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Going on a Ski or Snowboard Weekend Trip with Your Android

If you’re planning a winter, or even spring, trip to the slopes soon, you absolutely need to take your Android with you. From planning the trip in its early stages to organizing activities, and even leaving arrangements, your Android will do it all and more. All you need are the right tools to fit into your Android toolbox.

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I’ll guide you through all the important steps of your snowboarding or skiing trip, and tell you what apps are the best to use for your snow-filled journey. You don’t have to follow all these steps exactly; if you treat each one like a loose guideline, you’ll have a great ski or snowboard trip with your Android.

Preparing for Your Ski Resort Weekend Trip

Before you do anything else, it’s important to start preparing and planning. This means you need to:

  • Establish transportation
  • Reserve lodgings
  • Purchase/Rent gear
  • Research the area
  • Plan your time effectively

You can’t head down a mountain without knowing the layout first, and it’s the same with planning your entire trip in the first place. You don’t need to pencil in every minute of your ski resort weekend, but it helps to set some guidelines and get a general idea of how you want to spend your time.


Let’s start with some research.

1. Scope Out The Area

Before you can start skiing or snowboarding, you need to know what mountain or resort you want to tackle. This is where comes into play.


This app locates nearby, and nearly all worldwide ski resorts, and gives you as much information about them as possible. That information isn’t limited to just locations and business hours, but has routes, directions, and slope info too.

This isn’t the only app like this on the Play Store, but it’s one of the most downloaded, and well received. Download

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Once you’ve chosen a resort, now you need to figure out the easiest way to get there.

2. Traveling to Your Chosen Resort

If you’re going on a ski trip to a mountain nearby, it’s possible to drive, but in cases like mine, I’d need to fly to get anywhere within a day. If you’re driving, even Google Maps can help find the fastest route to your destination, but if you’re like me, you need to book a flight. Almost every airline has their own app, and the airline I use the most is Delta.


When planning a flight, it’s a good idea to get your tickets at a bare minimum of two weeks in advance. I like to plan flights a month or two ahead of time, but that’s up to you, and the date of your trip.


Delta’s app lets you book your flight, choose and edit your seats, and even guides you through the airport to make sure you never miss a connecting flight if you need one. If you’re flying Delta, it’s almost essential.

Fly Delta Download

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After you’ve booked a flight, unless you plan on making an igloo on the mountain, you need to reserve a place to stay.

3. Find a Place to Stay

Some resorts have lodging available or nearby, but you still need to reserve the space for yourself, and anyone else on the trip first. Thankfully, the app pairs with to make sure you find a nice location and rate for a room to rest your feet after a long day on the slopes.


Under the Accommodations tab in the app is a way to reserve space for you and your party at over 4,000 ski resorts worldwide. With both Android apps, your skiing or snowboarding trip is safe hands. Download

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4. Get Your Gear Ready

Most ski resorts have gear you can rent, but if you’re worried about rental fees, and sizing problems, it’s better to bring your own. If you’re flying to your resort, bringing snow gear of your own onto a flight is going to cost extra, but with Android, there’s at least a way to make sure your luggage isn’t lost.


With Tile and your Android, it’s easy to find anything, no matter how far away you are from it. You can see how it works here:

Tile is great for more than just luggage, but it makes for a great travel buddy on your ski or snowboard trip. If you buy any Tile products, download the app and make sure you never lose sight of your gear, or anything else again.

Tile Download

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Optionally, after your gear is set, plan what you’re going to do on the mountain before you get there. If you’re feeling a little more spontaneous, wait until your feet hit the snow to figure out where you’re going.

Making Your Trip One to Remember

Now that you’re all set for your ski resort trip, and your Android is coming along for the ride, how can you use it to make your trip even better? I can think of more than a couple of different ways, and maybe these will give you some ideas for a few more.

5. Pick Your Slopes

Your first time on a mountain is daunting, and without a proper guide, it’s downright intimidating. Thankfully, your Android has a few different ways to see you through your first time on a new mountain or discovering new routes on a mountain you’ve already conquered before.


The app I mentioned before, is good for this, but so is another app named OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report. This app shows you live feeds, uses GPS to track trails, and even lets you know when a resort gets fresh snow to cover the trails. If you already have one of these apps, it’s even worth it to get the other.

OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report Download

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With both of these apps under your belt, you’ll never be lost on any mountain.

6. Keep an Eye on Weather 

Both of the ski apps I’ve brought up so far both monitor the weather, but I haven’t touched on how important this is yet.


Keeping an eye on the weather isn’t only important before your trip, but it’s just as important during your trip. Thankfully, the two apps above do a great job at keeping track of temperature and inclement weather. However, if you still feel like you need another tool in your Android toolbox, Jollyturns Ski & Snowboarding is another great app that focuses on the weather.

Jollyturns Ski & Snowboarding Download

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7. Record Your Experience

This isn’t something that needs an app, or even any extra accessories, even though they help. While you’re out having fun, don’t forget to take a few pictures, or even record some videos. Sometimes just the act of taking a picture is fun so if you ever have some time, take a picture of something.

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8. Explore Your Surroundings 

When you aren’t on the mountain or staying at the resort, what else is around the area to occupy your time? Where can you go to eat once you’re done skiing for the day? Is there somewhere you can buy any extra gear if you need a replacement? If you still have your Android with you, why not ask Google what’s waiting around the corner?


Even if you don’t feel like using OK Google, or don’t have the option, as long as your Android has service, it’s easy to search for anything you want in the area, and then look it up on Google Maps to get to it.

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If there’s a ski resort in town, there’s probably fun things to see and do off the mountain as well as on it.


Hopefully, this has helped show you how many different ways your Android is useful on a ski or snowboard trip. This isn’t all your Android can do, but it’s at least a start that shows you the potential it must be one of your most useful ski resort tools.

Do you have any other Android ideas for a ski resort weekend? Please let us know in the comments below!

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