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4 Best Gaming Desk with LED Lights That Need to Be on Your Radar

When it comes to gaming, comfort is one of the most important factors. Without that, even if you have a top-tier gaming PC, it will not matter much. You can add various things to your gaming setup to elevate the comfort as per requirement. But, most of the comfort comes from the gaming desk. A gaming desk with great ergonomics is necessary, rather than a showpiece.

Technically, it has the responsibility of “shouldering” your gaming experience by holding the things that have a great deal of importance and meaning to you. That much of an important gaming desk is in your gaming PC setup.

If you are in the market looking for a reliable and sturdy gaming desk with all the modern features but are confused by the options, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. This article is about the best gaming desk with LED lights with great features that surely can satiate your gaming needs and elevate your experience. 

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Without any delay, let’s start with our list!

Top 4 Gaming Desk with LED Lights:

1. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk with LED – Y-shaped Gamer Desk (55”):

2. Seven Warrior L- Shaped Gaming Desk with LED Lights (50.4”):

3. CubiCubi Flame Gaming L-Shaped Desk Setup with LED Strips (51”):

4. Designa Gaming Desk with LED Lights (RGB) (60”):


Let’s Fold It:

Top 4 Gaming Desks with LED Lights:

1. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk with LED – Y-shaped Gamer Desk (55”):

gaming desk with LED lights

The Seven Warrior gaming desk with Y-shaped support is the first on our list. If you are looking for a desk that does not take up much of your space and possesses all the modern features, this gaming desk is the perfect choice for you. The seven warrior gaming desk with LED lights is filled with modern features, such as a carbon-fiber finish, which greatly helps to resist scratches and small damage. Also, carbon fiber is user-friendly for cleaning. With the help of a small cotton cloth, you can clean the table easily. 

This gaming desk comes with a full desk mouse pad, which makes it a more convenient place to put your keyboard and mouse, and ensures that everything is “fixed” in place. While gaming, the keyboard, and mouse tend to slip, making it super annoying. The full desk mousepad helps prevent that and fixes your accessories. 

Along with the full desk mouse pad, it also features a cup holder and a pair of headphone hooks. This really helps to save a lot of real estate on your desk, which you can use to place important things, such as a gaming controller, an audio mixer, or even a stream deck if you are a streamer. This also helps to keep the place clutter-free. 

If we are talking about saving space, it is important to know that this desk comes with a monitor mount, which saves you a ton of space and makes the cable management well manageable. The two USB ports, which you can use simultaneously for charging your gaming gadgets or accessories, and four built-in power outlet definitely helps to keep the desk from the mess of cables. 

Last but not least, the main character of the desk is the LED strips. The desk comes with two packs of LED light strips 23.6” (in total 47.2”) in length. Along with the LED strips, you will get 17 keys in the remote, which you can use to choose the best settings that match your setup. The LED strip has six color patterns with unlimited color combinations. It is safe to say that there will be a lot of RGB in your setup with this desk. 

You may have questions about the dimension and whether it fits your requirements. The table is 23.6”D X 55”W X 29.1”H, which is suitable for users who have a height of 6ft or above. If you want more inches, you can use the leg pads for a few height inches and set them as per the requirements. The desk can shoulder up to 400 pounds thanks to the steel frame and Y-shaped legs. 

The actual users are the best judge of any product about its functionality. The seven warrior gaming desk with LED lights – Y-shaped leg currently sits at 4.7/5 (523*) in Amazon. The table has three variants: 55 in, 47 in, and 60 in. 

*Total number of reviews on Amazon

2. Seven Warrior L- Shaped Gaming Desk with LED Lights (50.4”):

gaming desk with LED lights

What if you don’t have a lot of space in your room and are planning on a top-tier gaming PC setup, such as two-three gaming monitors, and all the audio and streaming equipment? This requires a lot of space which you lack, and a sturdy desk that can hold all your accessories and gadgets.

This is where the seven warriors’ L-shaped gaming desk with LED lights comes into the picture. The L-shaped surface is the main characteristic of this desk. You can choose either side, which is your primary or secondary. This desk is a perfect fit for any corner of your room and does not occupy much space. 

Same as the previously mentioned seven warriors gaming desk, it has all the best features. Such as, a carbon fiber surface for easy cleaning and anti-scratch is super helpful in the long run. A pair of headphone hooks and the cup holder keep the space neat and tidy and allow easy access without interrupting the existing accessories on the desk.

The built-in four outlets and the USB hub (two ports) greatly help manage cables. Since you have a lot of tech and gadgets, there are surely a lot of cables. These ports will definitely help the cables stay neat and tidy. 

With an L-shaped desk, you can put two L-shaped desks together and get a U-shaped workstation that perfectly fits all the accessories you need for your PC setup. But this setup requires a good amount of space in your room. If you don’t have that, then it’s totally fine to go with the L-shaped structure that surely gets the job done.

The desk dimensions are 50.4″ (L) x 18.9″ (W) x 29.6″ (H), and it can easily accommodate a person with a height of 6ft. The table can hold up to more than 400 pounds with its steel leg frame. 

As the last one, it does come with a pair of LED strips with a total length of 63 in. Same functionality, such as six color pattern with unlimited color combinations. You can adjust the contrast and other settings with the help of the remote control, which has 17 dedicated keys. 

The seven warrior L-shaped gaming desk with LED lights currently sits at 4.6/5 (2989).

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3. CubiCubi Flame Gaming L-Shaped Desk Setup with LED Strips (51”):

gaming desk with LED lights

You might wonder what the main difference is between this CubiCubi flame gaming L-shaped desk setup and the seven warriors L-shaped desk. There is not a lot of difference. The same features can be found in both the desks, such as carbon fiber surface, cup holder, and headphone hooks. 

There are two notable things when it comes to CubiCubi flame gaming L-shaped desk setup: a cable management deck where you place all your cable in the deck and make the space nice and tidy. Along with the cable management deck, you also get the power outlet, which can be super helpful in minimizing the cables.

The aesthetics of the desk is another differentiating factor. The flame-like orange running along the corners of the desk, diffused with the LED strip, can give out great lightning to your place. With the LED strip, you can perform three presets, simple, rhythm, and music modes and set which is the best fit for your gaming PC setup. With the CubiCubi gaming desk, you will get a monitor stand which helps to save more area on the table, which you can utilize for other accessories or gadgets. 

The desk dimensions are 51″D x 51″W x 29″H, which is suitable for a person with a height of 6ft. The desk can hold up to 400 pounds. Last but not least, the price is the main reason why CubiCubi flame L-shaped gaming desk with LED lights can be a great alternative to the seven warrior gaming desk.

CubiCubi gaming desk offers great value at an affordable price compared to seven warriors with some minor compromises. If you are looking for an L-shaped gaming desk with LED lights at an affordable price, then CubiCubi can be a good option to choose. 

Currently, the CubiCubi flame gaming desk sits at 4.4/5 (81) reviews on Amazon.

4. Designa Gaming Desk with LED Lights (RGB) (60”):

Designa gaming desk with LED lights is designed to cover a large area for holding all the necessary PC gaming accessories. The table comes at 60”, which is a sweet spot for a single, or even dual-monitor PC setup (with the help of a monitor arm or table). You can also place your keyboard, mouse, audio system, and even streaming devices.

The desk also features a headphone hook where you can rest your headphones and a cup holder to hold your drinks, making it easy for you to reach them whenever you need. This is not an L-shaped gaming desk, but the 60” does provide you with a lot of space and has the capability to hold more than 500 pounds thanks to its reinforced steel legs for support. It does come with a reliable mouse pad, which is designed in a way where cleaning is made easy.

When it comes to RGB LED lights, you have a monochrome design and gradient light show to match your preference. You can mix and match the settings with six color patterns and unlimited color combinations. Also, it has a memory feature, which works when you turn the lights again based on your last light settings. 

The desk dimensions are 61″L x 25″W x 30″H, which is suitable for a user with a height of 6ft. The only thing to note with this gaming desk is that it is pricey compared to other desks on the list. But the price is justified by the features and the reliability of the desk.

The Designa gaming desk with LED lights currently sits at 4.7/5 (125) on Amazon.


What size desk do I need for gaming?

Ergonomically speaking, the ideal size for a gaming desk is 50” L x 25”W x 30” H. This can vary depending on the sellers. It is recommended that you check the table’s height to ensure that you fit with the desk.

Is a corner desk better for gaming?

Yes, a corner gaming desk is ideal for gaming. A corner desk has the best ergonomics, which helps to reduce the probability of getting back pain in the long run.

How tall is a good gaming desk?

Anywhere between 25” and 35” is the ideal height for a good gaming desk. This allows a tall and short person to fit with the desk and a good gaming chair.

Closing Thoughts:

A good gaming desk provides good comfort and helps to reduce the chronic back pain from your long gaming sessions. Choosing the best gaming desk for your gaming PC setup can be quite confusing. This article hopes to provide in-depth information about the best gaming desk with LED lights available on Amazon.

Note that we assumed the gaming PC is placed under the desk for a single top style. But, it is possible to place the PC on the top without any issues. For more information or news about the latest trend in tech or gaming, stick with TechSamaritan!

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