HD Wallpapers for Android App Review

HD Wallpapers for Android App Review (Android)

The most eye-catching aspect of your Android device is the wallpaper. If it is not good, you will immediately know something is off. The HD Wallpapers for Android is an app which can help you find amazingly looking wallpapers for your smart phone and that too with ease.

I listed the app in the best wallpaper apps for Android list almost a year ago. Little has changed since then, the interface is still the same and so are the little bugs I encountered. The only encouraging thing about the HD Wallpapers for Android app is that it constantly gets new wallpapers. The review as you can imagine is not going to be amazing.

The Good

There are a lot of wallpapers for you to choose from. There are no logos or watermarks on the wallpapers as well. I really hate watermarked images as they are distracting and downright annoying. The wallpapers are of good quality as well. I really like the one touch wallpaper application button. It makes things a lot easier if you are in a hurry to change your wallpaper.

The Bad

There are a lot of things which I dislike about the app. While I did list it as a good wallpaper app for Android, that part I stand by because the wallpapers are the best thing about the app. What I hate is the old and crummy interface. The pictures which are “loaded” are extremely blurry. But thankfully when you apply the wallpaper they look high resolution. There are just no options to refine searches as well. The saved pictures are not exactly saved on your phone.

The Bottom Line

Get the HD Wallpapers for Android app if you don’t care about advanced options. If you only want a good selection of images for your Android device, this is a great app for you. This app fails to provide deeper customizations, well let me rephrase that, this app has no customization options whatsoever. So if you are seeking a well optimized and well-polished app, this is definitely not the app you are looking for.

Setting It Up

There is literally nothing advanced about this app. You simply have to go to the Google Play app page and click on install. The app will be downloaded and installed automatically. From there you can go to your app drawer and launch the app.


There are no welcome screens, no tutorials and absolutely no guide for you. You will be dropped right on the main screen which is indecently one of the few screens you will get to see.


The interface is one of the ugliest things I have seen. It works ok for the selection but it can be improved immensely with very little effort. For one the categories are good but I would have liked sub-categories as well. There should also be a search function on a wallpaper app.

If you want to search for a particular car, you are out of luck sir! There is no way you can track down a specific image.


Tap on a category and you will be taken to a lot of thumbnails with no name whatsoever. The thumbnails are of abyssal quality and look really bad on a high resolution display.


Once you select a picture the app will try to load it. But it never loads properly. Remember the old times of dial-up connections? Yep they are back with this app.


The controls are kept simple and are somewhat intuitive. Thankfully the app doesn’t skimp on controls and provides natural ones.

Load an image and you can swipe to the next one just like in your gallery. This is not as elaborate as an actual gallery app for Android but it does come close.


There are persistent buttons on the bottom of each image which allow you to set the image as wallpaper or save it.

The saved images are not saved on the device though; they are stored in a separate section on the app. This is another design flaw which is unforgivable.

Image Quality

Thankfully the image quality of the app is far from the actual app quality. I was afraid that the wallpapers themselves will turn out to be bad but that was not the case at all.

Once you set an image, the app puts a high quality one as your wallpaper. I would actually like to see high quality images in the app but alas that is not the case with this app.


I tried a few wallpapers myself and all of them had that crisp high resolution feel to them. So the image quality is of top tire at least.


The app doesn’t ask for anything from your side. This is somewhat of a relief to me. Usually shady apps come with this quality of interface but thankfully this app is not one of them. The only thing HD Wallpapers for Android accesses is the internet connection, apart from that nothing is disturbed on your Android device.

The fact that the app is even not capable of storing images on internal storage makes it one of the safest wallpaper apps out there.

If I was the developer of this app, which by the way is quite popular, I would take drastic measures to change the interface. If the product is amazing and the shop is not, many customers will not even enter it. This same analogy applies to apps as well. HD Wallpapers for Android is a very capable app with a large selection of high quality wallpapers but I highly doubt that I will be visiting it myself anytime soon. If you have any questions or concerns about this app in question, feel free to sound them off in the comments below. I will try to address them as soon as I am able to.

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