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How to receive phone call notifications on your PC

Doesn’t it only make sense for the devices with the most computing power in your life to join forces? This whole time they have been living separate lives when they could have been working together for you. And we don’t think that they would talk about you behind your back. But together, they can help you to talk to your contacts now.

So Windows mobile phones have been able to do this for awhile, but more importantly, now Android can too! You can receive notifications about missed calls on your Windows 10 PC, receive and respond to texts, get reminders, and more. You do need to be running Windows 10 11511 and Android 4.1.2 or later. If so, there’s no reason why your smartphone and desktop have to continue living on distant islands, devoid of any contact.

Method 1: Enable Missed Call Notifications via Cortana

You will probably find this setup really easy.

Step 1: Install Cortana on Android

Cortana is Microsoft’s version of a digital assistant. She (or he) can help you with scheduling, keeping track of contacts, and your interests, as well.

Download: Cortana

Install Cortana

Step 2: Open Cortana on Android

Cortana wants to get to know you. If any of this list starts feeling intrusive, you can adjust settings in the Notebook.

Open Cortana

Step 3: Sign In

You will be required to sign in with your Microsoft account, or to create one. Keep in mind that you will need to be signed in to the same account on both devices.

Step 4: Go to Menu

The menu button is located in the upper-left corner.

Menu Icon

Step 5: Visit Settings

There you will find the option to Sync Notifications. Tap on it.

Cortana Settings

Step 6: Toggle Missed Call Notifications

Tap or toggle the Missed Call Notifications setting to ON.

Android Notifications

Step 7: Launch Cortana on PC

Unless you’ve previously disabled it, you probably have Cortana on Windows 10 already. Click on the Start button (Windows icon) located in the taskbar (typically in the lower-left of your desktop screen and look for Cortana amongst the tiles. You will have to agree to Cortana’s terms of use.

Start button

Step 8: Click on Menu

It’s to the top-left, above the Home button.


Step 9: Select Notebook

It’s the third icon from the top.


Step 10: Choose Settings

A new panel should appear.

Step 11: Enable Missed Call Notifications

Scroll down and check Missed Call Notifications.

Missed Call

Troubleshooting Tips:

If it seems like you are having trouble getting into Cortana after you’ve created a new Microsoft account, ensure that you have verified the account through your email. Otherwise you may get a gray blank screen when you are trying to sign in on your computer.

Method 2: Reply to Missed Calls with a Message

So now that you are receiving missed call notifications on Windows 10 PC from your Android, what are you going to do about them? You can hit the Ignore button, or you can reply. The notification appears fleetingly, but you can still access it.

Step 1: Open Action Center

Press the Windows key and the letter A together or click on the icon that looks like a message box in taskbar.

Action Center

Step 2: Select Text Reply

If you don’t see this option, click the down arrow in the notification itself.

Text Reply

Step 3: Choose Message

A new panel should open. You can use the message Cortana creates, or type your own.

Choose Message

Step 4: Click Send

Method 3: Send and Receive Texts from Your PC

You actually already learned one way to send a text from your PC in the previous method, but can also read and use another method to send them.

Step 1: Become a Windows Insider (Optional)

If you read the message at the very bottom of the screen where you turned on Missed Call Notifications, you saw that there were several features still in Beta. They are still accessible, but only if you sign up to be a Windows Insider. You can still sign up for this even without becoming an Insider, but then it will be a limited service.

Windows Insider

Step 2: Enable Incoming Message Notifications (Optional)

This option is located underneath Missed Call Notifications in the Sync Notification section.

Incoming Message

Step 3: Open Cortana on PC

Step 4: Give Text Command

You can use the keyboard to tell your PC to Send a Text, or if you have speech recognition set up, you can use your voice.

Step 5: Add Contact

If you are responding to a missed call, it will input that as the recipient automatically. Otherwise, you will need to manually enter your contact.


Step 6: Compose Message

Step 7: Click Send

Like Google Now, you can combine the text and contact commands into one: Send text to [insert contact name].

Method 4: Speak Text into Cortana on PC

Like we mentioned earlier, it is possible to dictate your commands and texts into Cortana, but you do have to have your microphone set up. Here’s where we will show you how.

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Step 1: Find Mic

Odds are your computer has one, but is it all ready to go?

computer microphone

Step 2: Click Start Button

It’s located to the lower-left, on your taskbar.

Step 3: Go to Settings

PC Settings

Step 4: Select Devices

Rather than searching everywhere, just use the search box in the upper-right corner to type in microphone.


Step 5: Choose Set Up a Microphone

microphone setup

Step 6: Test Microphone Setup

Cortana will ask you to read a sample sentence to see if she can hear you.

Method 5: Sync Reminders on Android and PC

Reminder apps are a dime-a-dozen on Android, but Cortana makes reminders pop-up on your desktop also. Better yet, you can snooze these reminders. This, too, can be accomplished by typing or by voice. Receiving missed call notifications on your Windows 10 PC isn’t the only feature you can share with your Android.

Step 1: Launch Cortana

Step 2: Go to Menu

It’s the hamburger icon.

Step 3: Select Reminders


Step 4: Add Reminder

Use the plus sign icon to the upper or lower right. You can also categorize by time, person, or place.

add reminder

Step 5: Add Details

Type your reminder, and don’t forget to add your details. You can even add a photo.

Add Details

Step 6: Confirm Sync

Open up Cortana to verify that the reminder from your Android or PC is showing on the corresponding device. It will remind you at the time you designated.

PC Reminder


There are many more things that Cortana can do. In the same place you signed up for missed call notifications or to receive incoming message notifications, you can also sign up for low battery notifications and/or app notifications sync.

Becoming a Windows Insider is still recommended if you want to fully utilize these. Sometimes it takes enabling your messaging app itself to sync under app notifications before the incoming message notifications feature will work.

Don’t forget that Cortana can definitely come in handy on your PC as well as your Android. You can use it to perform a search using natural language, or identify a song. On your Android, you can use it to get traffic updates or news. Did you try all of the methods? Did you encounter any problems? Send us your thoughts.

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