How to Get Emoji on Android

How to Get Emoji on Android to Cheers Some Beers

Your friends send you a group message to meet at the bar when work’s over, complimented by a couple of beer glass emoticons clinking together. Someone follows it up with a “Can’t come, sick today” message and an emoticon showing a girl blowing her nose. How come your friends have access to these hilarious and emotionally touching emoticons but you don’t?

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Learn how to get emoji on Android to share your creativity and make everyone laugh when you have something to say. You can try these emoticons when sending messages or emails.

Follow one of the three methods below and get ready for a onslaught of funny text messages.

Method 1: Default Android Emoji

Step 1

Starting on your Android homepage, click on the default Messaging app provided with your Android OS. Select the person you want to message.

Step 2

Click the Type Message field and navigate to your Settings menu. Choose the Insert Smiley button to view all the default emoji options. The list displays various emoji such as happy, sad, winking and kissing. Choose your favorite depending on whether you’re sending to a secret crush, work partner or best friend. It also provides the typeface shortcuts in case you want to simply type in a few keystrokes instead of navigating to the Insert Smiley menu option. For example, the list tells you that 😛 produces a tongue sticking out face if typed into your messaging field. You can either select the best emoji from the list or type in the shortcuts.

insert smiley page

Step 3

Select your desired emoticon, type in whatever message you want to include with the emoticon and send it off to your friends. That’s it! You don’t have many creative options when it comes to the default Android emoji. In fact, most phones only provide Android characters to display your emotions to others. If you are more interested in expanding the possibilities with your emoji take a look at the following methods.

cant wait to see you with smiley emoticon

Note: This method for how to get emoji on Android is primarily for people who own a device without Android KitKat. If your Android version is past 4.4, you probably won’t find this option on your device. For those with KitKat, skip to method 3 to understand exactly how to reveal emoticons on your Android device.

Method 2: Go SMS

Go SMS is a powerful messaging app that replaces the default messaging app provided on your Android phone. It includes a wide range of emoticons that help you represent how you’re feeling and tease your friends with silly graphics. The best part about these third-party messaging app emoji is that many of them move around. The animations add to the fun and always get a good laugh from the receiving end.

Step 1

Install the Go SMS mobile app by going to the Google Play Store. Click the button below to go right to the app’s download page. There is an additional emoji plugin you can install later.

Download on Google Play

Once installed, the Go SMS Pro button shows up on your homescreen. Click the button to launch the application.

go sms pro homescreen

Step 2

The Go SMS Pro app automatically imports all of your messages and contacts for a seamless transition into this new messaging app. You can also make Go SMS Pro your default messaging app if you would like. Click the Create New Message button in the upper right hand corner of the app homescreen.

go sms pro create new message button

Step 3

Type in whoever you want to send the message to, or select a contact from your phone. Click the Smiley Face button on the right hand side of the message creation box to start inserting emoticons into your messages.

smiley face button for go sms pro

Step 4

Click the Download Emoji button to get the Emoji add-on for the Go SMS Pro mobile app. Click the Google Play Store button below to go directly to the app download page.

download emoji

Download on Google Play

Step 5

Once the add-on is installed navigate back to your Go SMS screen, and click on the Type to Compose field. Click on the Smiley Face button one more time. This reveals a wide range of emoji to send to your friends and family. Type in your message and select the emoticons that go along with the text. Click the Send Mail button to share your funny, sad or happy emoticons with everyone.

inserted emoji for go sms pro

Step 6

The Go SMS Pro mobile app provides several tabs with different styles of emoji and stickers. Feel free to play around with these to find your favorite items. You can also download additional emoji and stickers from the included Sticker Store. That’s it for Go SMS Pro. It’s probably the best option when you learn how to get emoji on Android, since you receive a great messaging app along with pages and pages of emoticons to choose from.

sticker and emoji store

Note: There are various other third-party apps to use if you want to receive and use emoji consistently. They all work quite similar and can be installed through the Google Play Store. Try other options such as WhatsApp, Chomp SMS and Emoji Keyboard to find messaging apps that include emoji.

Method 3: Android KitKat Keyboard

If your android device currently runs KitKat you already have a nice emoticon keyboard built into your phone. Simply press and hold either the Enter or Search button to reveal the default emoji keyboard. Follow the steps below if you want the KitKat keyboard but don’t have a KitKat-running device.

Step 1

To make sure you can download go to Settings, Security, and check off the Unknown Sources box. This allows your phone to install non-market apps.

settings panel

unknown sources check box

Step 2

Click here to download the Android 4.4 apk file. Download the file directly to your phone, or put it on your computer and transfer it to your phone later.

Step 3

Click the file download when the status bar is full. This reveals a tutorial to help you setup your new keyboard with emoticons. Walk through the steps to completely install your keyboard and get started with your emoji.

downloading apk

android keyboard setup

Step 4

Open any messaging app you have installed and test out the Android 4.4 apk keyboard. This is basically what every person with KitKat sees when they try to type. Click on the smiley face button in the bottom right hand corner to reveal a wide range of emoji for you to choose from. The result depends on your Android version, so you might not receive colored emoji if you version is before 4.4. Any version above that should reveal all the functionality of the Android 4.4 keyboard.

this is your new keyboard with emoji


Well, what are you waiting for? Tell that girl you like that you’re going to the gym, and top it off with a flexing arm emoticon. Share your love on Valentine’s Day with a couple kissing, or tell your friends what the weather is like with a lightning bolt or umbrella with rain coming down. The options or endless, so use one of the methods above and learn how to get emoji on Android with just a few simple steps. Consider learning how to get emoji on Android to complement one of the many other messaging apps on your device. Most messaging apps include different features for emoticons, so you can play around with them and see which ones you like best.

If you have any questions about any of the methods or would like to share some other easy methods on how to get emoji on Android, let us know in the comments section. 🙂

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