Ways to fix common screen mirroring problems

5 Proven Ways to Fix Common Screen Mirroring Problems in 2023

Let’s be honest:

Screen mirroring isn’t as streamlined as it should be, and there are several factors behind it. As there are many reasons why it’s not a perfect system, there are many ways in which you can fix issues with screen mirroring when it’s not working.

These methods for fixing Screen mirroring problems when it’s not working may not work the same on all devices. But there’s nothing to lose by trying them out! I even rooted my smartphone once to make it work, and it still didn’t.

Personally, it’s a hit-and-miss technology that sometimes works for me, while at other times, I have had to fiddle around to make it work. But most of the time, it either works straight out of the gate or doesn’t. Nevertheless, I’ll show you how to fix screen mirroring problems!

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What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a technology that allows you to mirror your smartphone’s screen on a television. What you do on your phone will be reflected directly onto the bigger screen, meaning you can watch content from your phone on a much larger display.

Isn’t that amazing?

When it works, screen mirroring is a great way to enjoy content from your mobile device and share it with others in the room as well. However, as you might’ve guessed, with all the different types of Android smartphones and all the different types of TVs, there are going to be bugs and lots of interface problems that you’ll need to fix.

So what can you do about it?

Let’s address the most common issues and begin a guide on how to fix screen mirroring when it’s not working.


Common Screen Mirroring Problems and How to Fix Them

Following are the most common screen mirroring problems and their fixes.

  1. Phone compatibility problems
  2. TV compatibility problems
  3. TV not showing up as an option
  4. Screen mirroring stuck on connecting
  5. Nothing works

1. Phone Compatibility Problems

Phone compatibility problems-Screen Mirroring Problems

Screen mirroring is not available on every Android smartphone. Sure, you can just as easily use a 3rd party app and other workarounds to make it work, but natively screen Mirroring support is not available on all Android smartphones.

You need to make sure that your device supports the screen mirroring technology. You can do that by searching online or reading your smartphone’s manual.

I recommend that you do a simple Google search for basic information. If your smartphone is not compatible with this technology or doesn’t come with it, don’t worry.

There are several ways you can display your smartphone’s content on a bigger screen, and we’ll discuss them further.

2. TV Compatibility Problems

TV compatibility problems-Screen Mirroring Problems

Screen mirroring requires a TV as much as it does a smartphone, and your TV must support the technology as well. Most smart TVs coming out these days have screen mirroring capabilities baked right into them.

However, some of the older TVs do not have this feature. Thankfully, there are specific ways you can still make the old TVs work with screen mirroring, and that is by using an external device to connect with your smartphone.

If you have a TV with an HDMI port, you are in luck because, at a small cost, you can make it work by getting a Chromecast or any 3rd party mirror-casting dongle.

3. TV Not Showing up as an Option

TV is not showing up as an option-Screen Mirroring Problems

If your smartphone, tablet, and TV are compatible, but your TV is not showing up on your smartphone, then there are several factors at play.

Some TVs don’t have the screen mirroring option turned on by default. Depending on the type of TV, you may need to navigate to the settings and turn on the screen mirroring capabilities.

Many televisions come with a remote that has a dedicated screen mirroring button, and you need to press it to activate screen mirroring as well.

You may also need to reset the network by turning your TV, router, and your smartphone off and on. As screen mirroring relies on Wi-Fi, sometimes restarting it can resolve connectivity issues.

4. Screen Mirroring Stuck on Connecting

Screen mirroring stuck on connecting-Screen Mirroring Problems

Many people have reported that their smartphones are stuck at “Connecting” when pairing up with their TV. Here are a few solutions below that you can try to solve this problem.


  • Restart the smartphone’s Wi-Fi and see if the connection is successful.
  • Turn off the TV entirely and remove its power cord from the socket as well. Wait a few minutes and turn it back on.
  • Decrease the distance between your phone and the TV; take it up close.
  • Try using a 3rd party mirror-casting app rather than the one that comes with your phone.

5. Nothing Works

Use Chromecast when nothing works-Screen Mirroring Problems

There is a chance that none of the solutions we listed above have worked, and in all honesty, there is a huge chance of that happening. Some TVs don’t play well with certain brands, and usually, if you are using an LG phone, an LG TV would work well with it.

The same goes for other brands as well; Sony, Samsung, and even Mi work best with their same-brand TVs. Thankfully you can get 3rd party Mirroring dongles that make everything easier.

We highly recommend using Chromecast as it works perfectly with almost every Android device and only requires an HDMI port on your TV. You don’t even need to have a Smart TV to enjoy screen mirroring on your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions on Screen Mirroring Problems

How does screen mirroring work?

Screen mirroring lets you display the content of your phone’s screen on another screen, a monitor or TV.

What’s the difference between screencasting and mirroring?

Although both are similar technology, mirroring sends data continuously to the monitor for display. Screencasting, on the other hand, allows your monitor to download all the data so that you can continue using the monitor without your phone.

Is it possible to do screen mirroring with Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, no. Bluetooth can only send small amounts of data simultaneously, which isn’t enough to mirror your screen.

Why can’t I mirror my phone to my TV?

The reason why your TV doesn’t mirror your phone can be because your phone may need permission from the TV to mirror. All you can do is, restart your phone and your TV and try connecting again. This is one easy fix to screen mirroring not working.

Why is my smart view not finding my TV?

You can restart and reboot your device if your smart view is not responding. This can be a quick fix to your issue.

Fix Screen Mirroring Problems!

There are countless reasons it can be challenging to fix screen mirroring problems, and unfortunately, the solutions are limited. Thanks to thousands of different smartphones and TVs, one cannot be sure there won’t be compatibility issues when it comes to screen mirroring.

And that’s not all–sometimes an Android update can also break the feature; they have been notorious for breaking screen mirroring on some smartphones. There can be many reasons why screen mirroring is not working.

Hopefully, the solutions I suggested helped you fix your screen mirroring problem (if it can actually be fixed.) If you have questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments section below!

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    1. My screen sharing keeps saying it is not finding devices. It worked fine until last night. I don’t know what to do. Thanks

  1. Hi, I have sme problem well it is dt,dt I use Mi Max 2 phone n I have Mi smrt tv too….so while I try to connect screen mirror to ma mi tv it doesn’t respond at ol dnt knw hw to fix dt problm.plz,hlp me out of ds solution…..

  2. I have situation where the miracast works with one dongle but not working with a newer one. It is not a problem with phone or tv as I have tried multiple tvs and phones combinations. The result is same not sure why.

    1. btw, I’ve had great success with this setup so far…. But suddenly, trouble in the ranks…..
      Getting signal from TV fine, but from phone to TV, nada.
      I’ve tried in media sharing and in screen sharing. It says “SCREEN SHARING TURNED OFF”. But when I reset screen sharing, “NO DEVICES FOUND”
      Not feeling the love, here.
      What gives?

  3. this article does not address why screen mirroring always drops, whether it happens into 2 hours of casting or 5 minutes into it. The phone and TV are compatible.

  4. sometime it connects, sometimes it does not.. as rightly mentioned by you. I have Impex smart Tv and Huwaei mobile. Csn i use a hdmi cable to solve this problem

  5. I have a samsung and a vizio tv and I can screencast youtube using the little button on the youtube app but when I try to do it using hulu my phone always tries to connect to my brothers tv (he has the same tv) and my tv doesn’t come up

    1. Hi Owen, this is probably due to the support of Hulu for each TV. Your TVs may not support Hulu while your brother’s TV does.

  6. I have at TV with an android box That is miracast enabled. It works flawlessly with my verizon note 4. But, my At&t note 4 takes ridiculously many repeated attempts to connect, and when it does, it frequently has a very pixilated picture. I have other verizon phones that also work well. I can only assume At&t software somehow weakens the signal or alters frequencies.

  7. I have Samsung Smart TV & it shows all activities from my mobile through screen mirroring but movies downloaded from some apps like Jio cinema & MX Player are not shown on TV,only sound activities are shown but pictures not seen on TV.

    1. I have a similar problem. My phone is realme 2pro. it works for youtube videos but does not work with prime video, hotstar etc. Audio works for all apps.

      1. Hi GVR! Check if your casting app is compatible with prime video, hotstar, or other apps. Your problem may be caused by compatibility issues.

  8. I just spent $100 on a chromecast that i thought would run on mobile data, Doesn’t work. There had to be reason why my tvs screen mirroring wasnt working. Followed your advice and turned the tv off at the wall, restarted my phone and it worked!! Im taking back the chromecast tomorrow. You saved me $100! Thankyou so much for the tip 🙂

  9. Everything was working fine until I downloaded an app called INSTA 360 one X make sure you are not using something that connects with other cameras and stuff that is not samsung and is using your wifi connection or is trying to use your wifi connection at all times

  10. I have a Hi-sense Tv and a Google Pixel 3 running on Android. I bought the Tv around 6 months ago. Screencast worked fine up until about 2 months ago. I called Hisense they gave me a new firmware to upload onto the Tv. This didn’t work they told me they would send a technician instead he called me to say that he had looked on forums online and had come to the conclusion that google have had a part to play in this. So now the only way it will work is if I go out and spend more money on a Google product in a Chromecast. Anyone had this issue?

  11. Hi. I have samsung A70 mobile phone and Sony android TV. When i am trying to do screen mirroring from phone to TV it is not happening and TV is just showing ‘wifi device connented’. But nothing is appearing on the TV screen. But some time it is connecting and It was working few days back. Can any one faced same problem. Can you guide me..

  12. One really important thing to note that was a bug for me: if your router is dual-band and is set to auto-detect whether to serve up both 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency connections with devices, your TV may intermittently switch between these frequencies, glitching the cast so you only get sound but no video, or an entirely black screen! Sometimes it WILL work because it happened to choose the right frequency for sufficient amounts of time, but it’s unreliable. So the solution here is to either 1) change your router to have two distinct SSIDs for the two distinct frequencies and log your TV into the appropriate one, OR 2) get an ethernet cable to physically connect the router to the TV.

    1. Hi! Thanks for this Jim, I’ll make sure to test and see if changing the router to use one distinct frequency will help with the sound error.

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