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How To Change Hotspot Name On Android in 60 Seconds

Hotspot sounds more like a cliché these days with everyone around using WiFi connections to surf the internet. When someone runs out of cellular data and doesn’t have a WiFi connection established at their place, the only go-to source for internet in that case is the hotspot. 

If you want to change hotspot name on your Android device, then you’re at the right place. But what exactly is the hotspot and how does it work? Let’s clarify this in the next section! 

How does hotspot work?

Hotspot is a shared internet connection from one mobile device to another. Essentially, hotspot works on WiFi tethering. 

You can convert your mobile phone into a portable WiFi hotspot. Once turned on, you can use any device and connect it to your mobile’s hotspot and carry out your important tasks. 


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But the question that pops up next is, can’t we do those same tasks on the mobile phone? Well, no! Not all tasks can be done on a mobile phone but instead require a larger device like a laptop or a PC. For instance, sending a large file from your work account to your colleague’s work account.

In such situations, the mobile hotspot may come in handy and you can get things done with no restrictions provided you have enough cellular data left for the day. With a tap of a button on your Android device, you can get going on your laptop, PC, or tablet with no available WiFi connection. 

And it doesn’t require any additional equipment, unlike the traditional WiFi which uses a router and a fiber optic cable or coaxial cable connection. Another reason to use hotspot over public WiFi is that it is much safer and provides better latency. 

What more? Your friends and family can connect as well, provided you share your password with them. Trust me, they’d bless you for that! 😉

Why does hotspot name matter?

Usually your device’s hotspot name would be the same as your device’s name. However, you can change it to a name of your liking. There are a handful of reasons why you should consider changing your hotspot name. 

1. Set yourself apart

When you change your hotspot name to a unique catchy name, you stand out from the nearby available devices. Not everyone takes time to change their hotspot name. But by doing so, you appear as an organized person with some serious attention to details. 

2. Quick identification

Setting a personalized hotspot name ensures that you quickly identify your mobile device’s hotspot and thereby establish a quick connection. This eliminates the time you would spend searching for your device. 

3. Avoids confusion

It is highly likely that your device’s hotspot name might match with those in your neighborhood as the factory settings have your device’s name as your hotspot name. 

So when someone in your proximity has the same Android device as yours, chances are that yours and that person’s hotspot names might coincide. Changing yours might be the better option to avoid confusion when connecting your laptop or PC to your hotspot. 

  1. Pull the guy next-door’s leg

Here’s an amazing chance for you to pull the leg of your homies and neighbors by having an ‘advisory’ or a funny take on your hotspot name. What do I mean by this? Well, consider naming your hotspot in a way that taunts them! More on this in the next subheading. 

Comical hotspot names you should try

Coming to the comical taunts or names you can try for your hotspot, here’s a list of the most funny and catchy names you can give to the hotspot on your Android:

  • Why don’t you pay the WiFi bill
  • Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wifi
  • Wu Tang LAN
  • Trust in God but Protect Your WiFi
  • It Burns When IP
  • The Password is…
  • Never Gonna Give You Wifi
  • Two Girls One Router
  • Everyday I’m Buffering
  • John Wilkes Bluetooth
  • Girls Gone Wireless
  • Who What When Where WiFi
  • You Shall Not Password
  • Password is Password
  • Benjamin FrankLAN
  • Password is Gullible
  • No More Mister Wifi
  • Vladimir Routin
  • Vladimir Computin
  • Searching…
  • Lord of the Ping

Know more funny WiFi names? Leave them in the comments section below. Now let’s move on to what this article is all about- how to change your hotspot name on Android.

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How to change hotspot name on Android

To change the hotspot name on your Android device, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Slide down the notification shade on your Android phone

Step 2: Locate the hotspot icon and long press it.

hotspot icon

Step 3: Portable hotspot settings open up. Now, select Set up portable hotspot 

set up portable hotspot

Step 4: in the SSID field, you will find the current name of your mobile hotspot. SSID stands for Service Set Identifier which is the name of your mobile device’s wireless network. 

Tap on the field and edit the name as per your preference. 

change hotspot name

Step 5: Finally, hit the check mark on the top right corner of the screen

Change hotspot name and confirm

And boom! You just changed your hotspot name to one of your choice. 

How to set a password for hotspot on Android?

Setting up or changing your hotspot password is pretty simple and can be done within 60 secs by following these steps. 

Step 1: Slide down the notification  shade on your Android phone

Step 2: Locate the hotspot icon and long press it

Step 3: Now, select Set up portable hotspot

Step 4: Below the SSID field, you will find the password field. Tap on it and add a strong password for your hotspot. Maybe you can give password generator tools a shot. 

Otherwise, create a simple alphanumeric password which you can remember anytime for quick sharing with friends. 

Worry not, you can come back and check your password anytime with the same procedure. 

change hotspot password

Step 5: After entering the password, click on the eye icon to view the password and confirm it

Step 6: Finally, tap the check button on the top right corner of the screen

Change hotspot name and confirm

I told you it is going to be really simple! Try it out for yourself.

Hotspot life hacks and tips

  1. If you don’t want any security for your hotspot and want to keep it open, go to Portable hotspot > Set up portable hotspot > Security > None. This will remove the security you had already set for your hotspot. 
  1. For better security, opt for WPA3-Personal security for your hotspot. WPA3-Personal security uses 128-bit encryption key to provide improvements to the general WiFi encryption. 
  1. To save your cellular data, avoid the use of excessive multimedia. Viewing lots of multimedia content requires more bandwidth and also ruins your battery performance. 
  1. Get rid of all the background apps you aren’t using as they might consume data. In your system settings, only allow the most important apps to run in the background. 

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How do I change hotspot name on Samsung Galaxy S9?

Slide down the notification shade and tap the Settings icon. Go to Connections > Mobile hotspot and tethering. If it is on, turn the toggle switch off and back on. Now tap the current hotspot name and add the new name. Finally, tap Save. You can use the same method on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus as well.

What is Samsung Auto Hotspot?

The Auto Hotspot feature on Samsung devices allows you to quickly and automatically connect your other devices to your mobile hotspot despite it being off. Note that the feature is only available on Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 10.0.

How do I keep my Android mobile hotspot always on?

Go to Settings > Wireless and networks > More > Tethering and mobile hotspot. Now in the timeout settings, change to never turn off. Some Android devices like the one I used for this article, have a feature called “Turn off hotspot automatically.” Just turn the toggle off to keep the Android mobile hotspot always on.

Rock your hotspot name!

Changing a hotspot name on Android is as simple as ABC and you can do it in a few seconds. If you are confused about the name for your hotspot, consider one from the list I provided above. 

Make sure you protect your hotspot with a strong password and use a WPA3-Personal security to keep the hackers at bay. Follow the tips I mentioned above for effective use of your cellular data and hotspot. 

I hope I brought some value to your Android usage. Let me know in the comments section below your hotspot name. Until next time, take care and stay safe! Cheers!

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