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3 Free Swim Games on Android

Swimming is a lot of fun, especially during summers. I wanted to get a few free swim games on Android to capture the same feeling in the cold winters as well. Unfortunately, there are not many swimming games available on the platform we all love. As a matter of fact, I haven’t been this disappointed by the lack of quality since I tasted McDonald’s apple pie.

The first paragraph I wrote might have splashed cold water on your hopes, but I seriously didn’t want to get you excited. My job is to find the best apps fitting certain criteria and it is unfortunate that there are not many good games that fit the bill. Sure there are games, but some of them have overly sexual undertones that made me highly uncomfortable.

It’s like almost 60% of the developers turn on the hidden pervert mode while making swim games on Android. Suffice to say, I’m not entirely happy or satisfied by the games in this list. These are working and somewhat fun swimming games for Android and that is all they have going for them.

Note: The free swim games on Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during testing. The apps are not in any particular order.

1. Swimming Race 3D

Just as the name suggests, this is a game about swimming and racing. The game has a very serious exterior but has some arcade mechanics thrown into the mix as well. The game is a straightforward one, press the button to make your swimmer swim. You can also collect some coins which will help you in unlocking additional stuff for your swimmer.

As the levels go by, your swimmer will lose stamina. You can use collected coins to purchase stamina and continue playing the game. Apart from having two strokes, there are also stunts that can make the game exciting. I personally won’t even play the game another time as it is a shallow swim game for Android.

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2. Hungry Shark Evolution

This is by far the best game in the free swim games on Android list and it doesn’t feature a human in it. It’s about sharks who like to swim and eat other fishes. The graphics of the game are amazing to look at, but the 3D effects are what makes the game worthy of your attention. The game can easily be listed in the best looking games on Android list as well.

The gameplay is fast and the controls are kept simple. Your aim is to eat and cause destruction. There are 12 types of sharks to unlock over the course of the game and a gigantic free-roaming world for you to explore.

I have spent more time playing this game than the rest of the games on this list combined. It is the only game that will remain on my smartphone as I would love to play it more. Maybe I was tired of testing mediocre swim games or maybe the game is really awesome, there is only one way to check that.

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3. My Dolphin Show

Want to train your very own dolphin to perform all around the world? This is the game made for you. While technically, it is not a purely swimming game but hey, pure swimming is insanely boring in video games. The game tasks you with making your dolphin the best in the world.

The animations and reactions of dolphins are great. The graphics are 3D but not very detailed, however, the visual effects are beautiful. There are 6 aquatic parks and zoos available for you to explore and perform at. The game is targeted towards the “Dress-up” crowd so naturally there are outfits and props for your dolphin to wear.

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I know there are not many great games on the list, but there were none to be found on the Google Play Store. Trust me, I checked almost 15 apps for this article, and almost every one of them had some weird elements. One app, for instance, wanted me to ogle at bikini clad girls as a substitute for gameplay, which is downright disturbing.

If you have any secret yet awesome swim game installed, feel free to tell me about it in the comments below. It’s odd to say this but in this instance, I would take real swimming over these games any day.

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