The Battle of the Best Router Systems: Eero, Orbi, and Google

Google WiFi vs Eero vs Orbi: the Battle of the Home Mesh Router Systems | Joy of Android
Home mesh router systems keep the whole house connected.

WiFi has made it possible to be connected anywhere. However, there are instances wherein a large area would have dead zones.

While a conventional router can be used, it won’t be effective in homes that have numerous walls and multiple floors. A reliable mesh router system is needed in this case. Mesh routers does away with WiFi dead zones by broadcasting WiFi signals from multiple access points.

This system has one point that’s linked to the modem while the other points or satellites are scattered around the area. They capture the signal and rebroadcast it, thereby ensuring that you can connect to the internet wherever you are.

There are other benefits to using a home mesh router system. For one, it is easily managed via a mobile app. You can scan internet speeds, cut of the connection to specific networks, and connect to smart home devices. What’s more, you can manage this even when you’re away from home.

A mesh router also has a streamlined connection and comes with good security support.

Mesh routers are relatively new, but several companies have already made a mark in the industry, like the Eero, Google WiFi, Linksys, Luma, Netgear and Plume.

So which home mesh system is the best for you? Read on to see how Google WiFi, Orbi, and Eero stack up.

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Google Wifi

Google Wifi Router
Google WiFi has one of the most beautiful mesh routers.

Google has always been on the forefront of innovation, and the home mesh router market is no exception. Google WiFi is one of the first mesh kits to rollout in the market and despite its age, the device can still handle large homes with an impressive performance.

The company’s Google WiFi set boasts of three satellites dubbed “WiFi points.” Each point has a range of 1,500 square feet. Put together, the three points cover 4,500 sq.ft.

Each device comes with a quad-core Arm CPU, 4GB of eMMC flash memory, 512MB RAM, an AC1200 (2×2) 802.11ac and 802.11 mesh circuitry and Bluetooth radio.

Google Wifi also utilizes beamforming technology, which routes the devices automatically to the strongest signal available. Is Google WiFi good for streaming Netflix and Hulu? Absolutely! Users can stream 4K videos even in areas that typically struggle with wifi coverage, like the basement.

Gamers will also have no problems with playing Overwatch or Fortnite simultaneously, thanks to the device’s traffic prioritization feature.

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When you compare the Google mesh WiFi vs Orbi, you’ll find that Google Wifi can be set up much easier and more quickly than Orbi.

The Google mesh router also has a highly intuitive app that lets users manage each point, test speeds, and set up guest networks.

Google Wifi App Screens
The Highly Intuitive Google Wifi App

Download on Google Play

It runs on both Android and iOS and also has some of the best security features in the business, with encrypted firmware that’s regularly updated and TPM for authentication.

The Google WiFi is also a beautifully designed device, with each point shaped like a hockey puck. It’s also one of the more affordable home mesh router systems, with a three router kit coming in at less than $260 and individual routers priced under $100.

Bottom Line:

  • Color: White
  • Form: Round
  • Interface: Mobile application
  • Maximum Coverage Area (Theoretical): 4,500 sq.ft
  • Parental Controls: None
  • Smart-home Integration: IFTTT, Philips Hue

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Netgear Orbi

Netgear Orbi System
Netgear Orbi routers have set high standards.

Netgear has been in the router business for a while now and its second-generation Orbi mesh systems are setting the pace in terms of range.

It also boasts great performance and a reliable backchannel that smoothly feeds data to its extensions.

There are several Orbi models to choose from. All are easy to set up via the Orbi mobile app or online interface for Macs and PCs.

Neatgear Orbi App Screenshots
Neatgear Orbi App Screenshots

Download on Google Play

But what is the max range of Netgear Orbi? The RBK40 can also easily over a 4,000 sq ft area, and for areas of about 5,000 sq ft, the RBK50 can easily do the job.

Adding another router will garner another 2,000 sq ft of coverage, and you can fill in any dead zones with the RBK30 Wall Plus Satellite.

Netgear Orbi RBK50
Netgear Orbi RBK50

When comparing the Google Wifi vs Orbi RBK40 in terms of size, the RBK40’s 8.0 x 6.4 x 3.1 inches easily dwarfs the Google WiFi pucks. However, the four LAN ports more than makes up for its size.

Netgear Orbi RBK40
Netgear Orbi RBK40

There’s also a major difference in Google Wifi vs Orbi speed, with the latter outpacing the former. But price-wise, the two devices are pretty much the same, with a two-pack Orbi kit coming in at $281.

If you break the Google WiFi vs Orbi vs Luma by design, the Orbi is a veritable tower compared to the two. Despite the size, the oval cross-sectioned design has a sleek look to it.

Each unit has color-coded LEDs that indicates what’s happening to the device. When it’s stating up, the Orbi glows white around the oval and blue when all systems are good. A weak connection turns it amber and a magenta color means you have lost your internet connection.

Bottom Line:

  • Color: White
  • Form: Tower
  • Interface: Browser, mobile application
  • Maximum Coverage Area (Theoretical): 4,000 sq.ft
  • Parental Controls: Available
  • Smart-home Integration: Alexa

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Eero mesh systems are easy to set up.

Most mesh router systems are usually easy to set up, and the Eero is one of the simplest ones to set up.

The company boasts that you can have their system running in a few minutes and countless reviewers have testified to that. That’s not surprising, coming from one of the first companies to release a consumer-grade mesh router system.

Setting up the Eero just requires that you connect it to your modem using an ethernet cable. Once that’s done, just wait for the indicator light to turn blue and then follow the instructions on the app.

You can also manage every network, create a guest one, or test internet speeds through its beautifully designed mobile app. The app will guide you through the whole process using easy to understand instructions.

eero Plus App Home Screen
Eero App Home Screen

Download on Google Play

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The most popular Eero home wifi system comes with three units – a router and two beacons.

However, Eero also offers a system with one of each and one with three Eero Routers, as well as individual routers and beacons to help you configure your home mesh router system the way that you want it.

Eero and Eero Beacons
Eero and Eero Beacons

The Eero router measures 4.76 x 4.76 x 1.26 inches and is white with a high-glossed top and matte edges.

It’s powered by a 1GHz dual-core CPU, an AC1200 WiFi circuitry, and five internal antennas that all work together to ensure stable and fast connection throughout the area.

Each Eero Beacon measures 4.76 x 2.91 x 1.18 inches with a similar design to the Eero router and has a built-in LED nightlight.

Eero Beacon
Eero Beacon

The Eero is a tri-band mesh router system with a specific band for communication between devices. It provides a fast and smooth network even at longer ranges because of its dedicated communication band.

The system can also utilize as many beacons as needed.

The system is also known for the lengths it goes to to ensure data is safe. Eero has its own firewall so the user doesn’t need to run a separate one.

But does Eero work with a hardware firewall? Absolutely.

Eero Plus just provides an additional layer of security that secures all the devices you use at home. But the system will still work even without it as it will continue to receive crucial security updates.

The device’s name was chosen as homage to Eero Saarinan, noted architect and industrial designer. It’s a well-chosen one too, as the Eero is one of the best designed mesh routers around.

The system is a bit pricey though, as a three-pack comes in at around $370, but the price tag is well worth it.

Bottom Line:

  • Color: White
  • Form: Shaped like a hockey puck (square)
  • Interface: Mobile application
  • Maximum Coverage Area (Theoretical): Unlimited
  • Parental Controls: Available
  • Smart-home Integration: Alexa

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Some Final Advice

You don’t have to deal with internet dead zones or a sluggish internet connection. A good mesh router will be able to boost your home’s Wifi signal, ensuring that every nook and cranny is covered.

All you need to do is decide which system to get. Compare Google Wifi vs Eero vs Netgear Orbi before making a decision.

Rest assured that whichever device you choose, all those products have been optimized to handle whatever life throws at them.

So which system do you think is best for you – Google WiFi, Eero or the Netgear Orbi? Are you satisfied with its performance?

Ask your questions and tell me about your experiences in the comments. Then share this article with your friends and family and help them decide on the best home mesh system for them.

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