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How to Install an Android Launcher on your New Phone

What if you could change the appearance of your user interface totally, without having to do anything tedious? Well, that’s easy. We have Android Launchers for that.

An Android Launcher is a great tool to customize your Android phone according to what you prefer.

And you know what?

One of the best things we love about Android is its customizability. Something that we can’t truly get from the iOS.

A big part of this customizability is the fact that we can use an Android Launcher to customize what we want to see on our phone.

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This problem is also a big reason why the iOS giant can’t take away Android fans from Google.

With the Android, it feels like our phones are indeed our phones, down to its bare coding.

And in this area, the Android phones genuinely dominate.

We can play with our Android phones and even see and tweak the developer options. Something that we can’t do with the iOS as easily as with the Android.

I have to commend Google with its leniency towards installing launchers compared to Apple. With google emphasizing open-source development.

I also have an Apple iPhone, and one thing I can observe is that the users don’t have enough options to make it feel like they can personalize their phones.

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Honestly, I think it would be a significant improvement if apple made their operating systems more customizable, rather than being able to customize just the themes.

Yes, the iPhone also has its perks, but if you’re looking to personalize your phone into something that vibrates with your sense of style, then Android phones your best bet.


An Android launcher is part of Android’s User Interface. For people who’ve had the same phone for a while now, Launchers make it feel as if you have a brand new phone with you.

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We have to be clear that launchers affect the appearance of your phone, as well as its performance.

Because layering another interface on top of another would indeed affect your phone’s performance.

Although in some cases, launchers could make your Android phone perform better. (Some Android phones have default launchers that use up too much RAM)

But if that fact isn’t much of a bother for you, and if your judgment on aesthetics would present a better overall enjoyment on your Android Phone, then launchers would be just the thing for you.

With all that said…

Check out our content below on how to install an Android launcher on your new Android phone!

Installing Android Launchers on Your Mobile Phone

Launchers enable you to change the sizes and icons of your home screen manually; you can also install custom icon packs that change how your icons look like depending on your preference.

There are so much more things you can do in terms of customizations with Launchers. And each Launcher has a strong feature of their own that could potentially cover your needs.

First, choose the launcher that would cater most to your needs.

Type in the word “Launcher” in google play store and choose a launcher among the many good Launchers out there.

Since I’ve used Nova Launcher before, it’s what I would recommend to you as a starter, but if there’s another launcher that catches your attention, by all means, feel free to use the one that suits your preference.

Step 1: Download a Launcher from the Google Play Store

  • Go Launcher 3D
Go Launcher 3D - Android Launcher
GO Launcher 3D Icon

Proceed to the play store and choose a launcher that would cater to your preferences. If you like customizations that include 3D effects, go for Launchers such as GO Launcher 3D.

Check out GO Launcher 3D on the Play Store

Google Play
  • Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher Icon - Android Launcher
Nova Launcher Icon

If you want to try something first and move on to find better launchers when you’ve gotten the hang of it. Go for Nova Launcher as they have easy to learn tutorials on how to use their Launcher properly.

Check out the free version of the Nova Launcher on the Play Store!

Google Play

Step 2: Set-up your downloaded Launcher

Almost all Android launchers have a setup guide included, so that people wouldn’t get confused with installing it.

Almost all Android devices have a similar way of setting up launchers. Some Android operating systems would prompt you a question asking you to make your new Launcher your default one.

Android launcher default prompt
Prompt for the default launcher

After confirmation, your home screen should now look different from how it was before.


If by any chance it returns to normal when you press the home button. Go ahead and go to the settings.

Android Launcher Setup - Settings
Press Apps

The settings tab isn’t always in the same format as every other Android phone, but to give you a general assumption, look at the apps button and find where you can adjust your default apps.

Android Launcher Setup - Settings tab
Press on the options button

Press on the options button on the upper right corner of your Android phone. After which, you should see something like this:

Android Launcher Setup - Default Apps
Press default apps

Press on the default apps button, after which you should see this:

Android Launcher Setup - Change Launcher
Press Home Screen and change your Launcher

After pressing Home Screen, a prompt will then appear, and you will be able to choose which Launcher you want to use.

Android Launcher Setup - Choose Nova Launcher
Choose your downloaded Launcher

After choosing Nova Launcher, the next time you press the home button, the Nova Launcher should appear instead of your original Launcher.

If you are having trouble finding the default apps section in the settings of your Android phone, an easier way to find it would be to use the search bar.

Type in “default apps”, the section in which you can alter the Launcher settings will appear on the first entry.

From there you can choose your Launcher.

There are many Launchers with high reviews out there, choose the one that would adequately cater to your preference.

Some Launchers prioritize speed and performance, and some launchers prioritize aesthetics.

Launchers are easy to install and delete, don’t be afraid to try and try until you find the right one for you.

Install an Android Launcher on your new phone!

The Samsung A50

Use an Android Launcher for your new phone!
The Samsung A50

If you’re looking for a good phone that’s cheaper than the flagship ones, then this Samsung A50 would be the right match for you.

Samsung isn’t usually synonymous with cheap phones, but after the release of the 2019 A-series, they started having phones with good specs, at price points less expensive than usual.

With its amazing specs and its elegant design, this Samsung A50 is definitely a bang for the buck.

And with a 9610 processor as well as 4 gigabytes of RAM, I doubt this gem would give you performance troubles with your Launchers.

Check out its full specs on Amazon!


Are launchers for android safe to use?

Yes, most launchers are safe as long as you choose the ones with good reviews. Launchers are primarily just “skins” for your Android device and are mainly for aesthetic purposes and accessibility.

Do launchers slow down my Android phone’s performance?

Yes, these launchers will most likely slow down your overall performance. Your phone is continuously running another software on top of what it is already running. The only good time to use launchers is when the launcher included are slow and do not perform well.

Can a launcher give my phone a better performance?

Technically yes, if a launcher included does not perform well with your phone, albeit its specs, installing a custom lightweight launcher could potentially increase your phone’s performance.

Customizability or Better Performance?

Of course, we want our phone to look the way we want it and let’s face it, some launchers are beautiful, and I would love to have one if I didn’t value the performance of my phone too much.

I have to look out for my battery a lot because I don’t like bringing power banks with me, so as much as possible, I save whatever battery life I can.

When I’m outside, I only use my phone for calls and messages (or games when I’m bored), other than that I keep the apps that I save on my phone a bare minimum.

But honestly, if I had a better phone with a bigger battery capacity, I would use launchers.


If installing a launcher doesn’t give you that big of a performance drop, or if it isn’t noticeable or it doesn’t interfere with how you use your android phone, then installing a launcher shouldn’t be a problem.

Launchers are essentially safe to use, and they’re basically a “theme” that you can download and apply to your phone.

You can choose from the many different launchers out there that would best fit your preferences.

Nova Launcher, Go Launcher, and the Microsoft Launcher are a few that are trusted by many people and have good reviews.

To conclude. Launchers are great for personalization and customization of your Android phones. It’s also a solution to fixing underperforming Android operating systems.

And if you want to customize your phone to look like a different one, or if you want to make your phone a little bit more oriented to your preferences, then launchers are your first step.

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the comments section below!

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