How to Buy NFT on Opensea

How to Buy NFT on OpenSea: Master Guide 2023

As technology grows with the expansion of industries, the demand for NFT increases. Digital assets related to art are easy to purchase through cryptocurrencies. People who are fond of collecting artwork use NFTs, and the related industry is growing. It also relates to multiple industries such as games, music, films, and other art forms, making it more widespread. This blog post focuses on how to buy NFTs and how to profit from them.

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Are NFTs a Good Investment?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that no one can trade or replace similar to other cryptographic assets. With their unique properties, the tokens consist of valuable information. This data helps in verifying the ownership of the tokens and transferring them between the owners. 

The importance of NFTs is increasing in the field of digital content and gaming. NFTs help content creators make more profits by having ownership of their content. Online gamers discover great benefits through NFTs. For example, it will help them regain money by selling the items they bought for their character once they are done playing the game. 

As a profitable option, NFTs are great investments. It helps tokenize physical objects like artwork, which can stop duplicating the art. At the same time, it limits ownership. 

What is necessary to buy an NFT?

To buy an NFT, it is important to set up a crypto wallet which is a program storing your NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Since some wallets are not capable of storing NFTs and are not compatible with all blockchains, you must choose a wallet accordingly. Meta mask and Coinbase are some of the crypto wallets best for storing your NFTs. 


Where to find the best NFTs as per your interest?

Are you interested in buying NFTs but confused about the right place to find them? If so, then here are some ideas: 

  • Twitter is a great option to discover a lot of new NFT projects. Following some hashtags and accounts will help you in figuring out the best available and upcoming projects. 
  • Marketplaces are one of the effective spots to find the best NFT offers. OpenSea is one of the best places as it offers a wide range of digital assets, so you can easily explore the categories and look for extensive offers. With its user-friendly process, OpenSea ensures the best NFT sales. 
  • You can check your favorite creators and check whether they have some interesting NFTs. 

If you are a newcomer to NFTs, you may have some questions and concerns. If so, then this blog post features a guide to buying NFTs on OpenSea.

How to Buy NFT on OpenSea- a step-by-step guide

How to Buy NFT on OpenSea
OpenSea– Official Website

The first step you need to take is to create a crypto wallet. So here are the steps for installing MetaMask. 

Steps to Install Metamask (Crypto Wallet) 

  • Go to OpenSea website
  • Click on the profile symbol in the upper right section and select My profile. 
  • Press the Get MetaMask button. 
  • Download the extension for your browser and click on Install Metamask. 
  • After completing the installation, go to the MetaMask homepage and click on the Get Started option. 
  • Select create wallet and set your password and click on Next. 
  • Pick your secret phrase and press the confirm button. This will take you to the congratulations window. 
  • Click on the All done button. Select X when MetaMask shows a window asking to swap the tokens. 
  • Select Next and link your MetaMask wallet with your OpenSea account. 

Ways to Buy an NFTs

Do you know how to buy the NFTs after choosing the right NFT you were looking for? There are three options for purchasing it such as buy now, auction, and offers. 


When some NFTs are available through an auction, the buyers can easily approach or bid on them. There is a chance that the NFT will go to the highest bidder or the seller can choose any buyer by accepting an offer during the auction. 


You are free to make an offer for the items listed on the sale. 

Buy Now

In the marketplace (OpenSea), there are NFTs listed at a certain price. You are free to purchase these items during the sale time. It is the simplest way to buy NFT like purchasing items from ecommerce websites. 

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Steps to Purchase the NFT from OpenSea

Search for the NFT collections on OpenSea

  • First, you need to browse for the NFT item that you expect. To search, go to your OpenSea profile. 
  • Click on Explore and then a wide range of collections of NFT will appear. 
  • If you want to filter your search based on your needs, click on the options mentioned above: Trending, Art, Collectibles, Domain names, Music, Photography, etc. 

Buy Now Option

Steps to Purchase the NFT from Opensea
Image Credits: OpenSea Learn
  • You can click on the buy now button that will drive you to check out. 
  • Here you will see the whole details of your NFT such as the name, the collection, etc. 
  • Select Confirm Checkout. 

Connect to a crypto wallet 

Steps to Purchase the NFT from Opensea
Image Credits: OpenSea Learn
  • After confirming the details of the NFT item, OpenSea will drive you to a crypto wallet. If you have not yet created or set up your crypto wallet, then this step will prompt you to create it. 
  • Follow the above-mentioned steps to create a crypto wallet such as a MetaMask wallet. 
  • After setting up a MetaMask wallet, OpenSea will take you to payment details. 

Payment Method

Steps to Purchase the NFT from Opensea
Image Credits: OpenSea Learn
  • Choose your payment mode whether you want to pay via crypto or card. 
  • While reviewing your fees, you will learn that your total amount is higher than the price mentioned in the list. It’s because of the network fees, or gas fees. 
  • If your payment is through a card, it is a processing fee. 

You will see these gas fees in all the transactions in the blockchain. The fees are determined based on various factors. One of the factors considered is the number of people using the network at the same time. 

  • Enter your payment details to confirm your purchase. If you are buying the NFT via card for the first time, then you have to verify your identity. 
  • After filling in all the details, click on Pay. With this, you have completed your NFT purchase.
  • You can see your new NFT in your collection which will be also visible on your OpenSea profile. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to resell an NFT?

Yes, you can resell an NFT. You can set up an auction and list your NFT for sale.  

Is NFT worth buying or selling?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that support artists and creators to help them make a living. NFTs are an investment. For example, if you resell the NFT at a higher amount than you bought, it brings profit to you and can be taken as an investment. 

How does the art value of the NFT increase?

The value of NFT increases based on the community of buyers and investors. If the community grows, the demand and the art value of NFT will increase. Since each NFT is unique and is available in limited quantities, the value of the items might increase as per the demand. 

NFTs- Setting a New Trend

If you are a first-timer, you can choose OpenSea as one of the best marketplaces because buying an NFT from there is simple. But it’s better to learn and understand the marketplace and the NFTs properly to avoid any scammers, and this blog focused on one of the most trusted places as a result. Regardless, it’s always best to exercise caution. From there, you can move on to the next step and buy the NFTs you need.

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