9 Ways to Make an Old Android Phone Useful Again

Every year, manufacturers come out with a newer handset model of Android smartphones and tablets. While we find this good for the consumers like us, the problem is, this causes a stock of old Android devices being rendered useless.

If you’re thinking of getting a new phone, you might want to first consider what to do with your old phone. Practicality dictates that you sell it but instead of selling it for less, try these other practical, useful, and meaningful ways to repurpose your old phone.

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Why Not Sell Your Old Android Phone?

Even if you can get a good deal selling your old Android device, we would highly recommend keeping it with you as you can do so much with it. Here are the reasons why you should avoid selling your phone.

  • Avoid losing money on selling your Android device.
  • Use your phone to do all sorts of risky stuff that you’re afraid to do on your regular Android phone.
  • Save a lot of money by turning your old Android device into something productive, such as a PC, a security camera or a wireless mouse.

9 Ways to Make an Old Android Phone Useful Again

If you have an Android phone that you’re not using anymore and is collecting dust lying around waiting for its demise, then here are 9 practical and useful ways to repurpose your old phone.

1. Turn Old Android Phone into Security Camera

how-to-turn-old-phone-to home-camera-security-cctv-android-wi-fi-wireless

One of the most useful ways to turn an old Android device into something useful is by using it as a security camera (CCTV) device.

It’s quite easy to turn a smartphone into a security camera, all you need is a proper app for the job.

We recommend Alfred Home Security Camera app.

How to turn your old phone into a home security camera (CCTV)

You can download it from the Google Play store.

To learn more on how to turn an old Android phone into a security camera, click here.

2. Turn Old Android Phones into Wireless Trackpad & Controller

Another useful trick that can repurpose the life of your old Android phone is by turning it into a wireless trackpad with a touchscreen display.

Similar to the first one, all you need is the proper app to do the job. There are a lot of apps on the Google Play store that can do the trick. All you need is to try each app and find that one that works perfectly for you.

3. Turn it into a Universal Wireless Smart Remote

If you have a smart TV or a plain TV with a Google Chromecast attached to it, you can turn your old Android phone into a dedicated wireless smart remote and entertainment navigation system.

If you want to turn it into a dedicated smart remote, you need the corresponding app that works for your smart TV. All you have to do is to read the user manual of your TV and look for which app to use it with. Then download the app from the Google Play store.

If you want to turn it into an entertainment navigation system, make sure to pair your old Android phone with your Google Chromecast via the Google Home app.

You can download the Google Home app from the Google Play store.

4. Convert it into a Digital Photo Frame

Another practical use for an old Android smartphone that’s collecting dust is to turn it into a digital photo frame displayer.

To do this, all you need is the correct app to do the job. We recommend Fotoo – Digital Photo Frame Photo Slideshow Player app.

Fotoo - Digital Photo Frame Photo Slideshow Player

This app will let you play your photos seamlessly from both photo gallery and cloud services such as Google Photos, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, local network (Samba/SMB) and more.

Fotoo - Digital Photo Frame Photo Slideshow Player

You can download the app from the Google Play store.

5. Use it as a Dedicated E-Reader


Another perfect use for an old dusting Android phone or tablet is using it as an e-reader. An e-reader or as some calls it e-book reader, is a mobile electronic device that can read digital e-books.

There are a lot of apps available for this job. One particular app that’s popular for providing e-reader features is the Amazon Kindle app.

Amazon Kindle App
Amazon Kindle App

The app is readily available for download from the Google Play store.

Other than the Amazon Kindle app, another popular e-reader app that provides a wide selection of digital e-book is the Moon+ Reader.

Moon+ Reader
Moon+ Reader

This app also is designed to provide and imitate the experience of reading a real book. You can download the app from the Google Play store.

6. Turn it into a Smart Dash System for your Car

If you’re not aware, Google has designed an app for car use and it’s called Android Auto. The Android Auto app is a smart driving companion app that aims to help drivers stay focused, connected, and entertained with the Google Assistant.

You can download the app from the Play store.

We also recommend having a phone holder to hold your phone while driving and using the Android Auto features.

Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle

We recommend the Beam Electronics Smartphone Holder. This holder features a 360-degree rotation and ensures safe driving whether you are talking, navigating, listening to music or charging.


7. Use it for Personal Testing Purposes

If the Android operating system fascinates you or you want to learn the technical and complex side of the Android world, why not turn your old Android device into your own personal testing device.

As long as you don’t have any emotional attachment to your device, you can use them to practice or learn about Android rooting, installing custom ROM, or disassembling and upgrading hardware components.

There are more to learn than just using your phone as your daily driver. You’ll also be amazed by the things that you can do once you get the hang of Android.

8. Sell The Phone or Tablet

If you really can’t find any practical use for your old Android phone or tablet despite our recommendations above, then the last thing you can do with it is to sell it to make a couple of bucks out of it.

You can then use the money for other purposes.

9. Donate It

If your phone is really old, has no value, and you can’t find anyone interested enough to buy it from you. To a point that even an ATM Smartphone Recycler will not give you any money for it. Why not consider donating it?

There are charities out there that are willing to accept old smartphones as a donation and repurpose them for the elderly. While some charities accepts it to promote a safer community.

Repurposing Old Android Phones

If you got yourself a new phone, it’s easy to ditch the old one. Most of us would probably leave it inside a drawer until we forget about it. In terms of practicality, some will sure sell them to make a couple of bucks.

Before purchasing a new phone for yourself, we recommend considering your old one for other purposes.

There are a lot of ways you to give a newer meaning and purpose for your old device. The ones that we listed here are those that we find practical and useful in our daily lives.

We hoped that we have ignited your interest in giving your old Android phone a newer meaning. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, do let us know in the comment sections below!

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