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How to download music for free on iPhone in 2023

Since Apple doesn’t provide anything for free and iTunes charges a hefty price for music, it is difficult to find a way to download music for free on iPhone. If you’re wondering where to get the best music apps that are completely free, look no further than this article. It lists out a few music applications which give you terrific options for hearing your favorite music for free, and you can download your favorite playlist offline and listen to it when you run out of data. By doing this, if you don’t have a connection to the internet, you won’t be left on your own.

As most users choose not to download music-listening apps, this article offers another option where songs may be downloaded through Safari simply by searching for the song name and downloading the desired version, such as MP3 or MP4. By doing so the song can be heard offline too.

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6 Best Applications to Download Music for Free On iPhone

1. Audiomack – Download Music for Free On iPhone

Download Music For free On iPhone
Download Music For Free On iPhone

Audiomack is exclusively available for iPhone, Cloud, iPad, and Android. The music here is completely free, and you can hear infinite songs for your needs. On the Audiomack free music downloader software, you may listen to music from popular genres like Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, Afropop, and Reggae. 

You may stream music from your MP3 library or download tracks to listen to offline without using data and instantly access the newest and hottest tunes with Audiomack’s streaming and free download options. With the help of our free music download tool, you can listen to your favorite songs while you’re away from a computer, and you can highlight the best albums and current singles.

Additionally, the program lets you listen to all of your local MP3s, WAV files, M4A files, AAC files, and other local files. You may locate and listen to fresh or popular songs and mixtapes, and with ease.

What languages does Audiomack support in their product?



  1. Free.
  2. No advertisements.


  1. You may not find a few songs.
  2. Searching song might be difficult at times.

2. eSound MP3 Music for iPhone

Download Music For Free on iPhone
Download Music For Free On iPhone

The best online music streamer and soundtrack player is eSound if you wish to listen to music online. Every functionality of the app is free! To use this soundtrack player, there are no accounts or subscriptions necessary. The eSound MP3 music is compatible with a variety of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and more.

Station mode comes with continuous playback based on intelligent AI sound suggestions. You may make and maintain your preferred playlist. eSound is a soundtrack player that works both online and off. You can listen to your preferred music and podcasts whenever and wherever you choose.

Streaming Music:

You can search for the music track and play it.

Discover the music:

You can discover the music with the last searches and get new songs for your tastes.


You can make a playlist for the set of songs according to their genre for your liking.

Listen to the latest playlists:

You can explore the list of songs with different genres and start listening to the songs. 


  1. You may listen to music anywhere and at any time.

3. Pandora Radio for iPhone

Download Music For Free On iPhone
Download Music For Free On iPhone

On Pandora Radio, you can experience personalized listening. You can create stations for your favorite genres and songs, search for the songs according to your mood, and you can find a playlist that matches your tastes. It also offers podcasts.

Pandora offers “Meet Pandora mode,” where you can customize your station and listen to songs from six different modes to get your kind of music or podcasts.

  • My Station: The station experience you know and like.
  • Crowd Faves: Hear the songs that are also loved by others.
  • Deep Cuts: Hear songs by less well-known station musicians.
  • Discovery: Listen to more music from artists who aren’t typically featured on this station.
  • Newly Released: Listen to the musicians on the station’s newest albums.
  • Artist Only: Hear songs from the station artist.


  1. Personalized listening.
  2. 6 different modes are available.
  3. Compatible with all latest model iOS devices.

4. Spotify music for iPhone

Download Music For Free On iPhone
Download Music For Free On iPhone

The Spotify music application is for all smartphones, tablets, and apple products users. This app is one of the best music apps, you can search for any track and you will get the results in just a few minutes. You can discover new music to listen to using premade playlists and recommendations from friends.

Spotify has the best music collection among all the apps. You can also hear real-time conversations between the artists, creators, and individuals. It is compatible with iPhone 8.2 and the latest versions.

If you have Apple Watch, you can easily access and control music with a single touch. There are premium plans available as well, which are ad-free and give much better sound quality. 


  1. Thousands of podcasts.


  1. Riddled with ads.
  2. Missing lyrics.

5. Tidal Music for iPhone

Download Music For Free On iPhone
Download Music For Free On iPhone

The Tidal music app has unique features where you can create your playlist with your name, and publish it as a public playlist. There, you can find people who have similar tastes. You can easily toggle from a private to a public playlist. The menu on your profile page now includes a newly redesigned edit profile.

There are over 90 million songs in the audio track, and there is an option to share your favorite playlist with your friends and loved ones.


  1. Ad-free
  2. Save data, and listen offline.

6. Jiosaavn music for iPhone

Download Music For Free On iPhone
Download Music For Free On iPhone

The Jiosaavn music application has over eighty million songs worldwide. They provide the most desirable option of personalized intelligent recommendations of songs in over 15 languages.

This app is available worldwide for free with high-quality sound. It is compatible with the latest versions of iOS.

It offers the following features:

  • Unlimited music.
  • Original shows and podcasts.
  • Lyrics are available.
  • High-quality audio.


  1. High-quality music.
  2. Can set caller tune (if you have a Jio sim).


  1. Riddled with ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get for free in these music apps?

1. Unlimited music and podcasts
2. Smart and personalized recommendations
3. Can be heard in Airplay, Alexa, and Google Home.

Will apple music play offline?

Yes, you can hear music from iTunes offline if it’s downloaded.

Does apple music let you download songs?

Yes, Apple allows you to download songs from trustable websites and from music apps.

Does playing downloaded music use data?

No, as you have previously downloaded it using data, you can listen to it offline once it is downloaded.

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Final Thoughts

Do you consider yourself a music lover? But worried about having to pay every time you go to download music? No more worries. Check out these incredible apps and listen to your favorite songs now.

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