4 Best Free News Apps for Android: Keep Updated with the Breaking News

Breaking news…

Not all the news you read on the internet is true. That’s why it’s always better to get your sources from the best and trusted free news apps for Android.


You have to get newspapers from the local stands or have them delivered to you to stay updated with the current events. Read the news while having breakfast at a diner, or skim through the news channels on TV to stay updated with what’s going on. Flip through the pages while you’re on the subway or riding the bus to work.

But now:

All you have to do is open our smartphone and voila, the latest news is there. But as we said, you can never trust all the news that appears on the web. There’s just too much fake news that abounds.


You can now read the news anytime you want using your smartphone or tablet. Just personally load up your personal favorite news using an app. You can even plug in your earphones and listen to music on one of the best music players available while reading the news.

It’s a very efficient and convenient way to check what’s going on: all the current local or world news, business news, sports section, you name it.

The important thing is…

Get the latest news from reliable sources. Make sure that you’ll only get it from the best and the trusted. So to be safe, you might as well use the free news apps for Android featured here.

Note: The 5 best news apps for Android were tested on a smartphone. All of the apps performed fine, and no problems were faced during testing. However, all of the apps will need an active internet connection to load-up the latest news. A tablet is highly recommended for all your news reading needs.

1. The Guardian

This is a free news app for Android, which provides award-winning content and breaking news in one place. A reliable news source, The Guardian gives you live world news any time of the day.

Keep yourself updated with the latest news on world events, politics, sports, business and more. You can read opinions and columns as well from your favorite journalists.


  • World news and US headlines
  • Customize your newsfeed
  • Sports News (key moments and media coverage)
  • Includes interactive content (audio and video)
  • Breaking news alert and live reporting

One of the best things about the app is the Read Later feature. If you like an article and want to revisit it, simply tap on a button, and the story will be downloaded to your device. Then you can easily access it, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

You can load up news stories using this very feature on your home Wi-Fi network. Then you don’t even have to use mobile data while on the commute.

While the free app is already great, you can get more access and enjoy more features by getting the Premium version.

Free Version

2. Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Flipboard is more than just a news app. If you’re a reader, then this is one of the apps that you should automatically install on your Android device.

Aside from personalized news, you can also read entertainment, sports, lifestyle magazines, and other reading materials. That’s why, even if you aren’t interested in the depressing daily news, you should still get Flipboard on your device.


  • Latest news from various reliable sources
  • Customize or personalize your home feed
  • Read trending events and latest headlines (The Daily Edition)
  • Create personal magazines by curating your favorite stories

Compared with other news apps in the list, the news this app provides is not that amazing. This is not the kind of app for people who take news-reading seriously.

Nevertheless, this app is very convenient to use. The way you can read through it is remarkable. You may have gotten a little idea from the name and yes, the app allows you to “flip” through the content.

Swipe your fingers just like you are reading a book and the pages will turn. This intuitive way of reading news makes this app a bit closer to what you call “The newspaper experience”. If only they had a way to deliver that new newspaper smell in the morning.

Free Version

3. Fast News

If you are in the market for a fast and reliable news app for Android, Fast News is the one for you.

As the name suggests, the app provides fast news to your device. The news articles are fully fleshed and are gathered from different news sources. Think of this app as a central hub for all your news needs.


  • Feature-rich news
  • Feeds from major US and world news sources
  • Supported in many countries
  • Fast and lightweight news app
  • Easily share the news with friends
  • Customize the news you get

The interface is simple and allows you to browse news articles rapidly. A cleaner Metro styled UI would have been better, but as it is, the app already does a great job of keeping things clutter-free.

The app covers a large news ground from reliable sources: from The New York Times to USA Today and CNN to Washington Post, you name it.

Get the latest headlines and important news fast. All the latest information at the palm of your hand.

Free Version

4. BBC News

The ratings and reviews speak for themselves. Many users find BBC News to be much more reliable than CNN or FOX News.

BBC News in general balances the news incredibly well. They provide world incidents, happenings and technological advancements all in one place. With this app, you get to enjoy the reliable BBC News using your smartphone or tablet. Get worldwide headlines at any time.


  • News from a trusted network of journalists
  • Personalize the news that you get
  • Get news and stories based on your location
  • Check the popular stories of the day
  • Video and audio contents
  • Improved offline experience

Surprisingly the smartphone portrait view of the app is not as bad one might think it would be. The app is very well designed. The text may seem a little smaller to some users, though.

The app also comes with a push notification system to alert of you breaking the news. Receiving these notifications is a great way to know what is going on just by glancing at the notification.

It’s a free news app for those who take news-reading quite seriously.

Free Version

What People Ask

Is news app free?

Not all. But those featured here are free. However, for some of these, particularly The Guardian app, you’ll need to go Premium to enjoy other features and wider access.

What news app should I use?

It depends on your preference. If you want news on politics and business, we suggest The Guardian. Or if you’re a fan of world news, get the BBC News app. Need faster results? Check out Fast News. All of these apps are among the best you can find and use for free. As to which is best would ultimately depend on the content that you’d like to read.

Do news apps offer video content?

Not all. But most of the free news apps featured here offer audio and video content. That way, you get to read, hear and watch the news, whichever way you like it.

The Latest News at the Palm of Your Hand

These are the best free news apps for Android. Combine them with best reader apps and you have a complete reading experience on your Android device. We recommend that you use a tablet for all your news reading needs. The difference between a smartphone and tablet is actually dramatic and you just have to read on one to know the enhancement.

Go paperless and read the news on the go.

What do you think of this article? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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