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How to Download Stock Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is packed with tricks and features, and its home screen has a beautiful aesthetic with just stock backgrounds. The Galaxy S6 (and its curvy cousin, the S6 Edge) has twelve stock wallpapers, and each has its signature Samsung style. Thankfully, you don’t need to own a Galaxy S6, or an S6 Edge, to use these wallpapers.

Thanks to a few helpful users, file sharing websites, and the internet, you can use these wallpapers on any Android phone. All of these wallpapers won’t save you battery power, but they will add a new sense of style to your background.

What Do the S6 Wallpapers Look Like?

There are twelve default wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy S6, and it’s easier to show you a few of them than to talk about them alone. I’ll start with the one most Android users will recognize.

S6 first

If that doesn’t look familiar, how about this one?


These two wallpapers are the most recognizable Galaxy S6 backgrounds, but there are still ten more left to choose from when you download the full pack. However, if those two are the only ones you’re after, SamMobile already released them.

When I mentioned black wallpapers before, there are a few in the Samsung Galaxy S6 pack. They aren’t entirely black, but as long as the background is predominantly dark, the effect is still present.


Subtracting the red lines, this background is less of a battery hog than the other two I showed off. This black background trick isn’t a myth and does have research and testing backing it. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look.

Where Can I Download the Wallpapers?

You can download a pack that contains all of the S6 default wallpapers; you can dig through a search engine, or you can snatch the two that SamMobile released. I don’t have any links for individual wallpapers, but I do have two mirrors available for the whole pack.

If you prefer MEGA, I’ve provided a mirror.

Otherwise, you can download a Mediafire version.

The download size is small thankfully, so even limited bandwidth users won’t have trouble.

What’s Next?

After you’ve downloaded the wallpaper you want, and you’ve switched to it, what’s next? Personally, I switch my wallpaper once a week at least, so I know I won’t keep the same one for long.

Thankfully, you have twelve wallpapers to choose from in the stock S6 library, but what about other wallpapers?


There are plenty of wallpapers to choose from in the Android world; from impressive live wallpapers, or to wallpaper apps that do much more than expected. The choice is up to you, and if you don’t download any more wallpapers, you still have twelve to choose from.


Downloading the stock wallpapers included with the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is thankfully an easy task. As long as you have a working internet connection, your Android background can be anything you desire.

If you have any questions or concerns about the wallpaper downloads, please leave a comment below. We’ll make sure your concerns are addressed as quickly as possible.

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