How to have free Android antivirus protection

People say that it’s hard to find a free Android antivirus protection that’s reliable. The need to install an Antivirus app on Android is widely argued. Some users tend to believe that you don’t need an Antivirus app while there are others that think otherwise.

Now, if you’re skeptical because you think that a good antivirus is a premium antivirus; that is, a paid app which you need to buy the license from the developer. In this article, I’ll teach you how to get free Android antivirus protection for your device.

Fun fact: the first widely accepted computer virus was the “Creeper” written by Bob Thomas. It spread on computers running the TENEX Operating System and is connected to the ARPANET. It wasn’t designed to be a malicious software as it didn’t cause any harm. Its only effect is typing the words “I’m the creeper: catch me if you can” on the teletype.

Is Android prone to viruses too?

Computers aren’t the only electronics that are prone to viruses and this is a disturbingly popular misconception. A “virus” is a malicious program or software that can potentially damage your device. It is designed to spread from host to host like the organic or natural virus per se.

The virus attaches itself to another program, files, or other documents and lies in wait until you execute or click on the infected software. This will activate the virus and will start the cause damage from within. In this constantly connected world that we currently live in, almost any device is susceptible to virus attacks. This includes your phone and other electronic devices that can connect through other devices. Hence, we can say that those computer viruses, much like natural viruses, are pretty much all over us.

Caution: While these tips may greatly reduce the risks of being infected by malware and viruses, there is still a chance that a potential threat can enter your system in some other ways. Always remember that as long as you are constantly using your device, you can never be perfectly safe from any malicious threats.

Getting Free Android Antivirus Protection

1. Install a free Antivirus for Android

Choose the best Antivirus app for you!

Check out this article and choose from the list of free Android antivirus apps.

Searching “free Antivirus protection” on the Play Store will yield plenty of results. But a good Android antivirus app helps you add a layer of protection around your device and your system.

It can be said that most Android viruses are packaged along with dubious and shady apps. Most are removed by the Play Store. Although there are still a few that get past security.

By installing free Android antivirus apps, you can rest well knowing that you’re protected without spending a single cent. Each app has its own unique features to offer. This may vary from backing up your tools, cleaning up your system, and protecting your phones from theft.

But what’s the catch? The catch is the app’s limited features. While the free version is a good thing to have, I advise that if you have the money to spare, just go for the licensed version in order to unlock key features that will further protect your device.

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2. Use a VPN App

There’s plenty of Free VPN!

As the number of Android users grow exponentially every year, hundreds of malware and threats have also ridden the growth wave to get more victims. As a result, the popularity of VPN apps grew as well.

VPN or Virtual Private Network gives you a secure connection to the internet and allows you to access geo-restricted sites, shields your device from prying eyes when you connect to public WiFi, and plenty of other benefits.

There’s an abundance of free VPN apps on Google Play Store and you can choose the right one with the interface and functions that suits your tastes and your needs!

3. Uninstall unnecessary apps

Remove all the bloatware to be safe!

Your Android device comes pre-installed with plenty of stock apps that you either don’t use or bloatware from your device’s manufacturer. While some of these apps are useful to an extent, most of these apps can actually compromise your privacy.

Some apps steal your data and sell it to malicious entities. Think I’m exaggerating? Well, I hope I am. While these apps aren’t easy to uninstall, you can still disable them through your phone’s settings. Nonetheless, consider removing apps that aren’t essential for your day to day use.

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4. Avoid getting apps from unknown sources

Google ban these apps for a reason!

Even if you have the best free Android antivirus, the most common way to get viruses is downloading from shady sources such as third-party sites. This is because most don’t bother to learn basic mobile and internet security.

No matter how many antivirus apps or VPN apps you use, if you download from untrusted third-party sites, you can still get viruses no matter how protected you think you are. Trust me: been there, done that.

So always remember never to let your guard down unless you can absolutely trust that site you’re about to visit and that file you want to download.


Is free Antivirus for Android any good?

Yes, any free Antivirus Apps is enough as long as you proceed with caution. These apps will bring you a basic level of protection but it won’t be enough with the constant changes in the cyber landscape. And you also have to deal with those pesky ads.

Are free Security Apps enough?

The same answer as above. Free security Apps are enough to give you a layer of protection to some extend. However, if you want to take their protection to another level, then you need to purchase their license; something that we all should do if we have money to spare.

Will these steps make my phone secure?

Yes! Absolutely! If you follow these steps faithfully and diligently, we assure you that you can be as secure as you can get. But as we kept saying, you can never eliminate the various threats that are constantly on the haunt. So keep your focus and stay vigilant and never trust those fishy websites again!

Keep your Phones secure – Always Proceed with Caution

So there you have it! The methods to keep your phone safe and secure without spending any amount of money! Just having the best free Android antivirus won’t cut it. You also need to be careful and be mindful of what sites you go to and what you download.

These steps will ensure that you can rest easy at night knowing that your phone has a lesser chance of being infected by any threat. We can assure you that as long as you follow these steps, you can avoid being spied on, having your data stolen, and surfing the web without fear of getting malware.

As long you keep using your device securely, you don’t have to worry about getting viruses. Make sure you’re vigilant especially if you’re prone to wander unverified websites and download unchecked programs.

Happy browsing!

If you know other ways to prevent getting viruses on your Android device, don’t be shy to share it with me in the comments section below!

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