How to Hide the Samsung Galaxy S10 Hole Punch Camera [2 Methods]


I bet you know that…

Samsung Galaxy S10 front camera has two (2) designs.

The difference?

The Galaxy 10+ camera the cutout is longer because of the dual camera and the S10 and S10E its a circle hole cutout. With this design, Samsung made it possible to have a thin bezel and no notch. On the contrary, not all people loved the front camera punch hole; some people want to hide it.

The 2 Methods in Hiding Galaxy S10 Camera Hole Punch

Method 1: By Toggling ON the Hide Camera Feature in your Galaxy S10

Some people may not be aware of this feature in their Galaxy S10 phones but you can hide your front camera hole-punch by toggling ON the Hide Camera, and your phone bezel will be thick thus making your screen looks smaller.

Step 1: Go to Settings


Step 2: Click Display


Step 3: Click Full-Screen Apps

Full-Screen Apps

Step 4: Click Advanced Settings located at the top right corner

Advanced Settings

Step 5: Toggle ON “Hide Front Camera”

Hide front Camera

Your screen would look like this

Hide Front Camera ON Mode

Goodbye front camera hole punch, hello to a thicker bezel on top. Note that this will affect your screenshots and viewing of pictures and videos. And, if you want to switch it back to normal, just toggle OFF the Hide Camera and it will return to the original state.

Hide Front Camera OFF Mode

Method 2: By Using a Wallpaper/Theme

Some people do not want to have a thicker bezel on top, and would only like to hide their front camera punch-hole without affecting the screen view. The simplest way to do this is to use wallpaper or installing a theme that will compliment your front camera hole punch.

Here are the samples:

Galaxy_S10_Wallpaper (6)
Galaxy S10 Wallpaper

You can download free wallpapers/themes in the Google Play Store, or in the Galaxy Store.


Galaxy 10 vs S10+ front camera

S10 and S10+ have both a 10MP front camera, but only S10+ has the 8MP front camera. The S10+ uses the dual camera for Live Focus, while S10 utilizes NPU for Live Focus shot.

Is Galaxy S10 camera good?

Our verdict is yes. The Galaxy S10 front camera enhances selfies, and the rear camera can provide an ultra-wide-angle. A 123-degree field of vision, which means it can capture almost as much as your eyes can see.

In Closing

Samsung made it possible to remove the notch and make thin bezel in the Galaxy S10 series. But to made it possible, they had front camera cutout instead to which some people find it distracting. Samsung is aware of that and included the “Hide Front Camera” feature, so you can choose whether to hide it or not. You can camouflage it by using wallpapers/themes. In the end, everyone is happy to have this beautiful smartphone.

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