How to Remove Adware From Android Devices

Has your smartphone acted in a strange way lately? Or noticed annoying pop-up ads disrupting your Android experience? No worries, we can help you! The most common cause of this kind of behavior is that you’ve got some adware on your device. Even though it might sound scary, there are ways you can remove adware from your Android device, so don’t fret! We’re gonna show you how to do it with very simple steps.

Method 1: How to Remove Adware from Android by Uninstalling Apps

Most of the time, the culprit is an app. So the most logical thing to do is to find out what app is infected and remove it from your device. To find the app you want to uninstall, it’s good to check the recently installed ones and look for the permissions they ask for. If there’s anything suspicious, get rid of the app!

Step 1: Go to Settings

Go to your phone’s settings and then scroll a little bit until you reach the app drawer. This might have a different name, depending on your device. It’s basically where all the apps you’ve installed on your phone are listed are where you can see details about them.

Step 2: Uninstall the App

Tap on the app and find the Uninstall button. That should get rid of all your problems!

Bonus tip!

If you really like the app but hate the ads it comes with, with most of the apps you can just buy the premium version. Not only it gives you a better experience, but it also helps the developers make more amazing apps for Android users!

Method 2: How to Remove Adware from Android Devices with Third-Party Apps

Your best bet for this are Ad Blockers and Pop-up Ads Removers. There are many apps that can help you with this, but for the purpose of this article, we’re going to show you one ad blocker and one pop-up ads remover. If you want to know more about this kind of apps, we recommend you check out our following articles:

By reading the following articles you will find more apps that can help you with your adware problem!

1. Block This! – Free

Block This! Logo

This adblocker app is open-source and it does much more than just block annoying ads. The fact that it’s VPN and DNS based means that it also helps you protect your privacy online – which can prevent you from catching malware or ransomware while browsing the internet on your Android device. Additionally, it can block ads from apps as well, not only browsers, so we find it quite helpful.

Block This!

2. AdGuard

AdGuard icon
AdGuard Logo

This is an app that generally works well with the Yandex or Samsung browsers, but if you download the apk and install that on your device, it should work great with any browser you use. This will help you stay clear of ads from your browser, as well as those very annoying pop-up ads that really prevent you from having a good time online. In order to get the apk, you have to go to the official website by clicking the button down below.


What is Adware?

Basically, it’s a program that is designed to show ads on your mobile device. It can also invade your privacy and redirect your searches to advertising companies, or send your private information to people that can profit from it.

How do you get Adware on Android devices?

Usually from infested apps, but also from browsing the internet and accidentally clicking on a suspicious ad. There are many ways you can get unwanted guests on your phone, so it’s good to have some protective measures.

What is the best method to remove Adware on Android devices?

Well, first of all, be careful what you do online! But if you’re already in a pickle, we’re going to say that installing a protective third-party app might be the most helpful, after uninstalling the infested apps that are already on your phone.

Remove Adware From Your Android Device – Improve Your Android Experience

Adware can be really annoying but, it’s more dangerous than that. It can invade your privacy and sell your personal information to advertising companies, which can turn into a real inconvenience in the long run. Therefore, if you feel like any of the apps you have on your phone is suspicious, don’t hesitate to uninstall them. Also, adblocker apps are a really good protective measure and can really improve your experience without seeing so many ads all the time!

Did we help you? What method did you try? Let us know your experience in the comments down below!

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