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Prank Call Apps for Android Help You Fake a Call From Any Number

Let’s face it.

An Android can pretty much do anything you want it to. So it’s no surprise there are some dedicated prank call apps for Android available. We have already covered some of the fake caller ID apps on our list, and this list will expand on that premise further.

Ever been stuck in a meeting so excruciatingly boring that you had to puke to get out?

We’ve all been there.

With one of these, it will be quite easy to run away from responsibility. I mean your boss can’t say no to President Obama now, can he?

On a serious note, you can get in trouble if you are ever caught, so I suggest you make your lies low key.

Note: The prank call apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps performed fine, and there was no trouble faced during testing. The pranks are only limited to your creativity, know-how, and evilness.

Best Prank Call Apps for Android

1. Fake call – prank

Best Fake Prank Call Apps - Fake call - prank

This is one of the simplest prank apps for Android I have tested. All you need to do is enter a number from which you will be getting a call. Set the timer to perfectly time that prank call and wait. You can even exit the app to make the incoming call seem all the more natural.

I advise that you put the smartphone on a table and in a clear view of the prank-receiver. This way they will not doubt you and your prank will go off without a hitch. One of the best things about the app is that you can actually “attend” the call if you so desire.

Download on Google Play

2. Fake Me A Call

Best Fake Prank Call Apps - Fake Me A Call

Don’t be freaked out by the icon of the app. The smiley face with dark circles seems like a serial killer in the making. However, the app is not that creepy, well unless you want it to be intentionally creepy.

Scheduling a fake prank call on your phone has never been easier. This app allows you to prank others by easily making sure you get a call whenever things get awkward. I can’t stand hospitals, so these prank apps do have some practical use for me. Not that I’m insensitive or don’t care, I just hate the smell of whatever they spray there.

This call actually got me Scott free from staying the night with my cousin just last week. Thankfully Dan called me back to do some important work *wink wink*.

Download on Google Play

3. Fake Call

Best Fake Prank Call Apps - Fake call

Just as its simple name implies, Fake Call is a simple prank call app for Android. The functionality is basically the same as the above apps, but there is one benefit to using this one over them. The app features no ads that are always present which is great for a prank app.

One app I tested showed ads right on the incoming call screen, immediately making itself useless. This app also runs smoothly on almost any device and features an easily maneuverable interface.

Download on Google Play

4. Fake Call – Fake incoming phone call Prank

Best Fake Call Apps - Fake Prank Call - Fake incoming phone call Prank

Have you told the cute girl that you are a spy and now need to prove it? Use this app to get a call from the president of the United States. Although this prank can only work in lame TV shows, it is still great for a few laughs.

All you need to do is set in a number, give a time when the call will come, and you are ready to roll. The app is very simple to use and comes with preinstalled numbers to make your pranks faster and easier.

The interface is not complicated at all, and the main menu gives you clear options. You can customize your incoming calls with ease and even set custom photos on the given numbers.

Download on Google Play

5. Fake call girlfriend prank

Best Fake Prank Call Apps - Fake call girlfriend prank

This app is essentially the same as the ones listed above. I tested around 20 apps which were identical for this list, but this one had the custom recording option. This recording option allows you to record a message yourself which will play when you receive the prank call.

This app is one of the most convincing prank call apps for Android because the other person can actually listen to the inaudible responses from your smartphone and get convinced. The app also has plenty of options for prank messaging as well.

On the downside, the app only allows you to fake a call from your girlfriend. Now, this will be useful if you want to boast about your imaginary girlfriend somewhere.

Download on Google Play

People Also Ask

Can I schedule fake calls?

Of course! There are Fake caller apps that let you schedule the time of the fake call.

Are Fake Calling apps for free?

There are Fake or Prank Calling apps that are 100% free. However, most include some advertisements.


While all of these great prank call apps for Android can work well on your Android, there is a slight chance that your prank will be spoiled. Like I said before, the apps are only limited to your creativity and the ability to keep a straight face. The keeping-the-straight-face part is really important for a prank to work perfectly. A slight twitch of a smile can ruin everything for you.

What are you going to do with these apps? Share some pranks in the comments below.

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