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Customize your Android device: Changing notification sounds

There was a time when we used to “install” MIDI files on our old Nokia phones just to change a few notification tones. Now we can install one of the free SMS ringtone apps for Android and call it a day. Technology has made everything clear and easy, especially the lazy folk who like fart sounds as their notification tone.

I had an embarrassing personal experience and no longer use burping sounds as my SMS ringtone on Android. I would strongly suggest you turn off the smartphone sounds completely before giving a presentation on workplace ethics. Enough of my stupidity, let’s check out some of the best SMS ringtone apps for Android now!

Note: The free SMS ringtone apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine, and no problems were faced during testing. The apps may need to download little chunks of data after you have installed them. The apps are in no particular order as they all provide something unique.


ZEDGE is perhaps one of the best customization apps on Android. It was included on our ringtone apps for Android as well as wallpaper apps for Android lists. Now it is making a return to this list as well.

There are not a lot of SMS tones available on ZEDGE, but they sure are of super quality. I really hate the low bitrate of tones; it gets exponentially more horrible when played on your smartphone’s speaker.

This app does away with those notifications and provides quality tunes for your usage. As the tunes are of high quality, the app usually downloads them separately. There is a great favorite option that allows you to bookmark tunes without actually downloading them thus saving bandwidth.

Free Version

2. 100’s of Buttons and Sounds

This app can’t technically be called an SMS notification app for Android but is one of the best ones or the very same purpose. The app has around 400 buttons with unique sounds that you can select as your SMS notification tone.

The best thing is, almost all of them are of great quality. Some are funny, some are musical, and some are even dialogues from your favorite TV shows and movies. It’s a mixed bag but boy oh boy is it entertaining.

I spent around 15 minutes just playing a ton of sounds and having a blast. At the end of the testing, I was genuinely lost at the amount of amazing tones at my disposal. You will feel confused as well when you don’t know which SMS notification you should select first. The only downside is there isn’t a search button available on the app. An app of this scale would definitely benefit from a dedicated search function.

Free Version


These were a few amazing SMS Ringtone apps for Android available on the Play Store. I use Instant Buttons all the time, but the app was recently removed from the store for some reason.

What tunes do you like?

Do you like to be spontaneous and loud or do you prefer something mellow?

Do chime your preferences in the comments below.

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