The Google Play Store Not Working? Try Out These Methods!

Even though Google has some of the best servers around, you still can sometimes find the Google Play Store not working for you.

This has happened to me on numerous occasions, and almost every time there’s a different reason for the Google Play Store not working. Fortunately for you, I have amassed a bunch of ways to tackle this very problem, so you don’t have to go through the same irritation and frustration that I have.

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It can be a major pain when the Google Play Store isn’t working, especially when you are in need of a new app, but usually the issue is very minor and can be fixed with just a few steps.

Here are some of the methods that you can try to eliminate the problem:

1. Check WiFi

Google Play Store Not Working? Try Out These Methods! | Joy of Android
Wi-Fi Settings

Yes, this actually happened to me once. I was trying to access the Google Play Store, but my Wi-Fi was not turned on. So the first step is to actually make sure your Wi-Fi is working. Not only that, also make sure that internet is running as well.

2. Turn Wi-Fi Off

Google Play Store Not Working? Try Out These Methods! | Joy of Android
Wi-Fi Toggle

The next step is to turn the Wi-Fi off. Wait a few seconds and then turn it back on. Sometimes there is a wireless network error that doesn’t allow you to access certain websites or the internet. Restarting Wi-Fi usually gets rid of it.

3. Use Mobile Data

Google Play Store Not Working? Try Out These Methods! | Joy of Android
Data Network Toggle in Quick Settings

If you have mobile data, check to see if the Google Play Store is accessible using mobile data. If it still not working, this means that your Wi-Fi is not the culprit at all.

4. VPN

Although using a VPN on your smartphone or tablet is a good way to ensure you have an extra bit of security, sometimes it can hinder access to important apps. For the time being, stop the VPN working in the background if you have it running, and see if you can access Google Play Store.

We also recommend that you check out the best VPN apps for Android (some VPN apps are even free!) to get great services without interrupting your access to your favorite apps.

5. Airplane Mode

Google Play Store Not Working? Try Out These Methods! | Joy of Android
Airplane Mode Toggle in Quick Settings

In a similar fashion, you can also try to switch airplane mode on and off. A lot of people on the forums around the Internet have reported this method working well for them. As it’s fairly simple one, it is worth a shot.

6. Restart

Google Play Store Not Working? Try Out These Methods! | Joy of Android
Restart Menu

If all of the above methods don’t work out for you, try restarting your smartphone. This is the universal rule of getting rid of any kind of problems you have on an electronic device. Restarting the device usually gets rid of any temporary errors.

7. Date and Time

Google servers are constantly being synced with your local day and time on your smartphone or tablet. So if your time and date is a little bit off, the Google servers may have problems synchronizing it all.

This usually happens when you manually change the time on your device and don’t enable the automatic option. If you have done that, go back into settings and adjust the time and date. Selecting the automatic option is the best way to go but if you cannot do that, set the time as accurately as you can.

This method can also be used on PCs that are having trouble opening the Google Play Store.

8. Cache Cleaning

Google Play Store Not Working? Try Out These Methods! | Joy of Android
Storage Settings

Android usually stores some cached data to speed up the user experience. This can also help your Android device to reduce data usage and improve load up times for your apps. However, sometimes there is a lot of data stored, it can act up a little bit.

So head over to Settings > Apps. From there, search for Google Play Store and tap on it. You’ll see a new screen with the option of “Clear Cache”. Press that button and the cache will be wiped.

9. Data Deletion

Google Play Store Not Working? Try Out These Methods! | Joy of Android
Cached Data

If clearing out the cache didn’t work, you may need to take it a step further. The same menu that you accessed by going into Settings > App Manager > Apps > Google Play Store, you’ll find the option of deleting app data.

You’ll see the option marked as “Clear Data”, all you need to do is press the button. This will wipe out all the data and basically make the app as stock as it can be. Don’t worry, once you log back in, it will pick up everything you left automatically.

10. Uninstall

Technically, there is no actual option of uninstalling Google Play Store. Even though there is an option of “Uninstall”, it basically uninstalls every update you’ve done to the app. As it is a system app, you cannot completely delete it from the system.

Head over to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and click on the “Uninstall Updates” button. This will uninstall any updates you’ve done to the app. Don’t worry though, they will be downloaded again.

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Play Time

Hopefully, by using these methods you have already solved the problem of the Google Play Store not working on your device.

Here’s another tip: all of these methods can be used for pretty much any other app, too. So Facebook or Instagram is refusing to work, you can try some of these methods to get them working again too. You can also try completely deleting then reinstalling any app that isn’t labeled as a “System App.”

We cannot pinpoint exactly what goes behind the scenes whenever Google Play Store stops working, so please tell us which method worked out for you. It is always good to know which method works for most people when it comes to troubleshooting such an arbitrary problem.

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