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Google Pixel Camera: 7 Tips And Tricks

We cannot deny the fact that when we buy a smartphone, we are mostly concerned about the camera. But, you do not have to worry about that with Google Pixel. Its best feature is said to be its camera. Well, to support that claim, let me tell you some features of the Google Pixel camera.

Its rear camera has 12.3 megapixels, without mentioning that it has a dual flash on its rear. Meanwhile, its front camera is 8 megapixels. In using the Google Pixel camera, there are certain techniques that you have to master to enjoy taking pictures with it.

Now, let us look for more tips, tricks, and hacks of your Google Pixel camera and get the best out of it!

1. Gesture Control

You might not know this, but you need to take advantage of the smart features of your Google Pixel because it does not have a physical home button.

Gesture control can be seen in the Settings menu under the “Moves” option. When you tap this option, you will find the following gestures that can ease and further enhance your use of the Google Pixel camera.

Gesture Control for Google Pixel Camera Hacks
Gestures you can use to control Pixel camera

Do you know that you can switch your rear camera to front camera just by a gesture?

  1. Open your camera app, twist your wrist twice.
  2. The camera will instantly switch from its rear camera to the front camera.
  3. If you want to switch back to its rear camera, twist your wrist twice again.

Jump to the camera with just a tap. Tap the power button twice and it will quickly open the camera.

If you want to utilize the gesture controls, you have to enable them by sliding the button on its side.

2. Reveal the Hidden Shooting Modes

Google Pixel Camera Tricks
Hidden modes in Google Pixel

Some smartphones have their shooting modes visible to their users, and shooting modes in Google Pixel camera are hidden. Do you know how to reveal the hidden shooting modes?

  1. Open the camera app.
  2. Swipe on the left edge of the display. Settings button and a list of modes will slide out.

The list of shooting modes for Google Pixel camera are:

  • Lens Blur
  • Photo Sphere
  • Panorama
  • Slow Motion

3. Automatically create GIF

If you do not know, the Google Pixel camera

GIF Creation for Google Pixel Camera
Create GIFs instantly
  1. Hold down on the shutter button to take multiple shots (burst mode).
  2. Lift your finger to end the continuous shots.
  3. Open the camera app setting.
  4. Look for the burst option.
  5. Enable the auto-generate creation settings.

Once you have enabled the settings, it will automatically turn the photos into an animated GIF. Check your Google photos, the newly created GIF should be there.

4. Volume Button

We all know that the volume button is a shutter release when you opened the camera app. Using the volume button to capture photos is a perfect feature for those who are fond of taking selfies. However, there are other smart features the Google Pixel camera offers.

Volume Button for Google Pixel Camera Hacks
Settings page in Google Pixel
  • Hold the volume button, it will capture a continuous series of shots (or burst mode).
  • You can change the camera settings and set the volume button for zoom.

Tweak the controls for the volume button. You can set it to control, shutter release, or nothing at all.

5. HDR+ for Photo Enhancement

HDR+ for Google Pixel Camera Hacks

In Google Pixel camera, the HDR+ mode is an impressive feature. However, there is a difference between HDR+ “on” and HDR+ “auto”.  Tap the icon above the screen if you want to utilize HDR+ “on”, HDR+ “auto”

HDR+ “on”: this mode works best for landscape shots. If you want to capture a scenic view, it is really appropriate to use HDR+ “on”.

HDR+ “auto”: the mode is best for everyday use. It allows the camera to take several shots at different exposures. It makes a better contrast, colors, and dynamic range because the images are combined in a single photo.

6. Unlock the full potential of your Google Pixel camera

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Look for the option back camera video resolution.
  3. Select UHD 4K.

You do not have to worry that the high-quality videos and pictures will take up your storage because Google Photos has unlimited storage.

7. Third-party camera application

You can manually control your camera with third-party apps. However, you will lose the HDR+ feature as the default application has the only capability to support the feature.

Look for the best android camera apps that would suit your taste.


How many megapixels is the Google Pixel Camera?

The Google Pixel Camera is the highest rated camera on DxO. It outperformed the score performance of iPhone 7 (86), Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC 10, and Sony Xperia X (87). The Google Pixel Camera scored 89 in the DxO tests.  It has 12.3 megapixel on its rear camera and 8 megapixels on its front camera.
It is set on its best mode HDR+ by default. Just like any camera settings, it has toggles for grid lines, flash, timer, and basic white balance. Capture the beauty of the scenario with Google Pixel Camera. If you want a smartphone other than Google Pixel, there are other best Android camera smartphones for aspiring photographers.

Does the Google Pixel have wireless charging?

Sadly, Google Pixel 1st Generation does not support wireless charging. However, the newer version of Google Pixel supports fast wireless charging. Furthermore, to have the fastest wireless charging speed, you have to own Google Pixel accessories. The Joy of Android has a list of the must-have accessories that you need if you own a Google Pixel smartphone.

Google Pixel 3

The new generation of Google Pixel.
You can get the latest Google Pixel 3 on Amazon. It has several camera improvements that made it to a tie with Apple iPhone XR. It both bag the title of the best single-lens camera for a smartphone.

Does Google Pixel have SD card slot?

Unfortunately, the Google Pixel Camera is not expandable. It does not have an SD card slot. However, Google made sure that the internal storage is enough for you. You do not have to worry if you take a lot of photos and videos with your Google Pixel Camera, your photos are automatically stored and organized in Google Photos.

Is Google Pixel worth it?

Absolutely! It is the best-rated smartphone camera released last 2016. It is already supported with Google Assistant that can help you with your daily needs, from weather forecasts to store finder. If you are looking for a smartphone with a high-quality camera, then Google Pixel is all worth the price. Its default shot is in HDR+ mode. The dynamic and depth of the captured photo are more than what Galaxy 7 and iPhone 7 can manage.
The excellence of Google Pixel Camera extends through video recording. It can take a shoot in 4K, you would expect the captured footage to be crispy, silky and smooth. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the photos and videos, because it will be automatically stored in Google Photos.
Are you wanting to have a Google Pixel smartphone? You can grab your own Google Pixel Camera on Amazon.

Wrapping up

No one can deny that the camera of a smartphone is a basic need for the consumer. It makes their top priority in buying a phone. We hope that the mentioned hacks, tips, and tricks have been a great help for a Google Pixel owner like you.

If you still do not own a Google Pixel smartphone, you can get it at Amazon. Google Pixel has several models right now, you can base your buying decision by reading through the article Google Pixel vs. Google Pixel XL.

Do you have any suggestions or hacks, tips, and tricks on hand that you can share with us? Leave your hacks, tips, and tricks below.

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