10 Free Dictionary Apps for Android: Widen Your Vocabulary

Have you ever heard or read a word that you had no idea, at all, of its meaning?

I know the feeling! Who doesn’t, right?

We encounter new and different words every day, and we usually become curious about what that word might mean.

I bet we’ll all agree when I say…

We don’t want to carry huge books around just so we can look up a single word, do we? So, free dictionary apps for Android are surely handy tools, especially for students.

Here’s the thing:

These dictionary applications do more than just give the definition of a word or concept. They offer features so that you can learn more about the language and widen your vocabulary.

But, that’s not all.

There are dictionary apps that can translate words into another language. It’s an important learning tool that you can keep in your pocket.

With the use of these apps, we can use better words, closer to our meaning and intent, for better understanding.

Such a big help, don’t you think?

And sometimes we’ll need to use these apps when we’re offline. Offline apps for Android are convenient to use–not all of us have an Internet connection all the time.

Get these free dictionary apps for Android at the Google Play Store!

Let’s dig into our list!

10 Best Dictionary Apps that are Free for Android

What are the best free dictionary apps for Android? For us, it’s gonna be Google since it uses all available resources online to provide you with the meaning of the word that you typed in the search box of Google.

So, other than Google, here are some of the best dictionary apps available for Android on the Google Play store.

1. Google Search — FREE

Google Search App Logo
Google Search App Logo

This may not be an official dictionary application, but it can surely help you search for words. You can use a voice command or text search to look for the definition of any given word. This free dictionary app is good for those who do not feel the need to have a full-fledged dictionary app on their mobile phones. You can utilize this application in many ways as it has other features that can help you with your daily activities.


  • Search and browse anything you want to find in the web
  • Personalized updates in Discover

A quick reminder that this app is not a dictionary app but can help you look up words. Most Android devices have Google apps as one of its default applications. If you do not have it yet, get it on Google Play!

Google Play

2. Google Translate — FREE

Google Translate - Logo
Google Translate App Logo

We know, Google Translate is not an ordinary dictionary. However, this can be a useful tool, especially when you are traveling! It does not only translate the word but it can also provide its meaning. Moreover, the translation app won’t be limited to a single word, but can also be used to translate a phrase or sentence!

It supports voice-to-text, image translation or conversation mode. However, it may be limited to a few languages. No need to worry! Google continues to work on improving its services.

After you have downloaded the app at Google Play Store, it will ask permission to access the microphone, camera, SMS, and external storage. You will have a better experience when you allow access.


  • Translate up to 103 languages (up to 59 languages when offline)
  • Instant camera translation
  • Conversation mode
  • Handwriting
  • Phrasebook

Do you need a dictionary and at the same time a translator? Well, Google Translate has an impressive service for you! You don’t even have to necessarily type the word(s); you can just say the word or take a picture of it.

Google Play

3. Dictionary.com — FREE

Dictionary.com App Logo

We install dictionary apps to learn more about the words that are not on our vocabulary list. The Dictionary.com app has an easy to use interface. When you want to look for a word, but you don’t know how to spell it, you can use the audio word search. Impressive, isn’t it? The app allows you to use it offline as well. Moreover, you can create a list of the words you have newly discovered.

Also, it provides you with the word of the day and articles about words to keep you interested. There are a lot of words you can discover in Dictionary.com.


  • Audio word search
  • Pronunciation
  • Thesaurus

If you have the need to study for your ACT or SAT preparation, then Dictionary.com is right for you! You can get more from the app if you purchase the in-app offers like Encyclopedia and Medical & Science dictionary.

Google Play

4. Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus — FREE

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus - App Logo
Advanced English Dictionary App Logo

An above-average, free dictionary app with a simple user interface–that’s the Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus. It provides 1.4 million words that include synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, and meronyms that will surely help you with your writing and speech. Moreover, the app has a new translate feature.


  • Search tools
  • Learning tools

You can get the app for FREE or for $1.99. The premium version of the app enables priority support and disables all annoying in-app advertisements. Widen your vocabulary with the help of Advanced English Dictionary.

Google Play

5. Dictionary Linguee — FREE

Dictionary Linguee - App Logo
Dictionary Linguee App Logo

Some of us might want to have a free dictionary app on our Android phone for reference in learning another language. Linguee app is a multilingual dictionary. It is a great alternative for Google Translate. There are example sentences to give you a deeper understanding of how to use the word. Moreover, it has an audio recording that you can listen to for correct pronunciation. Use this amazing app, not just to look up definitions, but to also learn foreign languages.


  • Editorial Dictionary
  • Translation Search
  • Quick Search
  • Offline Mode
  • Example Sentences
  • Audio Recordings (for pronunciation)
Google Play

6. Merriam Webster Dictionary — FREE

Merriam Webster Dictionary - Logo
Merriam Webster Dictionary App Logo

We cannot deny that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a popular dictionary app available on the market. You would really enjoy expanding your vocabulary with this app. It is jam-packed with helpful features and even word games, including a word of the day feature. However, Merriam-Webster Dictionary has stepped up their game. You can learn even more from its integrated thesaurus, audio pronunciation, and example sentences.


  • Vocabulary-building Quizzes
  • Word of the Day
  • Voice Search
  • Integrated Thesaurus
  • Example Sentences
  • Audio Pronunciations
  • Favorite Words
  • Search History
Google Play

 7. Oxford Dictionary of English — FREE

Oxford Dictionary of English - Logo
Oxford Dictionary of English App Logo

When we look for words that we’ve heard, there can be many instances in which we don’t know the correct spelling. With the Oxford English Dictionary, you won’t need to worry. They have a fuzzy filter feature that corrects the spelling and wild card feature that replaces a letter to correct the spelling of the word. Searching for a word is made easy by the Oxford English Dictionary. Moreover, it has learning tools that enable you to engage more in expanding your vocabulary.


  • Search tools
  • Keyword lookup
  • Fuzzy filter
  • Wild card
  • Search autocomplete
  • Learning tools
Google Play

8. WordWeb — FREE

WordWeb - Logo
WordWeb App Logo

This is a great free dictionary app for Android! It is one of the well-known dictionary apps that features 285,000 words. The app has a simple interface and you can choose to use it completely offline. It is free and has no ads. Great, isn’t it? It also has a unique feature that can look for commonly misunderstood words and can differentiate between words that has similar sounds.


  • Spelling suggestions
  • Fast pattern-matching search
  • Sounds-like and often-confused words
  • Filter search
Google Play

 9. Pocket Thesaurus — FREE

Pocket Thesaurus - Logo
Pocket Thesaurus App Logo

The Pocket Thesaurus is not just a simple dictionary app for Android. It is a specialized app that provides a deeper understanding of  English words.  As it provides 90,000 words, its floating thesaurus feature provides a number of synonyms of the word, too. The app is best when used with another dictionary app, you can’t go wrong with a dictionary and thesaurus app together!


  • Floating Thesaurus
  • Bookmark words
  • Search history
  • Pronunciation
Google Play

 10. English Dictionary — FREE

English Dictionary App Logo
English Dictionary App Logo

The English Dictionary is a great dictionary app that you can get on Google Play for free. It offers 239,000 words and that’s more than you’ll probably need. There is a shuffle feature that gives you random words so you can work on expanding your vocabulary. You can enjoy the app without in-app features to purchase and annoying ads.


  • Crossword help
  • Customize font size, line spacing, and screen orientation
  • Text to speech mode
  • Backup and restore configuration
  • Compatible with Moon+ Reader and FBReader
Google Play


Does Android have a built-in dictionary?

Unfortunately, Android does not have a built-in dictionary like iOS. However, there are free dictionary apps available on the Google Play Store. Google Play Books, an eBook reader for Android, has a built-in dictionary but it is only exclusive for the app.

What is the dictionary app for Android?

Dictionary app for Android can be offline or online. It is a functional and reliable dictionary that does not only provide word definition but it also translates words and provides learning tools. If you want to learn foreign languages, there are language learning apps for Android that can help you speak fluently in the target language.

How to add word suggestions on the Android keyboard?

Android devices have predictive texts from their word suggestions on the Android keyboard. It makes us type faster, easier and more efficiently. You can add word suggestions by going to the keyboard settings and look for language and input. Then, you can tweak your Android keyboard to expand your personal dictionary. Moreover, there are keyboard apps for Android that can help you input text efficiently.

Free Dictionary Apps for Android — Widen Your Vocabulary

When we read, study, or communicate with people, we encounter words that are not familiar to us. You’ll find it really helpful to download one of the best free dictionary apps for Android and have a dictionary in your pocket anytime, anywhere.

Did the article help you find the free dictionary app that best suits your every day needs in learning a language? If we missed some great, yet free dictionary apps for Android,  feel free to share it with us in the comment section below!

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