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Fixing Common Galaxy S8 Problems

The latest flagship from Samsung launched a little while ago and as with any others flagship smartphone has its fair share of minor problems. This article is about fixing common Galaxy S8 problems with ease without having to ship the smartphone back to Samsung. Granted your experience may vary because not every electronic device is perfectly made, so we’re not going to discuss major hardware malfunctions on this article but will focus on common problems that can be easily solved by you.

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most beautiful smartphones around. Samsung really outdid themselves with the latest flagship device and both the Galaxy S8 and its bigger sibling the S8 Plus look absolutely stunning. And this time around there are no bigger problems like the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco Samsung faced last year, which is a big relief. Let’s start fixing common Galaxy S8 problems and make your smartphone even better.

1. Galaxy S8 Screen Temperature

This is one of the first issues that popped up on the Internet. Basically users were reporting that the screen color or temperature of the smartphone was a bit off. Mostly the screen leaned towards reddish hues. Samsung was quick in releasing a patch for the color temperature but some users are still not satisfied.


  • Head over to Settings > Display > Screen Mode.
  • Check out the 4 presets available there and see if any of them looks natural or better to your eyes.
  • If none of them deliver the colors you want, tap on the Color Balance button to manually adjust the screen colors.
  • You’ll see sliders for red, green and blue colors and you can change the values easily. Don’t worry in case you mess up everything, tapping on the Restore button will return the colors to their default values.

2. Galaxy S8 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a 3000 mAh battery while the bigger version comes with a 3500 mAh battery but some users reported having really bad battery timings. There can be several reasons for this and it is actually quite unusual to happen on a new device with such respectable capacity batteries.


  • The Power Saving Mode on the Galaxy S8 smartphones is a great way to temporarily increase the battery timings. In fact, I highly recommend that you turn it on while the phone is not in use so that you have a ton of battery left for the moments that matter. I turn the power saving mode on when going on a trip because I don’t need a smartphone while traveling with friends, so I have a lot of battery life left for snapping great pictures.
  • Everything you could do is check out the Battery Usage in the Device Maintenance See if you spot any app that is excessively draining battery in the background. Usually social media apps like Facebook and twitter are the main culprits because they ping back and forth a lot.
  • While it looks absolutely stunning, the Always on Display can have a negative effect on the battery life. Samsung claims that the mode only takes about 5% but it is a lot more in every day usage. I have confirmed this with a friend that upgraded recently and they tell me it’s around 11% per charge. So go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Always on Display and turn it off.
  • As a last resort, delete all apps that you do not regularly use. Samsung software automatically closes apps that you don’t regularly use and put them in a sleep state but it is a lot easier to simply delete the apps that you no longer need.

3. Galaxy S8 Unlocking Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a number of ways to unlock your smartphone. They are the traditional touch and locks and number locks available as well as a bit more modern fingerprint scanner. However, the Samsung Galaxy S8 introduced a fan favorite from the now defunct Galaxy Note 7; the Iris scanner. Some users have reported having problems unlocking their smartphone by using either the Iris scanner or the fingerprint scanner.


  • While the Iris scanner is quite brilliant but it is still not perfect yet. I have personally tried it in a dark room and it works most time but if you pull the smartphone further away from your face in a dark room, it has trouble scanning your eyes. So, I recommend that you keep the smartphone at an optimal distance and do not angle it at all. You don’t have to do it all the time just when you are having trouble unlocking your smartphone because 9 out of 10 times the Iris scanner works flawlessly.
  • I’ve also noticed that when I’m wearing spectacles, they are scanner takes a little while to lug smartphone. I know it’s a little bit inconvenient but I usually take off my specs when the Iris scanner fails to register my eyes. This is probably because my spectacles are usually dirty with fingerprints. Thankfully there are numerous other ways to unlock the smartphone, including a fingerprint scanner.
  • Speaking of the fingerprint scanner, many users have reported that it is a bit hard to reach. Especially people are confused between the fingerprint scanner and the camera and this has led to a smeared camera lens a lot. I recommend putting a case or cover on the Samsung Galaxy S8 so not only you’ll have better protection but also the cover will make it easier to locate the fingerprint scanner.
  • If all else fails, I recommend rescanning both your Iris as well as fingerprints. Everything can be found in Lock Screen and Security Settings and is easily reachable.

4. Galaxy S8 Screen Burn

Some users have reported that they are seeing ghosting as well as screen burn on their new Samsung Galaxy S8 screens. Screen burns are unfortunately a part of LED displays, they happen when a constant image is displayed for a long period of time.


While this issue is not as widespread, simple solution is to keep the images moving on your smartphone. In the rare case when you absolutely need an image displayed for some reason, I recommend rotating between different images or tuning the position of the image. The always on display feature also moves the clock constantly to avoid screen burn. This is a very simple solution to a problem that doesn’t affect many people.


Fixing a Galaxy S8 problems is not as hard as one might think. Thankfully the smartphone doesn’t suffer from major problems and is generally quite stable, so you don’t have to worry about major malfunctions happening just when you need your smartphone the most. Of course this is in no way a comprehensive accumulation of every Galaxy 8 problem but if you run into something that is not listed here, feel free to talk to us in the comments below and we’ll try to resolve it together.

Also give us your thoughts about the latest Samsung flagship because we love to hear about new smartphones at Joy of Android.

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