How to deactivate Instagram

How To Deactivate Instagram – A Master Guide for 2023

At the peak of being active on social media platforms, like Instagram, sometimes you feel like taking a break from it. In such cases, there are two ways that users mostly prefer to do that. Either deleting your account permanently, or deactivating it temporarily. So, what do you prefer? 

In this blog, you will get a clear idea about how to deactivate Instagram. But, before moving on to that phase, let’s learn why deactivating is better than deleting your Instagram account. 

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Deactivating Your Instagram Account

When you deactivate an account, your profile will not show an image. The username you added will not be visible, rather it will appear as ‘Instagram user.’ Through this, you can determine that the account is deactivated not deleted. Since the account is not active, no actions can be taken through it. If you are trying to send a message to a deactivated Instagram account, your message will not be delivered. 


What Could Be the Reasons for Deactivating Instagram?

How To Deactivate Instagram

There might be many reasons that can lead a user to deactivate Instagram. 

People sit and scroll on social media platforms, like Instagram, for hours. Visiting other users’ profiles or posts, and scrolling reels are some of the major activities on which people waste time. So, when a person realizes that a major part of their time is being consumed by social media, some users decide to take a break from it. 

The other reason is privacy issues. It’s obvious that on platforms like Instagram, there are a lot of people to peep into your life no matter whether your account is private or public. Along with these, it can be influential, such as people getting attracted to the influencers and their lifestyles through their posts on social media. This can have a bad impact on others. 

But, why deactivate rather than delete? The major reason why people prefer deactivation more than deleting your account is that you cannot restore your account if you delete it. But, a deactivated account can be easily restored. 

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How To Deactivate Instagram via Account Centre

  • Open your Instagram Account 
  • Go to the More button that appears on the left and click on Settings.
  • Select the Account Centre, and go to Personal details.
  • Here, you will see a lot of options. You have to click on Account ownership and control.
  • You will find two options – Deletion or Deactivation from which you can choose deactivation. 
How To Deactivate Instagram
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  • Select the account you want to deactivate. 
  • Select Deactivate Account and click on Continue. 

But, do you know how to deactivate Instagram via the app? Go ahead to know the steps. 

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Steps to Deactivate Instagram through the App

  • Log in to your Instagram account. 
  • Go to the profile picture in the top right corner. 
  • Click on your profile picture, and select edit profile. 
  • Here, you will see a lot of options and features. You have to scroll down, and select Temporarily Deactivate My Account on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Then, there is a drop-down menu where you have to choose a reason why you are deactivating your account. 
How To Deactivate Instagram
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  • After clicking on a suitable reason, re-enter your password. It is necessary to enter your password in order to proceed with the process. 
  • Select Temporarily Deactivate Account and Confirm it by clicking Yes. 

How Can a Deactivated Account Be Reactivated?

If you want to activate an account that you have deactivated, you can simply enter your login details. Then click on confirm reactivation. 

Time Limit of Deactivation

Now, you may be curious to know how long you can keep your Instagram account deactivated. It’s fine if you are planning to take a long or short break. You are free to deactivate your account without worrying about time. But, Instagram only allows you to deactivate your account once a week. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I deactivate my Instagram account?

There is no time limit for deactivating your Instagram account. 

Do my followers know when I deactivate my account?

Your account will not be visible on Instagram when you deactivate your account. They will not see your profile or posts until your account is reactivated. 

Why should I deactivate my Instagram account, rather than delete it?

Deactivating your Instagram account is better than deleting it because you can easily restore your data or profile if you wish, by entering your login credentials. 

Want to take a break from Instagram?

Social media has a lot of benefits and impacts on our daily lives. But, it is great if you draw boundaries. Otherwise, it could affect your personal life and consume time that was reserved for other tasks. If you realize you should back away from social media platforms, like Instagram, and take a short break, deactivation is better. Since this method won’t erase your data, posts, or profile from Instagram, and you can easily reactivate your account, you can just go for it. 

I hope this blog had helped to answer some of your questions. Have you ever decided to deactivate your Instagram account? If yes, tell us about it in the comments below.

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