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How To Hide “Last Seen” WhatsApp Status On Android

Instant messaging is quite popular on the Android OS, and after the Blackberry messenger, IM fever hit the Android OS and the iOS. Whatsapp is possibly one of the most used Android apps in the world and it lets you send instant messages, voice notes and files. With over 100 million downloads on Android, Whatsapp doesn’t give much for users to complain about and it works fine with most Android smartphones. However, there is one slight problem that bothers some Whatsapp users.

While Whatsapp is great for finding out about your friends and talking to them, some users think it gives out too much information about the user. If you use Whatsapp, you have noticed that you can see when a contact was last online. The app displays a “last seen” tag on every contact so that you know exactly when the contact was last online. This could cause some issues between friends if, for example, you did not reply to a particular contact but you were “last seen” by that friend a couple of minutes ago. For iOS users, turning this off takes a couple of seconds as the iOS Whatsapp app has an option to turn off the “last seen” step. This article shows you how to get rid of the message on your Android device.

Method: Manually Hiding The Last Seen Status

This method focuses on how you can manually hide the Last Seen status on Whatsapp. This works exactly like the first 2 methods, but you don’t need to install any third party apps.

Step 1

Disable your WiFi or mobile network connection on your Android device.

disable wifi

Step 2

Launch Whatsapp with the internet connection turned off.

whatsapp without internet

Step 3

You can now send and  read messages normally.

Step 4

After you are done sending and reading messages, you need to exit Whatsapp.

Step 5

Now, enable your WiFi or mobile network connection. Whatsapp should now send all your messages in the background without showing your last seen time.

enable wifi

Step 6

You will need to redo steps 1 to 5 if you want to hide the last seen status the next time you use Whatsapp.


Hiding your Last Seen status on Android is a bit more complicated process than on iOS. However, if you follow the steps correctly for whichever method you choose, you should be able to do the same on Android. While the manual method is easier and doesn’t require third part apps, the first 2 methods take less time if you want to hide your Last Seen status regularly while using Whatsapp.

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