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How to download Samsung Galaxy S6 stock files

You can lose your phone’s stock sounds a number of ways, and it’s even easier to if you like customizing your Samsung Galaxy S6. However, what happens when you want them back? I’m personally a victim of not liking change, no matter the circumstances, so this is always something I consider.

A change of heart isn’t the only reason for a loss to happen; software trouble can lead to stock sounds failing. If you’d like to hear your original sounds on your phone again, I know three ways that you can make that a reality. If these methods don’t work for you, there are some alternatives I can offer as well.

Method 1: Audio Pack Downloads

From the title, this would seem like the only method possible to get your Samsung Galaxy S6 stock sounds back. However, this method just happens to be the fastest, and the easiest out of the three.

For this method I’ll be showing you two different places where you can download the stock sounds of multiple devices, and then how to install them if you don’t know how. If you already know how to set these sounds, feel free to skip ahead after the first step.

There are a couple of options to download the sounds in bulk. Both are from the XDA forums and are large files.

The links in the two forum posts a large number of stock tones and sounds for Android devices. You can view the XDA developers post here  (or use the direct download link) for the S6, and then another post here for multiple Android devices (or use the direct download link).

sounds zip

Using either link, you can download a set of files you’ll be using to replace your current system sounds. The second link won’t give you the stock sounds for the S6, but if you want something new, you have the option.

You have your files, but now what? You’ll need to replace your current sound files with the ones you’ve downloaded in Step 1, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t let you replace everything without modified folder permissions.

If this step does not appeal to you, separate application instructions can be found in Step 3.

Sounds like ringtones and alarms can be replaced easily once you’ve transferred the downloaded sound files onto your internal storage. However, if you want to replace UI sounds, or the sounds played on startup, you’ll need a root file explorer.

For this example, I’ll be talking about using Root Browser to replace your Samsung Galaxy S6 startup sounds.

You can download Root Browser by clicking the link above, or the Google Play button below:

Download at Google play7

With Root Browser installed, you’ll need to:

  • Make sure your phone is connected to your PC.
  • On your PC, navigate through your phone’s system folders.

System > Media > Audio > UI > filename.ogg

  • If you’ve tried to copy the file over previously, you may have seen that the operation couldn’t complete. This is because of the lack of permissions in place, which Root Browser will help you with.
  • After opening Root Browser, navigate to your phone’s System folder.
  • Long press on the folder and then change the permission to 0777 or rwx rwx rwx

If this doesn’t work, you can set the permissions for each file you wish to transfer individually.

  • After this is done, try replacing the original sound file with the new one you’ve downloaded.

You can do this for any file you want to replace, and some don’t require changed permissions.

Thankfully, the zip included that contains S6 stock sounds can be applied through flashing the zip instead of needing to fiddle with permissions. This requires the use of a custom recovery, like TWRP.

To flash the zip:

  • Boot into your custom recovery, these steps will assume it’s TWRP, but the process should be similar for other custom recoveries.
  • Select Install
  • Navigate to where you have your zip file on your device.
  • Swipe to install the zip.
  • Now select the option to reboot, and your sounds should be applied.

However, if this method doesn’t solve the problem, there may be a software issue on your hands that Method 2 could resolve.

Method 2: A Factory Reset

A factory reset shouldn’t be the first solution a user should reach for, but it is one that leads to swift success. Performing a factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy S6 will return all sounds to stock, but this won’t be much of a worry if you have backups already set in place.

However, even if you already have a backup of your device, it can never hurt to make a backup with a different method. Your data can never be protected enough when you’re about to send it all into oblivion.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 can be reset in just a few steps by fooling around in your settings.

To start:

  • Navigate to your Settings from any menu.
  • Find Backup & Reset in the Settings menu, and give it a tap.

Additionally, you can use the backup functions in this menu to make sure once more that your personal data is properly protected.

Once in the Backup & Reset menu, scroll down and:

  • Find the Factory data reset option near the bottom.
  • If you give it a tap, you’ll be taken to a new menu to confirm your decision, and receive information on what the factory reset will do to your device.
  • You will need to go through a few more menus to confirm your decision, but after hit Reset device, and then Delete all, you just need to wait.

Your phone should then be returned to stock shortly, which will restore your sounds to what they were originally.

Method 3: Restoring a Backup

This is a method that will only work if you’ve made a backup previously, and may even be a method that you’ve already tried previously. There are plenty of methods to backup the Samsung Galaxy S6, but if you don’t have a backup that contains your stock sounds this method won’t be of much use.

If you do, however, restoring a previously made backup can grant you access to the files needed in Method 1. If this is possible for you, please copy the files present on a previous backup, and substitute the downloaded files in Method 1 for the new files.

Create a backup of your current settings and data on your device. You will restore this before applying the old files in the corresponding step.

Restore a backup of your Samsung Galaxy S6 that contains the stock sound files for your device.

Either using your PC, or the software mentioned in Method 1, transfer the sound files desired from your device to an easily reachable folder on your PC.

Now restore the backup you made in Step 1, before applying the files retrieved from your previous backup.

From here, you can follow the steps in Method 1 as if you had downloaded the files instead.


Whether a software issue caused your stock sounds to fail, or you found yourself yearning for your stock sounds, there are three easy methods to try to get your old sounds back. If you ever want to change your sounds again, don’t forget to make a backup that sounds good to restore in the future.

Did these methods work for you? If not, you can leave a comment below to ask any questions you may need help with, and we’ll give you a ring, even if your phone can’t.

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