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How to Change Discord Background in 2023? – Best Three Ways

Discord is one of the most popular social platforms available. This platform is meant for gamers and game developers who come from around the world and help to form a great community. 

Discord helps you to interact with gamers playing their favorite video games. It helps you with the latest social happenings, updates, and much more. Discord is a popular chat box among gamers. This holds good for people who play video games such as Fortnite or the League of Legends. 

Discord is one of the easiest ways to talk over voice, video, and text. It can be used even at the workplace to have a convenient chat among team members. This app will help you to talk, chat, hang out, and stay close to friends and communities. This application comes with minimum flexibility to change. 

This application has an attractive user interface. It can be made even more attractive by changing the Discord background. This platform can be used in any OS. This includes Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web browsers. The application can also be used in smartphone devices. The devices can be Android or Apple devices. Some of the attractive features available with this app are listed below:

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Features of the Discord App

Discord is a Skype for game enthusiasts. The service has been created in such a way that players can communicate and coordinate with private servers. This will help you to text and voice chat with other people. 

Discord is a chat application that is almost equivalent to Skype, Teams, or the professional messaging service Slack. It is geared towards video game players providing them a way to play and chat with one another. 

This app is pretty useful when playing any form of PC game. It has been designed in such a way that it focuses on professional video gamers. 

Integration with other Applications: Discord has built-in integration with other common applications. You can enable the connection of these applications in order to enjoy their benefits. The apps supported include Battle.net, GitHub, Twitch, YouTube, Blizzard Entertainment, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Xbox Live. You will be able to sync the data from the linked app directly to your Discord server.

Mute Notifications: There is a possibility you are a member of many Discord servers. Your notification can quickly fill up and get completely out of control. You will not be able to go through all the information. In these cases, Discord lets you use the preferences in the app to control the notifications. 

You will be able to mute the notifications at the user level, channel level, and server level.

  • At the user level, edit your notifications by using the User Settings -> Notifications option. 
  • At the Channel level, right-click the Channel and select the Mute Channel option. 
  • At the Server level, right-click the Server and select the Server Mute option.

Using Server Folders: The Server Folders will help you to organize the list of servers you are involved in into an easily manageable group. This will be of great help if you are a member of more than a dozen groups.

Format Messages: You will be able to easily format the messages in Discord. This app will help you to create rich text using the plain text editor. The options that can be used to format messages include Bold, Italicize, Underscore, Strikethrough, Hyperlink, Code, Remove Embeds, etc. 

Keyboard Shortcuts: Discord has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts. If you are involved in a conversation with more than one group at a time, you should be in a position to switch between conversations easily.  

Install Discord Bots: Bots play a dominant role in most communication applications these days. You will find them in apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram. This app is not an exception to the rule. You have a lot of community-developed bots in the app that are free to install and use.

Upgrading to Discord Nitro: If you find the basic version of the app does not satisfy your demands, you may upgrade to a Pro version, Discord Nitro

  • Discord Nitro has a basic plan that comes with 50MB uploads, custom emojis, and special Nitro badges for your plan. This plan comes for US$2.99 per month
  • Discord Nitro has an advanced plan as well. This advanced plan comes with 500MB uploads, custom emojis, HD video streaming, custom profiles, and much more. This plan comes for US$9.99 per month.

Popular Discord Chat Commands: There are various inbuilt chat commands that come in this application. They are available for desktop and iOS. Unfortunately, you cannot use these chat commands with Android phones. Android users are out of luck on this.

Edit Voice Processing Settings: There are voice processing features in this application that will improve the quality of the voice output. You can also use the Beta suppression tool for your microphone. Settings like Echo Cancelation, Noise Reduction, and Automatic Gain Control are of great use. These options are enabled by default. 

Enabling Two Factor Authentication: Two Factor Authentication helps you to keep your Discord Account secured. This authentication will help you to log in with an extra numerical code generated by the application every time you log in. This can be done by Settings -> My Account -> Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Discord was primarily set up as a simple chat program for gamers. And now sports several other features.  All these features help you to build a strong community and keep them organized with the application’s effective functionality, bots, and other features. 

Changing your Server’s Background

The default Discord background color is a dark gray solid color. It can be changed to any image or pattern on your laptop as well. 

  • If you are completely bored with the default gray background of the application, you can change the background with your favorite image. 
  • The process of doing this has little bit of a learning curve. 

The background of this application can be changed in the following ways. They are:

  • Changing the background color using the Desktop option.
  • Changing the background color using the Mobile.
  • Changing the background color using the Better Discord.

Changing the Discord Background Color Using the Desktop Option

You can change the Discord background color using the desktop option by following these steps.

  • Open the application on your desktop and click the User-Settings button that appears at the bottom.
Changing Discord Background
User Setting Button. Image Credit: Discord
  • Under the User-Settings option, you have the App Settings section.
  • Under the App Settings section, select the Appearance option.
Changing Discord Background
Appearance Section. Image Credits: Discord
  • The Appearance option gives three Themes options for you. The options are Dark, Light, or Sync with Computer
Changing Discord Background
Themes Options. Image Credits: Discord

By following these steps, you can now see that the Discord background getting changed.

This application allows you to change its background settings from light to dark and vice versa. There is an option that helps you to customize how much light they will be viewing while chatting in this app. The customizable appearance of this application makes it the most sought gaming application software. 

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Changing the Discord Background Color Using the Mobile

The steps to change the Discord background color using the mobile are as follows.

  • Open the Discord Mobile App from your device. On the Home tab, there will be your profile picture getting displayed. 
  • Within the User Settings, there is an App Setting section.
  • Within the App Setting section, click the Appearance option.
  • The Appearance option pops up two different options. Light or Dark. Choose either of them.

Now you can see the Discord background color getting changed.

Changing the Discord Background Color Using BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord is an application that is not compliant with the Discord app by itself. Better Discord is an application that helps you to change certain application-related settings.

BetterDiscord is an app that has been used by members of the Discord community. But you need to exercise caution while using the app as you should not be violating Discord’s terms and conditions. The steps to change the Discord background using BetterDiscord are as follows.

  • Go to the BetterDiscord website, and download the client mod. Run the application on your local machine and when done click Close.
Changing Discord Background
Better Discord App. Image Credits: Better Discord
  • After installing the client mod, go to the Discord app and go to the User Settings
Changing Discord Background
User Settings option. Image Credit: Discord
  • Under the BetterDiscord section, you have the Themes option.
  • Select the Themes option.
Themes option. Image Credit: Discord
  • It pops up with a screen stating that you do not have any themes installed. So click this website link. This will take you to the already available themes in the BetterDiscord application.
Changing Discord Background
This website link. Image Credit: Discord
  • You need to place the theme under BetterDiscord -> Themes option.
  • If you have placed the Themes in the program files in the above-mentioned path then, the theme will appear in the Discord application right now.
  • Click the Toggle On button, to apply the theme to your Discord interface.
Changing Discord Background
Translucence Theme. Image Credit: Discord

Once this is done, you will see the selected theme applied to the user interface. You will be excited to see the new Discord background. Go and enjoy using the application with a vibrant screen appearance.

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What is the use of the Discord application?

The Discord application is an instant messaging application. This powerful application is used by gamers all around the world to help form a great community.

Where are the devices that this application can be used?

Discord is an application that can be used on desktops and Android or Apple phones as well. 

What is BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is another application that can be used in the Discord application. It helps in the better performance of the Discord application.


Having a dedicated chat group for your gaming application is an exciting experience in itself. You will be able to have instant social interaction with friends and family along with playing online games with them. We have provided all the information and the features that can be used with the Discord application. Go download the application and enjoy a great online social life.

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