touch to get any thing and I hold it power button even though I am not able to get turn off and on . How ever it was struck like this only screen . Its really i feeling very bad. can please help me for this query.

    1. Hi, Mamatha. If you continue to hold the power button, it should force the device to turn off. Then you can reboot it and the problem should be gone. If for some reason it doesn’t power off, just let the battery die, then charge and reboot it.

  54. Hi
    I bought Nokia 6 in India a month back.2 weeks back the screen became dim that I see the writings with difficulty
    Please help

    1. Hi, Mary. Make sure adaptive brightness and battery saving options are turned off. Was there an incident that could have caused damage to the device?

  55. My music player is closing automatically after 30 minutes, it also disappear in the notification bar though they remain on n the list of minimised apps. It happened after my update of Android Oreo, i’ve tried different mp3 players eg(vlc, phonograph,bits etc.) and all is the same it is closing after 30 minutes of playing. Thanks for any help..

    1. Hi, Carlo! Clear your device cache, as well as the cache for your music player. You may also want to try booting in safe mode to see if another app is causing your music player to close.

  56. Hello
    i ve bought a new nokia 6 about a month ago and the back button home button and finger scanner is not working or responding is there a problem with the phone or is there software hitch i couldnt work out

  57. I bought a Nokia06 on Sept ’17. But now a days, if I put the ringer volume maximum, some times the phone rings in very low. If I restart the phone it will be OK. This will happen several times…Anyone can help me

    1. Hi, Chiyyama. Boot your device in safe mode to see if an app is causing the problem. If the problem doesn’t occur in safe mode, check the permissions of other apps to see if you can identify which one is causing the problem. If the problem does occur in safe mode, check your advanced sound settings to see if there is a setting causing the problem.

  58. I have had a problem with my Nokia 6 (twice) where the phone will not power on – no screen display but the buttons at the will light up and the green Indicator light will flash. The first time it was sent back to the supplier, which took 5-6 days in total due to their slow response and the courier to Hong Kong. When they received it they said it was a flat battery (of course it was by this time) and when they charged it it went ok. So when I had the same problem last week, I let it go flat (tried it every day – no luck- but when it eventually went flat it powered up, got Android and Nokia display then it powered off and the indicator light started flashing red. Charged it and lo and behold, it powered up and is working normally. So let it go totally flat and try this. Hope it will work for you.

  59. The screen of nokia 6 goes off when i receive or make a call thus i can not be able to end a call.This is so disappointing given that the phone is new

      1. Hi. I bought the Nokia 6.1 this month and I have the same problem that is mentioned above,but I couldn’t find the proximity in settings to lower it. What can I do?please help me cause this is really annoying.

  60. Hi
    Please tell me the salution of my my mobile nokia 6.some time internet not working and also very slow.ist time i have done update after that start problem with this now not work good.please give me some tips what i do.

  61. hi joe team, i have a nokia 6.1 2018 version, so my problem is wifi signal strength is very weak sometimes it disconnected automatically ..even though i connect from multiple hotspot, still i’m facing this problem…. i have done many task that related to solve it like reset wifi, forgot password ,SSID changed but it was useless …is it necessity factory reset via nokia 6.1 ??..could you help me out…. plz

  62. Hello,

    I bought a Nokia 6.1 in May from India and brought it to Canada where I live. I cannot make any voice outgoing calls. Neither am I getting any incoming calls with any connection provider. My connection provider is being detected and I can use the internet.please help me out.
    Thank you.

  63. I use Nokia6.1 .i have a problem! on incoming calls thd voise didn’t reach to the both person(the caller and the reciver)Can you plz tell me?

  64. hi I have a nokia 6.1 about 3 weeks old some times when I make a call it mutes it self or turns on loud speaker any one else having same problems or how can I fix it thanks

  65. Hi just purchased a Nokia 6 64 Gb . First time it self at Home the WiFi does not get connected on the device However only at shopping malls when I try to connect it gets connected well. Other devices at home like Samsung phone iPhone n iPad easily stay connected.

  66. My Nokia 6 – I can’t seem to sync music from my computer to the phone. When I first got the phone I transferred a number of albums from my computer (using Windows Media Player) onto the phone – they play fine (album pictures aren’t displayed though). I’ve tried many times since to add more albums, but they don’t appear on the MyMusic app. If I use Windows File Explorer from mu computer, I can see the albums are on the phone and in the right place and I can play the music back via my computer but not actually on the phone? Absolutely mystified and getting really frustrated! Any ideas?

    1. Hi Jeff! What format are the files? Mobile devices have a much more limited range of file types that they can support than Windows Media Player does. You may need to use a file converter to change them to .mp3

      1. Hi Megan, thanks – on closer inspection my Windows Media player had changed the Rip settings back to .wma rather than previous .mp3! Why it’s done that I have no idea – so simple. Just got to re-Rip about 20 CD’s now!!!!! Many thanks!

        1. Not a problem, Jeff! I’m glad that the solution is simple and (relatively) painless. Unfortunately, this a really common occurrence with Windows and I’ve experienced it myself. The switch most likely occurred during a Windows update, so be sure to keep an eye on the file type after the next update!

  67. we had a router and I just connect my access point at home. may sister phone is nokia 6 everytime the wifi was disconnected specially when she left and came back home. any suggestion regarding to the problem? my accesspoint it was dhcp only

    1. Hello Nie! Make sure your sister is checking the box to tell her Nokia 6 to remember the wifi network, and make sure she doesn’t have any internet or security settings that would cause the device to forget the network. Otherwise, are you sure your wifi has enough bandwidth to support all the devices trying to use it? Insufficient bandwidth can cause your router to kick devices, and in some cases it will remove the device most recently connected or least frequently connected first.

  68. My 6 stopped working after an update. it required me to restart the phone but it freezes on NOKIA icon. Tried to soft restart twice by holding down volume and power button and it did restarted but still freezes on the icon. Purchased the phone around August/Sept 2017.

  69. Hey guys i am facing serious issue with my Nokia 6, I am not able to connect with network on either card Sim 1 or sim2 i tried turning off Automatic signal selection & it shows searching & then gives error of Problem searching network,

    i have tried multiple cards airtel, jio & idea none are working, same sim cards are working great on my other phone. i have tried changing modes from 2G,3G or 4G none are picking up network, have reset phone to factory settings still same problem tried clearing dalvik cache from bootloader still same issue.

    is it Hardware problem?? my phone is still in warranty can it be fixed by Nokia??

  70. Hi I have a Nokia 6 dual sim. I get ‘reboot to update operator setting’ every time the phone lose network and gets network back. Any solution?

  71. Hi, I am not getting any service related sms on my nokia 6 (2017 model) such as OTP. When I put the sim card into my spare phone, I was getting the sms. So there is nothing wrong with my network provider. Is there any fix for this issue?

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