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4 Best GPS Tracker for Kids in 2023

Parents want children to grow up safely at every stage of their lives. Considering how easily unscrupulous people can lure them, their safety is always a concern. A GPS Tracker is the perfect safety companion for all parents who want to keep an eye on their children from anywhere.

If you are a new parent looking for the best GPS tracker, which is reliable and works even in remote and emergency situations, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll briefly walk you through the basics of GPS and then show you the best GPS trackers available in the market right now. Even if you are just looking for smartwatches for kids with GPS, give this article a read. You will be able to make a wise decision after reading it

GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes – A Detailed Buying Guide

What does GPS Tracking mean?

GPS (Global Positioning System) This device is used to track or analyze a person’s location, or you can also use it to find a lost object.

The purpose of this technology for children is that there are reports of missing children every day.  With this technology, you can easily find and save the place of missing children. You can track your children’s movement using the GPS Tracker in the shoe.

Before the invention of the GPS, everyone was trying to find their lost children, and some were unsuccessful because they had no reliable way to find them.   An incident happened on the New York Subway in 2015. A 17-year-old boy with autism went out on his own and walked into the subway in New York. He had one of the trackers on this list (AngelSense) and was found safely.

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How to Find the Best GPS Tracker for Your Kids?

There are four things to remember before purchasing GPS Trackers for kids’ shoes. First, you must check if it shows the exact location. As you can see, it shows the same location. You can run a small test, store it somewhere and try to find the particular place where you saved it. Another is how resilient kids want to enjoy the moment of their lives. They may not realize that they carelessly put it in water, so you need to check if it is a waterproof tracker. The third important thing is battery life if the kids take longer trips. You cannot monitor your children if the battery life is less than half.  The last one is for you to check whether it is light for children or harder for their movement.

Best Kids GPS Trackers in 2023

Jiobit – GPS Tracker for Kids shoe

GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes - Jiobit
Image Source: AMAZON

You can quickly attach a Jiobit GPS Tracker to your shoelace. It is the smallest of all GPS Trackers, weighing 0.8 ounces and measuring 1.96 x 1.45 x 0.47 inches. What does Jiobit use to track location? It uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and mobile data to track your kids. It can work on both Android and iOS. When connected to the parents’ smartphones, it shows the exact location of their children.


Battery lifeten days
Warranty1 Year
DescriptionNot for children under three years
Water-resistant IPX8 rating


  • It works in 158 countries.
  • The location is accurate.


  • If you only have a subscription, it will deliver your child’s location to your phone. (please word this differently, does it require a subscription?)
  • No call options, and you can’t recall your search history.

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AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker for Kid’s shoe

GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes - Angelsense
Image Source: AMAZON

This GPS Tracker is most probably for children with autism or special care, with a speakerphone with an auto answer. The main two functions are the SOS button and two-way communication. This notifies when children come to school once and when they leave. 


Tracking Unlimited Distance
Rage UpdatesEvery 10 seconds
Battery Life4 hours
Warranty1 Year


  • AngelSense GPS Tracker-specific features allow incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Alert received based on arrival time and speed.


  • The monthly price is expensive.
  • It sometimes takes a while to update your location.

Tracki GPS Trackers for Kids shoe

GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes - Tracki
Image Source: AMAZON

It is a lightweight GPs Tracker for kids. It uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular to give you an accurate location. If your child is inside and you don’t have a clear signal. In this case, it uses Wi-Fi to determine the exact location. Another feature of this Track GPS Tracker is to display a comprehensive view of the street. It provides tracking details every one to five minutes.


Battery lifefive days
Item Weight 1.23 Ounces
Dimension1.81×1.5×0.9 inches


  • The battery is rechargeable. 
  • It provides the latest location updates for your child.


  • Monthly payment is required.
  • Sometimes, the updated features do not work correctly.

GeoZilla GPS Tracker for Kids’ Shoes

GPS Tracker for Kids' Shoes - GeoZilla
Image Source: AMAZON

To use this GPS Tracker, you must install the Geozilla app on your iOS or Android. It is small and light, weighing 30 grams and measuring 47mm x 41mm x 17mm. It alerts you when the wrong location is the actual destination. It uses Google Maps to display the site.


Battery lifeUp to 5 days
Data Plan30 days Free
Location update60-sec


  • It is easy to carry.
  • You can use the SOS button for a quick emergency alert.


  • Not water resistant. 
  • For the Premium version, the limit is only three days.
  • Connection is rarely lost.

GPS Tracker for Kids – Let us Compare

ProductSpecial Features Supported ApplicationTwo-Way Talk FeatureApp for using this product.

It serves not only to monitor children but also to find missing things.


It is used for special children to monitor them when they get out.

Alarm and GPS

Portable waterproof  AlarmNo
The battery is rechargeable. AlarmNo

From the above table, Angelsense GPS Tracker Only has a two-way talk function which makes the product one step ahead of the other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a GPS Tracker be blocked?

Yes, there are two reasons why GPS Tracking stops working: Climate, which interrupts the signal, and a metal box can also block the signal.

2. What signals do GPS Trackers use?

It uses the Global Navigation Satellite System. Using Microwave signals for transmission, it transmits microwave signals to GPS devices to provide accurate locations for your children.

3. What is the purpose of Geofencing?

Geofencing uses GPS or another mobile phone to alert the user when a child leaves or enters a descriptive zone.

 4. How many types of GPS trackers are there?

Passive, Semi-passive, and Active are three types of GPS. The difference between passive and active GPS is that inactive only records where you are in the morning but actively gives the exact location.

5. What is the difference between Bluetooth and GPS Tracker?

It tracks and provides accurate and updated sites via satellite. Bluetooth will check in the shorter range and only connect to the activated device. Compared to GPS Tracker, it is cheaper but has a limited tracking area.

Keep your Kids Safe

Every day when we see the newspaper, 2-3 children are missing or lost from their parents in a vast crowd or are kidnapped.  GPS saves many children from the mall or park even when they are lost. Some people use this technology to find small items like keys, and besides this, GPS Tracker plays a significant role in protecting children. Choose the best GPS trackers for your children and take comfort in their safety.

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