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Waking up after sleeping is a normal thing to do but have you’ve been struggling to wake up on time? Do you depend on your Android smart phone’s built-in alarm clock to wake you up? Are the choices of ringtones bores you and simply doesn’t work anymore? Then fret not. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at one of the best alarm clock apps, the Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones app.

In our best alarm clock apps list, we talked about some of the most fun and effective ways to fill your phone with tunes for the morning. Typically, people tend to look for a more soothing melody to wake us up instead of having a loud annoying one. That’s where the Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones for Android app comes in. The app is essentially an alarm clock with a number of hilarious and funny ringtones to choose from. Something to wake you up to put a smile on your face and lift up your mood.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones app for Android and figure out if an action movie anthem, a metal hardcore rooster, or a person yelling at you works at waking you up.

Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones by Aura Ringtones


Our Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The Good

  • The Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones app has a simple interface so you don’t have to learn much.
  • Includes instructions once you open the app and the list of apps is right on the homepage.
  • From Annoying Man to a Trumpet effect, the ringtones are actually quite hilarious and effective.
  • Save your favorites for later use and tag the ones that you want to use as your notification tone or as a ringtone app or alarm.

The Bad

  • Ads, ads, and ads. The ads can be annoying especially since they pop up and tends to cover the entire screen (maybe try blocking the ads if you want).
  • For a simple alarm app, the permission it requires makes us wonder why they need access to some of our personal information on our phone. It could potentially be selling information to other companies.
  • Although the ringtones are great, there aren’t that many of them compared to other ringtone and alarm apps.

The Bottom Line

The Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones app gives you exceptional and unique alarms to get you up in the morning. So you don’t have to sit in your car and use your traffic apps to avoid being late for work. The permissions, however, it quite concerning. It makes us question as to why the app needs to know my email address and my list of contacts. The ads are a downer but we’ve come to expect that with free apps. Overall, the app works nicely and the tones that are quite creative.

Closer Look – Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones

The Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones app might be a little mischievous for asking and requiring permissions and access that has nothing to do with the overall functionality of the app. Although, before we start judging even after reading our quick summary above, let’s first take a closer look at this app and what makes it worth your time.

1. Customizability and Functionality

Part of finding ringtones and alarms you enjoy is saving them for later and easily making them as the defaults for your phone. When we open the app and viewed the list of ringtones, we noticed a settings tab next to every single song. This is actually a nice feature because you simply click the button and it reveals a few options for customization. It’s a little strange because they only give you icons and no explanations, but we figured it out soon enough.

settings for each ringtone alarm

The bell icon lets you set a song as your default alarm, which took just a few seconds and then we could wake up in the morning.

default alarm

The little music icon allows you to set the song as your default ringtone. This obviously isn’t a reason we would download an alarm app, but it’s nice to know that the app has additional features packed into the small interface.

default ringtone

The app also includes a page to change your preferences for notifications, ringtones, and alarms. We won’t be using this area probably since you can do all of these steps from a song page.


Our favorite part of the app while conducting my Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones for Android review was the simple favorites area. You just tag a song as one of your favorites and it’s placed in a list.


2. Features

The homepage is simple, and this is exactly what I want from an alarm ringtone app. The first page shows the entire catalog of songs and the only other tab is your Favorites page. Click on the Settings tab to assign ringtones or click the Play button to test an alarm ringtone out.

starting suggestions

Once you click on a song the app plays right there and doesn’t navigate to a new page. We really liked this feature, because we’ve used other ringtone and alarm apps that make it a nightmare to play a song and then click on the back buttons to test out another one. The final thing that everyone probably wants to know is whether or not the alarm ringtones wake you up in the morning. The reviews say so, and we always woke up with a laugh. It basically confuses you a little bit and then you realize that it’s just a silly alarm, which was always good enough to grab our attention and pry us out of bed.

playing the tune

The only thing we’d be concerned about is the song selection. We tend to change our alarms occasionally so we don’t get used to just one. With more than 100 ringtones, how long will that last?

3. Twists of Being a Free App

The second we started our Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones for Android review we opened the app and saw this huge ad below. It covered the entire screen, made the app impossible to see and revealed an app that we had no interest in. We’ve come to expect ads on most apps, especially when they are free, but we’ve never seen such a blatant ad pop up so quickly. We didn’t even have a chance to see a single ringtone and this popped up. Since it’s quite easy to X out and we don’t really mind ads, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it actually gives us more concerns about the company, since their permissions are a little weird.

annoying popup ads
In-App Unavoidable Ads

It seems like they are trying to make as much money as possible on the app with huge ads, and that leads me to believe that their permissions are more than for helping the user experience. We’ll talk about that later in the Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones for Android review.

4. Ease of Use

When you open the app it gives you a few nice instructions on how to use the app properly. It told me how to swipe throughout the app and what each button means. The only problem with this is that I didn’t remember all of the instructions and the buttons aren’t always easy to understand.

initial instructions

There’s also a nice Features page that shows up before you get started in the Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones app in case you were wondering. It’s somewhat helpful, but I can’t imagine you couldn’t figure this out for yourself or know this before going into the app.

explained features

The initial instructional pages are about all you get in terms of support. We’re not sure if this will change in the future, but the developer’s website is virtually barren. It provides zero support and no way to contact the developer. We did notice that the Google Play page actually had a link to email the developer, but we haven’t heard back when we sent them a quick email about one of the features. It seems like they don’t put much emphasis on support with this app, but it doesn’t bother us too much, because the app is quite self-explanatory.

5. Abysmal App Permissions

This is where we had a huge problem with the Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones app. It’s a simple ringtone app yet they still tap into your personal information. Why? we have no darn clue. Overall, the following concerns are why we scratch our heads at the Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones app:

  • The app can access your contact lists
  • It can access your accounts and even obtain your email address
  • The app can figure out your location and then share it with other people

Since the app doesn’t utilize any of this information we tend to assume that this app company possibly sells information to make additional money. Judging by the annoying pop-up ads they are trying to milk it for what it’s worth. So if you don’t want to give up your information to a random app company then don’t download the app, however, the songs are pretty cool if you’re willing to risk it.


Ultimately, the Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones for Android is a sleek and simple app that gives you exactly what it should. The only concerns we have is its permissions and ads, but the ads don’t bother us much. In our opinion, it’s a solid app that made us smile whenever we needed to wake up, although we probably won’t be keeping it on our phones since we don’t want any of our personal information to be sold to other companies or used without our permission.

One final thought: Many alarm apps let you transfer in your own music or tap into other music apps to generate your own songs, but this app does not.

Also, be sure to check our article on Alarm Clock App for more information!

If you like this app, we recommend that you pair it with a sleep cycle app to sleep well. Do let us know what you think of this app in the comment section below!

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