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How to Fix Play Store That’s Not Opening [7 Methods]

It is not easy to handle Google Play Store problems but the worst problem is an error message saying that you can’t even open it. There are times that Play Store simply won’t open. This is extremely frustrating especially if you have to download an important app.

If you think that the problem is on your end, then you normally do the basic things like restarting your own phone. In fact, it seems obvious that a restart can cure so many issues. However, in case your problem persists, then that is the time that you need more complex solutions.

If Play Store won’t open then the biggest problem is that it cannot download any app. Google Play Store is the database of all essential apps for your business, career, entertainment and daily life. If Play Store does not open, then there are solutions to this problem.

Method 1: Restart Your Device

The age-old solution to so many types of equipment that are not running properly would be to turn it off and turn it on after. This went well for the TV, for the microwave oven and even for certain computer game consoles and the laptop itself. It also works for your Android device.

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button until the menu pops up.

Step 2: Tap either the Power Off button or the Restart button. If you want to handle the problem later during the day, then you may tap the Power Off button.

Step 3: Tap OK to confirm your choice.

Step 4: If necessary, press and hold the Power Button to turn on your whole device.

Restarting Your Device
Restarting Your Device

Method 2: Check Your Settings for Date and Time

If the store does not open, then perhaps there is a problem with the date and time settings. In the Android setting, if the Play Store does not identify a specific time, then you should expect certain issues to come up. In that case, the servers of Google may be having a very tough time syncing with your device. This makes your Play Store act up.

If you want to fix Play Store not opening, then you should follow this series of steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings app. Go to General Management, then select Date and Time.

Selecting Date And Time
Selecting Date And Time

Step 2: Always check and make sure that Automatic date and time is turned on (appears blue while toggled to the right).

Automatic Date and Time
Automatic Date and Time

If your device is already set on automatic date and time yet your Google Play Store still does not work, then you should try to set both date and time manually. You can do this by turning off Automatic Date and Time. You can then enter the date and time as accurately as you can. If this still does not work, then you should see the other solutions.

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Method 3: Check the Availability of Your Internet Connection

Before you try to fix Play Store not opening, you should try to check your internet connection because it could actually be the solution that you are looking for. You should try switching to mobile data if you have been using Wi-fi or vice versa. If the problem persists, then it could be something else.

You may also want to switch from normal mode to Airplane Mode, and then you switch back.

Another option is resetting your router.

Step 1: Check the strength of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. If you are getting a slow and weak connection, then switch to the one with the stronger connection, be it Wi-Fi or data connection. You may also want to change your location in order to get faster Wi-Fi or even data connection processing. Repeat your download process.

Checking Internet Connection
Checking Internet Connection

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Method 4: Force Stop the Google Play Store

If the Play Store suddenly goes frozen, you can try force stopping the app.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Apps -> All.

Step 2: Then you can select the Play Store and tap on the Force Stop button. If there’s still an issue after this, then perhaps you have not downloaded the latest version of the Google Play Store.

Checking Google Apps
Checking Google Apps

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Method 5: Install the Latest Version of Play Store

When the Google Play update becomes available, it doesn’t automatically download or may not update until days after its release. However, if you get the APK, then you can still have the newest version as soon as you can.

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Step 1: Using your phone, you can do this by enabling Unknown Sources.

Do so by going to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources and enable Unknown Sources. Do not forget to disable this particular option when you’re finished using it.

Unknown Sources
Unknown Sources

Step 2: Open the APK by tapping the completed download in your dropdown list of notifications. You may also want to read any new permission if there are any. After which, you can tap Install.

Latest Google Play Version
Latest Google Play Version

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Method 6: Clear Cache and Data

There is also a possibility that the Play Store problem is one that arises from Google Play Services issues.

If you want to fix Play Store not opening, then you should consider Play Services as the background process that permits apps to communicate along with the various parts of your Android device thus enabling them to push notifications and sync.

The data or cache is a storage area that basically holds data temporarily so that you can quickly retrieve it without having to reload it. Emptying this could possibly solve your problem.

Step 1: Go to the Settings from your home screen.

Step 2: Go to Apps or Application manager depending on your Android device.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Clear Data or Clear Cache.

Clearing Data and Cache
Clearing Data and Cache

Step 4: However, you may also only delete the unnecessary files while saving the rest. You can do this by clicking on Manage Space.

Managing Space
Managing Space

When you have performed this step, you can then go back to Play Store and check if your problem has already been solved. If it still does not open, then there might be another solution.

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Method 7: Reset Your Google Account

If your Play Store app is still not opening, then a possible solution could be refreshing your Google account. You must do this on the specific Android device where you are experiencing the problem. Usually it is not about Play Store but it is about your device. Make sure that you are resetting the entire Google Account.

Step 1: Remove your account then install it again. Go to your Settings, tap Accounts, and tap Remove Account. Do this for all the Google Accounts on your device.

Removing Google Account
Removing Google Account

Step 2: Re-enter your previously removed Google Account. Go to Settings, click on Accounts, and you should see Add Account. Tap on this button and follow the steps to re-add your Google Account.

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Almost Done!

If all else does not work, then you can use some other ways like disabling your VPN or enabling your Download Manager. You can also opt for some drastic solutions like deleting the hosts.txt file although you might need some technical assistance here from someone who really knows the technical side of Google Play Store.

If still all else fails, you can choose to uninstall updates to Google Play Store or you may want to perform a factory data reset on your Android device itself. Among these methods, the most efficient would be Method 7 or resetting your Google Account. This is efficient because it allows you to refresh your Play Store and start all over again.

So, were any of the suggested ways above successful in fixing the problem of your Android’s Play Store not opening? Do you know other ways that deserve to be on this list? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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