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3 Fun Games for Android to Have a Blast

The definition of fun varies person to person. Some people have fun killing bad dudes while other have fun driving at breakneck speeds. The fun games for Android on this list will not be from one particular genre; they will be fun for all types of gamers. As kids, adults and elders all deserve to play some fun games on Android, I will keep the games appropriate for everyone.

I had a lot of fun while playing these games and I’m the type of gamer who gives everything a chance. Well except the dress up games which are clearly aimed at young girls. The fun games for Android are fun in their own unique way. If you are looking for some other games, I will be linking a ton of app lists in the article to help you find what you are looking for.

Note: The fun games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. These games are always installed on my tablet because they can entertain anyone. I hand my tablet to young cousins and forget about them getting bored for hours. The games performed fine during my extensive testing.


The only bad thing about BADLAND is the all-caps. Otherwise, it is one of the most beautiful looking games I have played. It is a side-scrolling game with simple control mechanics. The 2D game takes cues from games like Mario and its ability to induce urgency but constantly moving the screen to the right.

The game has brightly lit backgrounds which are a stark contrast to the completely black foreground. The simple one touch controls make the game highly accessible and easy to play for everyone. There are some hard places in the game, but there is no limit on gameplay time or tries. Of course, you will have to purchase additional content down the road but the game is extremely generous with its offerings.

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2. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the few classic games which made a perfect transition to the touch screen format. The gameplay of this game is simple yet strategic, it can even be included in the best strategy games for Android list. As the name suggest, you will be able to pit plants against hoards of zombies.

The aim of the game is to keep the brain-hungry zombies away from your home. You can achieve that by collecting sunshine, and planting killer plants in your yard. The fun premise allows the game to go where no other zombie game has gone. I have played a ton of zombie games on Android, but this one will always have a special place in my heart.

There is also a second part of the game available on the Google Play Store, but the game erased my saves without warning, 2 times. So until EA fixes that bug, I just cannot recommend that pain of loss to anyone.

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3. Temple Run 2

Temple Run has been one of my favorite games to play on Android. However, Temple Run 2 is my gym companion. Ever since I started to ride the stationary exercise bike in the gym, this game has helped me pass 40 minutes of peddling having a lot of fun.

The gameplay is simple, a demon/monster thing is trying to kill you and you need to run for your life. You will also need to collect coins along the way because even in mortal danger you are greedy like that.

The collected coins can then be exchanged for new characters or power-ups. If you are aiming to see the hero make it safe and sound and live happily ever after, well this game is not for you.

It is an endless runner for Android and they tend to go on until you lose. This is the charm of the game though. I have posted a ton of high scores only to be beaten by my dad, or uncle, or friends, or the security guard.

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I know it is hard to know what makes a game fun for a single person. I personally have a ton of fun playing a good RPG on Android. Some of my friends are super into card games for Android and one of my teachers only plays football games on his tablet.

I suggest you try these games and see if anything seems fun to you. Otherwise, you can always call me a fun-less boring person in the comments and give me a genre of games you like. I’m pretty sure I have covered almost every genre of video games on Android by now and I will have a list ripe for recommendations. Until next time folks, have fun!

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