How To Disable Over The Air Update Notifications

One of my favorite things about Android is that you can easily install software updates from manufacturers using the built-in OTA updater. I previously wrote a post on how you can easily update your Android device. While updates can improve your Android phone significantly, sometimes updates can be really annoying.

To be honest, I get really excited looking at that update notification on my screen. That being said, the update notification can become really annoying if you don’t want to update your Android device. Continue reading to find out how you can easily disable over the air update notifications from your Android phone.

Why Avoid Updating Your Phone?

While installing an update can make your phone better, sometimes updating your phone might not be a good idea due to these factors.

  • You might not like the update’s changelog and it might remove a feature that you like on your Android device.
  • You have root access on your Android device and you’re afraid of losing it after updating your phone.
  • You’re running a custom ROM and you feel it is better than stock ROM and all the manufacturer updates.
  • The new update is buggy and other users are having problems with it.


You’ll need root access on your Android device if you want to disable OTA update notifications. To find out more on rooting, have a look at our guide on rooting Android devices.

Rooting is an unsafe procedure which is why I would recommend attempting it at your own risk. It will also void the warranty of your manufacturer.

How To Disable Over The Air Update Notifications

Make sure that you follow all the steps mentioned below carefully. You’ll be editing a system file and if something goes wrong, your phone might start to malfunction. We’ll be using a third-party app from the Google Play Store in order to edit your Google Services Framework system app.

Step 1: Downloading an App

Download and install the Disable Service app on your Android device. You can get it through the Google Play Store button below.

Download on Google PlayStep 2: Opening the App

Open the Disable Service app and tap on the System or System Apps tab.

Step 3: Find The Trusty Framework

Look for Google Services Framework in the list and select it.

disable service

Step 4: Disable the Service

You’ll now see a list of services. Look for SystemUpdateService and disable it by unticking the check box next to it.

disable service untick

Step 5: Reboot

Restart your Android device. That’s it! You have successfully disabled OTA update notifications and they will not bother you again.

Step 6: Do You Want the OTA Notifications Back?

In order to get OTA update notifications back, simply enable the SystemUpdateService option by ticking on the check box next to it and restart your phone.


While OTA update notifications have never bothered me, your manufacturer’s updates might be annoying you with constant update notifications even though you don’t want to update your phone. You can easily disable these notifications using the steps mentioned above.

Make sure that you read and follow all the steps carefully in order to disable over the air update notifications. If you have any questions, feel free to mention them in the comments area below.

If you accidentally updated your phone and want to downgrade it, feel free to read our guides on downgrading the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3.

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