How to Backup the Samsung Galaxy A5

How to Easily Backup Everything Samsung Galaxy A5

Backing up your phone is necessary if you want your data to stay secure. Thankfully, on the Samsung Galaxy A5, there are multiple ways to save your data. Not all of these ways will require additional downloads, but most of them will. If you’d like to make a full backup of all your phone’s data, it’s recommended that you root.

You can still backup most of the essentials without a rooted phone, but you can’t truly save everything if you don’t have complete control. From apps, websites, mystic rituals, and the mystery that is the cloud; I’ll cover it all.

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Method 1: Built-in Backup Features

First, let’s tackle the Samsung Galaxy A5’s built in features. With the help of the mysterious Google cloud, and your Samsung account, you can backup:

  • System settings
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Some app data
  • DRM free music

1. Let’s start with your settings first. To do this, you’ll need to navigate to, funny enough, your Settings first. This can be done from anywhere.

2. Under Personalization (Or User and backup), tap Backup and reset. You’ll need to be signed into your Google Account if you weren’t already.

a5 backup and reset

3. Once on this new menu, tap Backup account to be shown a list of boxes to check, or leave empty. On this page is everything you can select to have automatically backed up periodically, or as soon as you tap Backup my data.

a5 backup data

4. To backup contacts, go to Apps, and then Contacts.

5. In Contacts, tap Settings, and then Merge accounts. This can be done with either a Samsung or Google account.

If you’d rather backup your contacts to a SD Card, you can do this too:

  • Tap Apps
  • Go to Settings from Apps, and then go to Applications.
  • Tap Contacts, then Contacts to display, and then All contacts
  • Tap Import / Export and then Export SD card

Then tap OK to confirm your choice.

6. Next, I’ll cover moving media to either the SD card, or a PC. Starting with the SD card first, tap Apps and go to My Files. If there is no SD card inserted, it’s a good idea to purchase and insert one for future use.

a5 memory card

7. Navigate to Local Storage, and then tap Device Storage. On this new screen, there’s a Menu icon in the top-right corner; tap it.

8. Tap Select, and now you have free range to select any files you want to move over to your SD card. You can do this by marking checkboxes next to movable items.

9. Once you’ve selected everything you want to move:

  • Tap Menu and then Copy
  • Tap SD Card and then to the folder you want to hold the backups
  • Tap Paste here

To do transfer these files to PC, you’ll need to enable USB Debugging and:

  • Connect the Galaxy A5 to your PC
  • Explore the device
  • Navigate to the files you want to copy in Windows Explorer
  • Copy and paste the files, or drag them, to any other directory you desire

Method 2: Helium Backup

Helium Backup is a special case in this list. The service requires both an app, and a companion program on a desktop to complete backups. To use Helium, you’ll need:

  • A data cable to connect your phone to a PC, Mac, or Linux enabled computer
  • The Helium app on the Google Play Store, and the desktop companion

You can find the Helium app below:

The above app is the free version, while functional, doesn’t have all the same features of the pro version. For $4.99 you can purchase the pro version, if used on a rooted device, can serve all of your backup needs.

Pro version:

You can view further Helium instructions if more assistance is needed.

Method 3: Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is a backup service that some users have gripes with, and they’d be right to have them. Samsung Smart Switch’s track record has spots here and there, but not all users have trouble with the service. If you think you’d be willing to give the service a shot, now is the time to try it.

Samsung Smart Switch can backup:

  • SMS and MMS
  • DRM free music and videos
  • Calendar data
  • Call logs
  • Memos, alarms, Wi-Fi settings, and wallpapers

1. There are two ways to download Samsung Smart Switch. This can be done through Google Play:

Or their official website.

smart switch site

There’s a desktop companion needed to backup directly to a PC, but today I’m going to focus on backing up the information to a SD card.

2. When you’ve installed and launched the app, there is no option to backup to a SD card initially. On the first transfer menu, tap More in the upper right corner which gives you a dropdown list.

On this new list, select external storage.

3. After making your selection, tap Back up at the bottom of the screen. It may take a few moments for anything to happen, but your backup options should load. Once they have, you can select items freely.

Now hit Back up again and wait for the process to finish. Once it has, you can hit Done and safely remove your SD card or continue using your phone.

Method 4: Wondershare MobileGo

If you’ve never heard of Wondershare MobileGo, I wouldn’t be too surprised. As a service, Wondershare has been around the block for more than few years. However, its name has changed recently.

A MobileGo license can be purchased for $29.95, but can be used for free. In order to use MobileGo, you’ll need either a data cable, or a Wi-Fi connection. For the purpose of this explanation, I’ll be assuming you’re using a data cable.

1. First, visit MobileGo’s download page, and then their guide if you have any questions.

mobile go free

After downloading MobileGo’s free version, or paid license, install the software.

2. After installation, launch MobileGo and then connect your Galaxy A5 to your PC. After connected, you should see a description of your phone on the My Device menu.

mobile go device

For this explanation, focus on the bar to the left hand side.

3. Here you can see all of the backup options available with Wondershare MobileGo. All of the features present may not be functional on a free license, so if you think this service is worth the money, purchase it by all means.

However, if you’re looking to spend money on backup software that requires a rooted device, I would read the next few examples.

Method 5: Titanium Backup (Requires Root)

Titanium Backup is a service that I don’t think I can recommend enough. To get the full Titanium experience, you’ll need to root your phone, and purchase the pro version. If you haven’t rooted already out of fear of difficulty and complications; I still recommend you give it a try.

Whether or not you want to go straight to the pro version, you’ll need to download the free one first. You can find it on the Google Play Store.

Titanium Backup’s features are listed in full on its page, and we’ve mentioned them all here too. This app can backup everything from app data to what home screen you left your notepad icon on. As far as apps go, Titanium Backup is the best backup you can buy.

Method 6: Nandroid Backups

If there was one service out of all the ones on this list, Nandroid Backups should be the one you use. The only downside to Nandroid Backups is that you need an unlocked bootloader, and a custom recovery.

Nandroid Backups essentially takes a snapshot of how your phone is set up at any point in time, and saves this setup in a file for future use. It sounds too good to be true, but that’s just how great a Nandroid Backup is.

If you’re unsure how to setup a Nandroid Backup, or are still unclear about how the process works; a full explanation is right around the corner. If you’ve unlocked your bootloader, or are going to, make a Nandroid Backup.


The Samsung Galaxy A5, much like any of its S series counterparts, can be backed up a number of ways. You can’t go wrong with any backup method out there, but I can recommend any of the ones above. If your A5 is rooted, or at least unlocked, you have two of the best backup methods on your doorstep.

If you’ve had any trouble, or have any questions about backing up the Galaxy A5, please leave them below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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