Google Pixel XL Microphone Not Working? Yours May Have Been Recalled

Hey, can you hear me now? If you’re on a Google Pixel XL, there’s a 1% chance that you can’t.

It’s recently come to light that least 1% (possibly more) of all previously manufactured Google Pixel XL’s need to be recalled because of a faulty microphone. While that’s only 1 in 100 Pixels affected, even that number is too high to ignore.

This isn’t the only problem that the Google Pixel has faced since its launch, but it’s the newest on top of the laundry list of issues to clean up. After discovery of the issue, Google has since come out and responded that Pixels manufactured in the last month won’t have this issue, and it’s advised to return your Pixel if you run into the problem.


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How do You Get a Working Google Pixel XL Again?

Considering how long the Google Pixel and Pixel XL have been commercially available, every owner of a new device will still have their warranty.

Google has stated prior that if you run into any issues, it’s best to return your phone to the retailer you bought it from. Since this isn’t an official Pixel recall on a large scale, the onus is on you to return it.

If you can’t do this, Google will process the return for you, but this will take up to two weeks, and leave you without a working phone for the entire duration of the return.

If you bought your Google Pixel from the Google Store originally, here’s the process for returning it. If you bought it new from somewhere else, and still have a warranty, the process differs slightly.

Open this troubleshooter and then go through the steps to see how to make claims on a warranty without it being a purchase from the Google Store.

For a Google Pixel XL bought outside of the Google Store you’ll need to talk to their support team first to verify your warranty, and the product.

Otherwise, please contact the retailer that you bought your Google Pixel XL from originally to secure a new Pixel XL that hopefully won’t have the same defect.

How Did This Problem Happen?

The actual science behind the issue is up in the air right now. Currently, it’s just being treated as a hardware error, while technically correct, it’s a vague and concerning answer.

Google has since come out and stated that new Pixels, mostly ones manufactured in the past month, won’t have this issue, but there’s no telling if that’s true.

Even the estimate that only 1% of Google Pixel XL’s being affected is a ballpark number, and could very well be much larger.

If you’re an unfortunate owner of a Google Pixel XL with a faulty microphone, hopefully this small recall will put a working one in your hands again.

Will Newer Google Pixels be Affected?

Google has stated when the issue was first brought to their attention that no Google Pixel XL’s will have this microphone problem in the future, and all we can do is hope that’s true.

With this kind of hardware problem there’s nothing you can do to fix it yourself unless you know the Pixel inside and out.

The Google Pixel still has plenty of problems on its own, so hopefully each day will only bring more fixes, and not more issues for the flagship device.

This is by no means the biggest Android recall we’ve seen in the past few years, but it’s still one that’s worth talking about, and remembering for the future.

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While this isn’t a massive Pixel recall, Google has acknowledge the problem, and encourages all Pixel XL owners to return their phones to receive a working one as soon as possible. All new Google Pixel XL’s should still be within warranty, so if you’ve run into this microphone problem, please act on your warranty and get a replacement.

If you need any more help trying to replace your phone, please ask any questions you have down below.

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