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10 Amazing Free Racing Games for Android, Vroom Vroom!

Everyone wants to drive incredible cars and win races. Not many can afford those mechanical beasts in real life. Thankfully we have some amazing free racing games for Android which can fulfil both those fantasies in one go. Although, it may not be as exciting as racing in real life, it is still quite safe and affordable, really!

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My love for racing games started back when I got Need for Speed on my PlayStation One. Fast forward more than a decade I’m playing much more complicated and graphically intensive games on my Android smartphone. It’s a great time to be a gamer, whether you play on your PC or Android tablet there are a lot of great games out today.

Note: All the free racing games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps performed well, and no problems popped up during testing. I played each game an average of 20 minutes.

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

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This Android racing game is the first one I install on any new Android smartphone I get. I don’t play it that much but, it still gets downloaded. That’s because it’s an incredibly fun game with good graphics and amazing gameplay.

I’m a huge fan of the Burnout series of games on PC, and this game captures that level of intense driving on mobile. The game comes with a bucket load of free content, and almost everything can be gained just by playing the game.

The cars you’ll drive are not fictitious models resembling a real car. Asphalt 8 has the licenses to actual makes and models you could see on the road. The stunts make the game and are out of this world. If you are craving for an excellent and fast-paced multiplayer racing game on Android, get this one.

Free Version

2. Real Racing 3

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Electronic Arts makes some of the best games for consoles and PCs. It’s no wonder that the company would launch an incredible looking racing game on Android, as well. Real Racing 3 is without a doubt one of the most stunning looking games on our beloved platform.

The game features a lot of cars, many of them can be collected just by playing the game. The tracks and cars are all authentic and almost lifelike. The driving mechanics are also some of the best I have come across in an Android game. The only problem is that the game starts demanding cash when you have leveled up enough.

Free Version

3. Drag Racing

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Drag Racing is a very simple game with extremely simple controls. In real life, drag racing is about knowing your machine and timing the gear shifts at the right moment. This free racing game for Android captures the feeling pretty well with the on-screen controls.

The graphics are good, and there are a lot of cars to choose. But the real winner is the sense of speed and actual achievement. You need to keep a close eye on the speedometer to do better in races. It’s no wonder this game is so popular on Google Play Store.

Free Version

4. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

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GT Racing 2 is somewhat a simulation game from the makers of Asphalt series. Gameloft has been known to dip their shoes in almost every genre, and this game is a shining example of that. This game is the closest competitor of Real Racing 3 but fails slightly to reach that level.

Don’t get me wrong, this game has good graphics, driving mechanics and selection of cars, but Real Racing does everything slightly better. However, the one thing this game does better is the multiplayer game mode. If you want to race against other human racers, this is the game made for you.

Free Version

5. Turbo FAST

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Hey not everyone wants to race in super competitive games! Some people need a funny looking and kid friendly game to spend some quality time. This racing game for Android based on an animated movie of the same name is sure to appeal to younger players..

The game features a snail who can apparently go as fast as a race car. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but this game certainly has me intrigued about it. The graphics are good, and the gameplay is simple. The highlight of the game is the grind rails on which you can grind away as well as the nifty drifting mechanic.

Free Version

6. Driver Speedboat Paradise

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When UBISOFT announced a new Driver game, I became excited. When they said it would be a mobile game, my spirits dampened a bit. And when they showed a speedboat game I was genuinely disappointed.

However, when I gave the game a chance, it soon became one of my favorite racing games for Android. Surprisingly, the game delivers a good sense of speed on a speedboat and comes with some really exciting tracks. I recommend that you just ignore the “Driver” in the game and treat the game as a standalone.

Free Version

7. Beach Buggy Racing

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If you are looking for a Mario Kart replacement on your Android smartphone, you’ve come to the right place. This game is sure to keep you engaged throughout the race with the eye-catching graphics and amazing looking effects.

The controls are adjustable and very responsive. You’ll be drifting around corners in very little time. The best part is, there are item pickups which will help you win races in style.

Free Version

8. Trial Xtreme 4

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Want to race against time and win medals for doing great? This racing games for Android, which lets you do just that. The game is simple; you need to race your bike towards the finish line.

The game gets very challenging the further you go, and thankfully you will get better really fast. The controls are simple which allow you to control the bike as well as pull off great stunts. I’ve never seen an Android game which uses physics to such great extent.

Free Version

9. Angry Birds Go!

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The Angry Birds are everywhere. They even visit me in real life when I have just washed my bike.

Angry Birds Go is a simple cart racing game featuring your favorite birds. The premise is very basic, you race and you win. There are a lot of variants and even other people who will not allow you to get that lucrative first place.

The game will really gel well with the younger crowd.

Free Version

10. Cars: Fast as Lightning

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This racing game for Android is for the little ones. The game features characters from the popular animated movie of the same name. So if your kids are fans of the movie, they sure will love this game as well.

The gameplay is simplistic so younger players can pick up on it quickly. Touch to accelerate the car and lift the finger to slow it down. There is a little bit of timing involved but usually the game is very forgiving in terms of controls and handling.

Free Version

We certainly raced through the 10 amazing free racing games for Android, didn’t we? Well, these games are spread over a broad spectrum. I hope one of them will be able to entertain you for a while.

I really like the games that get you more involved whether they are deep in customization or content. If I’m going to invest my time in a game, I want it to provide me something to look forward to.

So what are your favourite racing games? Those who keep you awake late night and make you late for school/office.

What do you look for in a racing game? Is it the cars you can drive, or if it’s realistic or has accurate controls? Let us know how you judge the racing games you play on Android in the comments below.

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