How to post music on spotify

How to Post Music on Spotify in 2023- 3 Easy Ways

Are you a melophile or a music enthusiast? If yes, then you know about Spotify. With 140 million paid subscribers, Spotify is the most popular streaming service among the other musical apps. 

With a large community, Spotify provides many impressive features attracting the target audience. Having a massive and enormous playlist is an attraction to people, including all generations. This music streaming app has a great, easy-to-use interface along with superior algorithms and a group sessions add-on. 


Why Do People Like Spotify? 

Based on the propelling growth of the Spotify community all around the world, it is easy to see that people like Spotify. There are many reasons why Spotify is one of my favorite apps. With an extensive catalog, Spotify offers a wide range of music by differentiating it with various genre strategies. 

Even though it offers a free version to let you listen to songs, you can hit a subscription easily to avoid ads. As it is user-friendly, newcomers can easily install and listen to music by registering through a free account. Along with these, it also allows you to share your music experiences through Facebook. With great compatibility, all users, including both paid and free, can use Spotify for platforms like Windows, iOS, iPhone, Android devices, and more. 

If you are ready to switch your account to premium, then Spotify will allow you to save around 10,000 songs on various devices. Even though it lacks lyrical features, and some might find it a bit expensive, its unique features, compared to the competitors, convert the users into listeners. 

Are you an artist who wishes to add your tracks to musical platforms, or have you noticed that Spotify is missing some songs you want? Such situations are common even though it has an enormous music library. The only solution is to post or upload music on Spotify. 

So, if you are facing such queries, you are at the right place. This blog will teach you how to post music on Spotify. 

How to Post Music (Local File) on Spotify

From your Desktop

  • Install Spotify’s desktop app on your Windows or Mac
  • Open the app and sign in to your account
  • Next to your profile name, you will see a dropdown menu. Click on it and select settings.
How to post music on Spotify
  • Go to the Local File section on the settings page. 
  • Turn on the Show Local File slider.
  • Then, enable the next option- Show songs from downloads or music library. 
  • Click on Add source if you want to import audio from some other folders, and this will take you to the pop-up browser.
How to post music on Spotify
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  • Choose the folder that has the audio that you want to add on Spotify, and then tap Ok. 
  • Go to the Library from the left-hand menu. Create a new playlist
  • Then, click on the local file folder on the page. 
How to post music on Spotify
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This will allow you to explore and upload your saved tracks on your desktop. Now let us have a look at how to upload music on Spotify through mobile.

From Mobile

  • Open the Spotify app on your desktop and go to Create playlist option from the left-hand menu.
  • Give a name to your new playlist
  • Choose the local file folder in the library. 
  • You can drag and drop the audio and music from the local file folder to your newly created playlist. 
Image Credits: Insider Tech
  • Now you can open Spotify on your phone or tablet. Your phone and the desktop should be connected to the same wifi. 

Note: If you have an iPhone or iPad, you need to go to the home page, click on the settings button, and select local audio files. Then turn on the Local file folder slider. 

  • The new playlist will be visible in the playlist section on your phone. 
  • While clicking on it you will see all the added songs shaded in gray. So these songs have to be imported from the desktop to your phone. 
  • Click on the download button near the tile section. Now you can play and listen to the newly added songs along with the other Spotify tracks. 

Now you can also listen to these added songs offline. Go to Home> Settings> Switch On to Offline Mode. 

But what if you are an artist who is searching for a great platform to showcase your talents? Here’s how to upload your track on Spotify as an artist. 

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How to Post Music On Spotify As an Artist

As a common user or an independent artist, uploading music is not easy. This happens because Spotify doesn’t provide an upload option for your music directly. In such cases, digital music distributors come to the limelight. These services have an important role in sending your music tracks to all the possible streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and more. But most of the time, you need to pay a particular amount to these distributors to steam your tracks. At the same time, you will get paid every time your tracks play on any of the platforms you upload. 

You will find many music distributors from which you must carefully choose the best one that suits you. This can be due to genre, a specific country or market, or other factors that separate them. First, you must register as an artist on Spotify; then, you can upload your tracks that are in great quality, like MP3 format, minimally. 

  • First, you have to create an account for distributing services. 
  • Fill up the information about the title and the artists.
  • Upload your track and add an album cover to it to set an impression. 
  • Now your music will be visible on many streaming platforms, including Spotify. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spotify provide live chat?

Yes, Spotify provides live chat support. Even though it lacks telephone support, live chat support makes the users more convenient to solve their issues.

How to fix Spotify problems on Android devices?

To fix Spotify issues on android devices, you must force close> relaunch the app> reboot your device.

Why is my Spotify frozen?

Spotify might freeze due to the system crashing. You can restart your phone or PC and check it. 

Create Your Own Collection On Spotify

Due to easy access to instant music, many music streaming apps are popular now. Since Spotify is the best high-quality music streaming service, there are more people using it. Here you can find an enormous variety of playlists, including both old and latest collections. 

As it is compatible with many devices, there is constant growth in the followers and users of Spotify. As the number of users increases, the number of queries and confusion will also increase. Now that you know the best way to listen to and upload music on Spotify, you can move forward as a listener and as an artist.

Have you tried posting music on Spotify? You may share your experiences in the comments section. 

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