How to Fix Ghost touch on iPhone

How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhones – A Quick Guide for 2023

Does your iPhone operate randomly without physical touch? Does it open and close apps on its own? It is irritating just to watch what’s happening, not knowing how to fix it right away.

This issue is called the “Ghost Touch.” Many iPhone users have faced this issue on their new device, wondering if you are the only one. No, you’re not.

If you’re wondering how to fix ghost touch on iPhones, continue reading this article to find the possible solutions explained in a step-by-step manner.

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What Is Ghost Touch?

Ghost touch is when your iPhone operates automatically without you touching it. This issue has been a big concern for users who have bought a new phone, and then it starts to glitch and operate on its own. 

It is safe to say that this is a common issue, but you need not worry, except if you accidentally dropped the device and damaged the display components.

How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones

There are a few ways to deal with this issue, but first, let’s briefly look at the reasons why it behaves in such a manner.

Why Does My iPhone Face the Ghost Touch Issue?

There are several reasons to look at before determining the potential cause:

  • First, it could be a manufacturing defect.
  • The display components are not properly placed.
  • When dust particles enter the screen protector, it can cause your phone to misbehave. 
  • Presence of moisture content in any gaps in the display.
  • It may be a bug in Software Update.
  • A particular part of the display might be damaged.

You might experience ghost touch through any one of the reasons listed above. Additionally, it could be your hard protective case that might be doing damage to the display and touch response. 

How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhones – Solutions:

Feel free to jump to any specific solution using the below-given possible resolving methods.

  1. Clean your device properly.
  2. Perform a Factory Reset on your iPhone.
  3. Force Restart/Reboot your device.
  4. Remove the screen protector if you have any.
  5. Try updating your phone to the latest software, or re-install a lower version to the update.
  6. Head over to the nearest Apple Store for repair/replacement.

1. Clean Your Device

  • Though it may seem silly or unobvious, your touchscreen may have dirt and dust that causes it to tap buttons on its own. 
  • Wipe the screen with a clean, soft cloth.
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones - Clean your device
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones Clean your device
  • Don’t use any other cleaner other than that verified for Apple products.
  • Ensure you don’t put more pressure on the display while cleaning your device.

2. Perform a Factory Reset

  • Use the Factory Reset option on your iPhone to erase all the current settings and restore them to the moment you purchased the phone.
  • Before proceeding with the Factory Reset option, back up all your data in cloud storage or a hard drive.
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones - Perform a factory reset
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones Perform a factory reset
  • Once done, you can proceed with the Factory Reset by going to

SettingsGeneralResetErase all content and settings

  • This option should remove the Ghost Touch problem on your iPhone if it were due to a bug that has been installed over the internet recently.

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3. Force Restart/Reboot

  • Restarting your iPhone might solve the Ghost Touch if it is a software glitch.

Press and Hold the “Power Button” for a few seconds

How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones - Force Restart/Reboot
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones Force Restart/Reboot
  • Tap the ‘Reboot’ option to restart your device at once.
  • However, if the problem persists, visit a nearby service center.

4. Remove the Screen Protector

  • In most cases, the phone operates on its own due to air/liquid trapped inside the screen protector while applying it.
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones - Remove the Screen Protector
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones Remove the Screen Protector
  • Carefully remove the screen protector, check whether the problem is resolved, and replace it with a new one.
  • While checking the screen protector, make sure the case you use for your phone is not damaging the display in any way. If it is, replace them with a proper one.

5. Software Update

  • Smartphone apps usually misbehave when there is an update for the old version of that particular app. Similarly, phones go through software update bugs, which can be fixed by updating your device to the latest version.
  • Go to SettingsGeneralSoftware Update.
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones - Software Update
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones Software Update
  • On the contrary, if you have owned your iPhone for years, the latest software update may have caused the device to misbehave as the software is not compatible and stable with the old mobile version.
  • Try the Restore option from Settings to retrieve the previous software version on your iPhone.

6. Visit a Nearby Apple Service Store

How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones - iPhone Service Center
How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhones – iPhone Service Center
  • The best solution is to take your iPhone to the nearest service center to resolve this issue.
  • Try all the recommended solutions once before you head over to a service center.
  • Find a center near you using Locate Apple Store.
  • A few things to note before you walk into an Apple service center:
    • If your display is damaged anywhere, you have to pay the necessary charges for display replacement.
    • You may receive “free service/product replacement” if they classify it as a manufacturing defect (only for a newly purchased iPhone).
    • It is possible that your device misbehaves due to the previous repair; make sure they fix it properly using Apple-Authorized components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ghost touch a serious issue on my iPhone?

If you’re facing this issue on a new iPhone, you may not worry much as you will be fully refunded or replaced with a new mobile. If it is mobile in use, you might have to change the entire display in the worst case.

Is there a quick remedy for Ghost touch?

The short answer is yes. Try the Reset option from the Settings menu as a first step.

How do you avoid Ghost touch while charging?

If you’re facing the Ghost touch issue only when the charger is connected, the accessory might be the problem. Therefore, consider replacing the adapter, cable, or power source.

Wrapping Up:

Face this issue with all the information you gained, and never worry again about the irritating ghost touch problem.

I hope this article clears your doubts and questions on the ghost touch issue. Let us know any other solution that you’ve found useful in solving this issue. 

Do share your experience and thoughts in the comments section.

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