How to draw on google slides

How to Draw on Google Slides- A Master Guide in 2023

Whether you are a student or a professional in any stream, you might be aware of, or have used Google Slides in some way. Being free and user-friendly, Google Slides can be considered a perfect alternative to PowerPoint presentations. 

Google Slides is a cloud-powered tool that has a great role in creating and formatting presentations, as well as collaborating with other people. Having all those features necessary for a slideshow tool, Google Slides allows you to put all your ideas together, and your data into an impressive slideshow presentation. 

But, even though Google Slides is one of the easiest tools to use for everyone, a novice might have some questions if they are new to Google Slides, or rarely use it. One of those questions that are often asked by people is that how to draw on Google Slides.

Despite all the features available, sometimes there might be a need to draw figures on the slides. So, is it possible? If so, how can we do it? If you have the same questions, you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn about the possibility of drawing on google slides. 

Before going on to that, let’s summarize some of the features of Google slides

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Features of Google Slides 

Features of Google Slides 
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Real-time Collaboration with Google Slides

Considering its flexibility, Google Slides are best for creating professional presentations. The feature of real-time collaboration allows you to connect, and work with other members of your team. 

Saving Files 

Through the auto-save feature, you don’t have to worry about saving the google slides after your work. 

Sharing the Presentation

The Google Slides help you share the presentation easily with others. This also allows your team members to view and make changes by editing the presentations. 

Master Slides and Themes 

No matter whether you are creating a personal or professional presentation, you always wish to have a consistent look throughout your presentation. This can be easily done through the following steps.

Files> New> Presentation> Blank Presentation templates. 

After choosing one template you can edit the rest of the slides accordingly. This allows the editing of font styles and size. Similarly, you can choose a perfect theme according to your presentation. 

How to Draw on Google Slides

Here are the two best ways to draw on Google Slides:

Using Scribble

Searching for some easy ways that aren’t time consuming? Scribble should help you with that. 

How to Draw on Google Slides
Image Credits: How-to geek
  • Go to your presentation and choose the slide you want to draw on. 
  • Click on the insert option from the menu.
  • Go to Line, and, through the pop-out menu, you will see a lot of options like Scribble, Arrow, Curve, and Curved Connector. 
  • You are free to go for scribble, or any other options at your convenience. Choosing scribbles, your cursor will turn into a crosshair symbol. You can use it to draw your figure on the slide. 
  • Are you done with drawing? If yes, then go to the toolbar, and edit or make changes to some of the elements in your drawing. This includes the line weight, color, and dash. 
  • In addition to these, you can also change the position or size of the drawing. Select the image, and go to the format option. Here, you can also add shadows and reflections to the image. 
  • When you get to see the sidebar, expand more to see all the options. Through this, you can easily adjust the transparency, size, and distance, along with shadow and other elements.

Through this method, you can make your drawings look great on Google Slides. 


Using Google Drawings

How to draw on google slides via Google Drawings Website
Image Credits: Google Drawings Website

Google drawings are one of the most effective ways to create your drawing on the slides. Since it takes a few more steps compared to the method mentioned above, it might take a bit more time. But, this method is more useful for users who are expecting detailed drawings. 

  • Go to the Google Drawings Website to create drawings. You can also go to File and select New. 
  • Selecting New, you will see various options in a pop-up menu. The options might have Document, Spreadsheet, Form, and Drawing. 
  • Selecting Drawing takes you to a new browser tab. After naming it at the top left corner, you can draw your image. 

After drawing, formatting can be done to make it appear good at your convenience. Then, this drawing can be inserted into your Google Slides. 

How to Insert an Image on Google Slide? 

Publishing the Drawing

Publishing the drawing makes it visible to all the viewers with the link. This feature also allows you to re-publish it in case of any changes need to be done. 

  • Go back to Google Drawings, and select File. You will find a large list of options. Going down you should see – Publish to the web.
  • Select it, and it will drive you to the link tab. You can pick a size optionally, Tap on Publish and Ok. 
  • This process should give you a link that has to be copied to Windows, or Command + C on Mac. You can simply copy it using Control + C. 
  • Go back to Google Slides and Select the Insert option from the toolbar. 
  • Choose the image option, and select By URL from the drop-down menu. 
  • Now, you can paste your link onto your field using Control + V and insert. 

Download the Drawing 

Searching for another way, you can download and upload the image to your slide. 

  • Go to the file from the toolbar.
  • Download and choose the image format from the options. 
  • Move back to Google Slide, and click on the insert option. 
  • Upload it from the computer. 
  • Choose the image you want to upload and click Upload. 

How to Format the Inserted Image? 

After inserting the image you drew, you can format and make changes to present it in a better way. As said above, it allows you to adjust the position, size, shadow, and reflection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to draw freehand on Google Slides? 

For users who want to draw freehand, you can use scribble for it. 

How can I get a pen tool on Google Slides? 

To get the pen tool, you can press P, or select the pen tool on the toolbar. 

How to write on Google Slides? 

You can write on Google Slides by adding the text to the PowerPoint slide, or it is possible to add a text box to it. 

Google Slides – For Better Presentations 

Google Slides were always effective in presenting data and information in a better way along with adding graphical representations, and uploading other elements. This is also effective in better understanding and self-explanation. 

So, drawing images in the slides might be a confusing process to most users, including beginners. So, I hope these above-mentioned steps will be helpful for the people who were in search of a solution to this trouble. 

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