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5 Free RPG Games on Android – Epic Sagas on Your Mobile

RPG games on any platform are incredible. However, there are not many great quality free RPG games on Android available. I get it; it is not easy to make a long role-playing game without some funding or profit returns, and I’m actually fine with paying a gateway fee to a magical world.This list is not about those games; it is about role playing experiences which you can get for absolutely no payment and enjoy for a long time. This is a list of some epic yet free RPG games on Android that have the potential to suck your time like there is no tomorrow.

I’m personally a huge fan of RPG games on Android as well as PC. Recently, I have ended The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 on PC and I loved them a lot. There is something amazing about assuming the identity of a badass character that can do incredible feats of bravado and grandeur.

Jumping back to Android games was a bit hard because I felt they would not provide me with that kind of immersion. Thankfully, I work for a website which actually pays me to find great videogames, and that is exactly what I did this time around. I knew some of these games, but now I got to actively toy around them at a leisurely pace. And boy were they amazing. The free RPG Games on Android are surprisingly deep and addictive.

Note: The best free RPG Games on Android were tested on a LG G4 smartphone. The games worked fine and I had no trouble at all playing through them. I have at least played each game for an hour and found no problems or technical bugs. However, as they are free to play, there are some gameplay restrictions which can only be removed by paying. Thankfully, the developers of the game designed the IAPs to have minimum impact on your free RPG questing.

1. Dungeon Hunter 4

If you are familiar with ARPGs like Diablo or Torchlight and like them, then you will most definitely love what this game has to offer. Gameloft is a remarkable company and has produced some amazing Android games in recent memory. Dungeon Hunter 4 is a well-polished and beautiful looking role playing game which shows off the power of a big publisher. The game almost rivals console games in terms of content and lore and we all love deep games.

Dungeon Hunter 4 plays as a top-down arcade action game but if you scratch the surface, you will find some finely tuned RPG mechanics underneath. The game has gorgeous looking 3D graphics and a top-down isometric view. The game has fast-paced action as well as a great loot system. You get to play different characters that have various abilities and looks.

I usually go with an archer the first time in any RPG game and this game was no different. I was a bit worried about the controls but the game surprisingly works really well with touchscreen buttons. If you are interested in a paid RPG game, Gameloft has also made Wild Blood, a game which is featured on our best RPG games for Android list.

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2. The Last Vikings

This is a very new game and I was recently introduced to it by a friend but it has made a place in my heart. This game can be played by any gamer and they will enjoy it as well. The Last Vikings may not be a traditional looking role-playing game for Android, but it does have some unique gameplay mechanics which make it a joy to play.

It is a very simple and easy to play video game with cute graphics, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get harder at later levels. The retro style of the game gives it charm and makes it worthy to be included in the best old-school games for Android list. But it’s the overly simplified combat which makes it fun and highly accessible. It is a great way to introduce young players to role-playing games without overwhelming them with deep lore and hard to learn mechanics.

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3. Kritika: The White Knights

If you are a big fan of Japanese role-playing games then this game will highly entertain you. There are multiple characters in the game and they all have unique abilities which suit a certain style. There is a blood, an assassin, a mage and even a cat Acrobat. This unique cast of characters is represented in stylish 2-D graphics.

The anime style of visuals makes this game stand out amongst the crowd of usual 2-D or 3-D RPG’s on Android. The game also allows you to call in friends to aid you through the game which is a nice touch. While the game may look like a fighting oriented one but make no mistake, it is a RPG through and through.

I really had a great time playing this game, and it was all because it looked so wonderful on my smartphone. The controls are simple enough and are easy to grasp so there are no technical issues with the game when it comes to controlling your character.

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4. Reaper

Reaper is one of those games which instantly clicks with you, thanks to the amazing visuals. The art style of the game is simply beautiful to look at and the game runs very smooth. I have a soft spot for games that look amazing and can run great on Android smartphones. And this particular game can do both which is very pleasant to look at.

The game follows a black swordsman whose task is to slay thousands of enemies in this great RPG game on Android. There are countless quests for you to complete and many secrets to uncover. Leveling up the character with your choice of skills is also present which gives you the freedom to make your own play style.

The game also features a ton of swords, accessories and armor for you to equip. The game deserves to be on the best looking games for Android list as well.

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5. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars is perhaps the biggest movie franchise the world has ever seen, and it is growing at a fast pace as well. I was worried that this game might be another tie-in for the movie, but the game managed to hold up on its own. It is a turn-based strategy game that features the iconic characters of the gigantic franchise.

The graphics are amazing and look remarkably sharp. On a more technical note, the game doesn’t feature a lot of graphical content, so the developers had time to polish out what they already had. The character models are highly detailed and resemble their real life counterparts.

Real effort has been put in making the character models as authentic as the movies. The turn-based gameplay is also very exciting and there were some elements of card games for Android as well here. If you’re fan of this amazing series, you will surely have a lot of fun playing through the game.

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RPG games are a great way to escape daily life and boring routines. I think of a good RPG game as a mini vacation that you can take anytime you want. And with these free RPG games on Android, you can take a mini vacation literally anywhere you want as well.

What do you find appealing about role-playing games in general? Tell us about your interests and opinions in the comments below.

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