7 Fixes to 'Sorry this video cannot be played Android' message error

7 Fixes to ‘Sorry this video cannot be played Android’ message error

I tell you, there’s not a single smartphone user that has not encountered a message error on their devices. One is the ‘Sorry this video cannot be played Android’ message error that unfortunately is fairly common to most users.

Imagine this, lounging on the couch watching a high-definition video on your phone when suddenly this message error pops up. Annoying, right?

And worse is, no matter how many times you have refreshed your phone, it just wouldn’t work at all. Many users have experienced this whether they’re watching videos on their Gallery app, YouTube, or other third-party apps.

If you are one of them, you have come to the right article! It is time to learn the 5 reliable fixes that have been proven to resolve this issue right away.

So, without further ado, let’s begin now!

‘Sorry this video cannot be played Android’ message error –– how to fix?

Some users have experienced videos not playing on their devices. No matter how expensive our devices are, there will really come a time when you will encounter issues. But as much as you can you want to avoid such a problem, the best thing to do is equip yourself with the best solutions.

So, if you play a video on your device this message shows up: ‘Sorry this video cannot be played Android’, here are some workarounds that you can try out!

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  • Gallery App
  • YouTube
  • Other third-party apps

I. ‘Sorry this video cannot be played Android’ on Gallery App?

If you have encountered the ‘Sorry this video cannot be played Android’ on your Gallery app, then here’s how you can solve it.

1. Close the Gallery app

There are times when our apps don’t work properly. Before doing anything drastic, start with easy and simple fixes first. If you find yourself in this dilemma, close your Gallery app.

This actually refreshes the app and whatever bug that have caused the error. Also, this method proves to be very effective. However, if it isn’t for you, proceed to the next method.

Note: Using a Huawei P20

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom and hold untill the apps opened show up
Step 2: Swipe up to close the app
Close the app
Close the app

2. Restart device

I also find restarting my Android device very effective in issues like this. When you restart your device, everything that is in your RAM will be cleared out including the fragments of previously running apps.

Basically, it is like cleaning your RAM from residues and bugs. It’s like starting from a clean slate.

Press and hold the power/lock button until the option below show up. Then, click the ‘Restart’ button.

Restart device
Restart device

3. Update to the latest version

One thing that contributes to errors such as the ‘Sorry this video cannot be played Android’ error is when your device is not up-to-date while your apps are.

The thing is, your current OS will not be compatible with the other apps and this can cause chaos within the software. The best is to update to the latest version of the device for a smoother experience.

II. Can’t play videos on Youtube?

4. Close the app

The same is true when an app is acting up, close the app so it restarts in order to work properly. When you see the ‘Sorry this video cannot be played Android’ on your YouTube app, immediately do this.

5. Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection
Check your internet connection

YouTube is an app that requires the internet for it to work. So, if your video won’t play, try checking your internet connection because, for all you know, you don’t have any, to begin with.

First off, check your internet router for some connection. If you don’t have any, call your service provider so they can take care of it.

6. Update YouTube app

Aside from having an up-to-date OS, an up-to-date app is just as important. When these two don’t match, tendency is you will encounter issues.

So, update your YouTube app if you are having problems playing videos in the platform.

Step 1: Go to the Play Store app
Step 2: Tap the Profile icon at the top right corner
Step 3: Select My apps & games
My apps & games
My apps & games
Step 4: Click Update

Look for the YouTube app and click the Update button beside it. You will also see other apps that are due for updates.

Update YouTube

You can also set your Settings for apps to update automatically. Click here to know how!

III. Videos cannot be played on third-party apps

If videos don’t play on your third-party apps, there are a few workarounds that are very effective to this problem.

In addition to the methods above, try out the ones below too:

7. Uninstall/install the app

Oftentimes, an app is deep in bugs that updating it doesn’t help. Try deleting and installing the app again.

Step 1: Long-press the app
Step 2: Tap the Uninstall button
Uninstall app
Step 3: Confirm the step
Click OK to uninstall app
Click OK to uninstall the app
Step 4: Go to the Play Store app
Step 5: Search for the app you uninstalled

Type the app in the search bar.

Search apps
Search apps
Step 6: Tap Install
Install the app
Install the app

If this method didn’t work, go back to the basics. Try out the other methods already listed above.

Get these videos playing

Issues like videos not playing on Android is not that very common but it can also happen to a lot of users. Nowadays, it is not about avoiding technical issues but knowing the methods on how to fix it.

So, if you have been getting ‘Sorry this video cannot be played Android’ message error, wait no more. The methods above will surely have your videos going in no time!

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