5 best free spy apps for Android

The 5 Best Free Spy Apps for Android (UPDATED)

If you want to be the next Sherlock Holmes of Nancy Drew, the apps we’ll show you will come in handy, but won’t replace actual spy tools. These apps won’t be able to help you snoop around and gain intel on criminal syndicates – so you’d better not go all Daredevil on your town simply because you have access to these apps.

The best free spy apps for Android cover a very different palette of spying. They are not necessarily all about peeping into people’s business, they offer a lot of different functionalities, as you will see in the reviews we’ve prepared below. We’re sure that you will also like simply trying these apps as they are a great source for light amusement.


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5 best free spy apps for Android

Spy appFeatures
Signal Private MessengerGroup chats, advanced end-to-end encryption – privacy like that of a spy
DFS Spy MonitorMonitors apps, identify potential spyware, privacy control
Intruder SelfieTakes pictures when the incorrect password is entered, saves the pictures in a gallery to see the intruder
AppLockSmall Size AppLock, fingerprint support, battery friendly, fast response
TunnelBear VPNOne-tap connect, global VPN network, AES-256 bit encryption, no logging
Best free spy apps for Android

These are the top 5 free spy apps for Android along with their features.

Read on to know more!

1. Signal Private Messenger – Free

Signal Private Messenger logo
App Logo

If you’re going to be the next agent 007, you might as well do it right. By using an encrypted messenger you ensure that all the messages you send are unreadable by outside sources. An encrypted messenger is one of the best tools in a spy’s arsenal.


  • Group Chats
  • Uses your Contact list
  • Advanced end-to-end encryption

This open source app was featured on our best encrypted messengers for Android list simply because it is highly accessible and easy to use. The best part is, the encryption is done in the background and doesn’t take up much of your phone’s resources.

Google Play

2. DFS Spy Monitor – Free

App Logo

Another thing a true spy should take care of is where their personal data is shared to. This is exactly what this app does – it helps you see detailed information about where your data is sent to and how much is uploaded by each app you use.


  • Monitors apps
  • Identify potential spyware
  • Privacy control

It works on any OS from 4.4 and up, and it really has a small memory footprint. It also has a really cool interface that is intuitive and pretty simple to use, so maintaining your privacy was never easier.

Google Play

3. Intruder Selfie – Free

Intruder selfie logo
App Logo

Now that you’re on your merry way of becoming a proper spy, you need to protect your phone as your life depends on it. And like the name of this app suggests, it will let you know when someone wants to get access for your phone.


  • Takes pictures when the incorrect password is entered
  • Saves the pictures in a gallery

However, in order for this app to work, you will need to Enable Device Admin – it needs this permission to detect failed unlock attempts. If you want to uninstall this app, it has an option to help you do it easier.

Google Play

4. AppLock – Free

App Logo

This is another app that helps you protect your data. It will protect your privacy with its features, helping you prevent unauthorized access and provides extra security.


  • Lock Apps
  • Requires Minimum Permissions
  • Lock gallery to keep your pictures and videos secure
  • Simple and beautiful UI
  • Small Size AppLock
  • Fingerprint Support (Hardware Required)
  • Battery friendly AppLock
  • Fast response

With AppLocker, you can easily protect your spy secrets. Lock or hide your apps, protect your phone from intruders and much more. This is one of the apps that have to be in the Android device of the next James Bond.

Google Play

5. TunnelBear VPN – Free with In-app Purchases

App Logo

One last app that an aspiring spy should take into consideration is a VPN app. When you’re browsing online, your location is known and shared. But with this app, your online location is safely hidden.


  • One-tap connect
  • Global VPN network
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • No logging

If you want to use the free version, you will get 500MB of browsing data every month. If you need more, there are premium plans that you can buy. It also comes with a really friendly and amusing interface, which is a plus from us.

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you download a free spy app for Android?

There are many reasons why you should these apps, even if you’re not aspiring to be the next James Bond. From seeing how your personal data is shared by the apps you use from protecting your location online, we should all be aware and try to protect our privacy on the Internet.

What is the best free spy app for Android?

All of the presented apps are quite different and serve various purposes, but if we’d had to only pick one, we’d go with DFS Spy Monitor, because we think it is important to know how your personal data travels online.

Are these spy apps for Android effective?

To some extent, yes. Even though these are not CIA-level spy apps, they can help you be more protected and raise awareness on the importance of online privacy.

Free Spy Apps for Android – Stay Protected

These were the five best spy apps for Android, we really hope that you enjoyed checking out the list and trying out these apps. We recommend you always keep an eye out for protecting your privacy online.

So what apps did you use? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Lots of useful information! Thanks for sharing. But I used iKeyMonitor, is compatible with both Android and iOS, monitors keystrokes, SMS, whatsapp messages, even screenshots and more

    1. I suggest try xnore.com best spy app i found so far, sms, call log, call record, gps location, live control, IMs,emails, browsing history, surrounding sound and many more features – Yes, free trial also! 🙂

  2. Is there an app that lets me see why my daughter’s calling and texting without having to physically access the phone? She never puts it down.

    1. You can get that data from the carrier if the phone is in your name. But other than that you need to get hold of the phone once. I suggest sneaking around lol 🙂

  3. Whats the best program would you recommend being paid? I want stealth mode or hidden mode without notifications, i didnt find your post best 13 paid spy apps. I would also want the program to record ambient audio it consumes much less than record video. Thanks

  4. What is the best app THAT IS HIDDEN (important lol) to spy on SMS text and voice calls? I need to know what my child is up too, worried that she is hanging with the wrong crowd in possibly doing not so good things. Thank you!

  5. Looking for a FREE, INVISIBLE, app that allows me to dial a number from a different phone, which triggers an audio or video recorder on target phone without showing any obvious changes on target phone screen. THANKS!

    1. Johnny, I believe there is no Free app which can provide you these exciting features. I will get back to you if I find something.

  6. I am looking for a free sms and call log spy app that I can install from the Google Play Store that installs or/ and saves sleathly (INVISIBLE ) without having to register it on that phone. My teenage boy has been getting in a lot of trouble with the law.

  7. I’ve been trying to download spy apps and they seem to work good but they show up in Google play, which my son would eventually notice in his download list. I need something totally hidden.

  8. Is there an app (without rooting) that allows me to to schedule audio recordings on a given day at a given hour and that works even if my device isn’t connected to Internet when it must record audio?

    Thanks a lot…

    1. Jon,

      Unfortunately no. I tried to find one but failed. i will update you if I can find such app.

      1. In the past I used Cmcapp Mobile, which is an app that allows you to choose the days of the week and starting and ending time of recording. It saves everything on the phone memory and then send it to you on a your Gmail account.
        It works very well but unfortunately it doesn’t have whatsapp and facebook.

  9. Hi guys!! Why haven’t you still mentioned SpyToMobile? I have been using this software for more than a year. It is a great app) I can intercept WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, Calls, Phone Book etc. This app is cheaper than others. If you want to find out if somebody is cheating on you or not – Welcome to SpyToMobile)))

    1. Leonard, Its a third party app. I know its good one but I like to steer clear of third party apps.

    2. With SpyToMobile, for WhatsApp you need to root your target device.
      Is there an app that works on whatsapp without having the phone rooted???

  10. Billa- Please advise me on the opposite side of your recommended spy apps. Do u have an application that will tell me if my phoned is being spied on?

  11. hi sir, do u know about to screen capture android remotely & secretly ? portable & I can acces form web via PC..

  12. If I was to put any of these apps on my children’s phone, would my children be able to discover the app? I don’t want them to feel as if I don’t trust them, for I do, I just don’t know some of their friends, well enough yet to know if they will help influence my children to stay out of trouble or to get in trouble; especially having two in high school n and getting their D.L. !!!! I know it’s my children’s choice to do right or wrong, and even if peer pressure might have helped them to make such a choice, they are still responsible for their actions; nobody else!!!! If any of these apps are not discoverable, which ones would be best to use to keep up with their location and messages, web usage, etc. Thankyou for your help, it gets hard at times to keep up with 4 teens as single mommy, having a “back up” helps greatly!!

    1. Hi Jessa,
      I completely agree with you, it is their choice to do right or wrong and it is up to them if they want good or bad consequences. Wow, 4 teens are by yourself?? How do you do it?? =-) You are truly an example.

      Just to make sure I recommend the best for you, do you want an app that monitors absolutely everything on their phone or only certain things? Hope to hear from you soon.

  13. I need a spy app that works on a basic phone. My husband is such a crafty cheater that he knows that basic phones are almost impossible to spy on. Help me please! Thank you.

    1. Hi There,
      What do you mean by a basic smartphone? Do you mean those phones that no OS and are considered antiques?

  14. Hi Good day.
    I have a questions about spying phone. Is it possible to spy any at the tablet and iphone at the same time? but he uesed one apple ID?

    Thank you so much.


    1. Hi Xyron,
      Do you mean if there is an App that will spy on an Android tablet and an iPhone at the same time? If so, I don´t think that there is an Android app that could spy on an iPhone. Please let me know if I understood your question correctly. =-) Thanks for reading.

  15. Hey are there any free apps to like bug thing to someone else mobile’s microphone to spy thier surrounding and even better if camer could send videos. Thankz

    1. Hi Joe,
      Invading someone´s privacy like that is illegal. First make sure you are not breaking any laws with what you want to do. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  16. Looking for a low price , INVISIBLE, app that allows me to dial a number from a different phone, which triggers an audio or video recorder on target phone without showing any obvious changes on target phone screen. THANKS!
    One more thing also and app that can make the target phones mic volume increase. I’m willing to pay. But nothing to expensive please & thanks

    1. Hi Chappis,
      I am not aware of any apps that can do all that fancy stuff, but if I come across one, I will let you know. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  17. I need a app that I can access my gfs calls messages and Facebook along with email and photo remotely so I ont hsve to touch her phone
    s I believe she is cheating on me starting to act different I definitely need to know with her being an ex prostitute. Any suggestions

  18. Hello,

    Very useful information. I want a free spying app which will log call history and text messages without my wife’s notice. This will help me in my divorce.

    Thank You

    1. Hi There,
      I would first see if its legal to do so, because if it’s not, it could get you into some serious legal trouble. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  19. Hi . how can I spy on a cell phone without having access to it . Is it possible to spy on a cell phone without having physical access to it.Can the app be install remotely without touching the phone.

    1. Hi Rav,
      Spying on someone´s phone without their permission is illegal. You could get into some serious legal problems. Be careful. =-)

  20. is there an app invisible free or paid that I can install that will record a conversation without being on the phone. this will be used in a divorce case. I need to record a conversation person to person or with the other person having a phone with the spy app on it. also that will record a phone conversations and text
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Rose,
      Have you made sure that it´s legal where you live? If it´s not, the recording might not be taken into consideration in court and you could get into some serious legal trouble. Please make sure. =-)

  21. Hi .I need to find out if my spouse is cheating on me.Its legal where im from.Just don’t want her to see the app on her phone.

  22. A great private investigator that is honest and real is really worthy of good recommendation, Globaltrackandspy is very skilled, they helped me track down and spoof my patner device to the extent that i could monitor everything complete myself. Contact them via globaltrackandspy{at} gmail or text/call +1(571) 406-7989

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