How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

Are you looking for a way to recover deleted text messages on your phone? Regardless of whatever caused your text messages to get deleted, we all know the importance of getting those messages back.

Chances are, you’re probably here because of that. There are a few ways for you to recover and retrieve your deleted text messages but most of the methods listed in this article would require you to purchase the software and a computer that you can use.

And no, this is not a clickbait. You read that right, the methods that we listed in here actually work. We tried them ourselves and we were able to actually retrieve deleted text messages found in our personal phones. Although, there are a few limitations that you should be aware of and as always, backing up your Android phone is always the best method to avoid hassles like this.

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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages – [5 Methods]

Before anything else, we know that most of us are already fed up with clickbait titles that offer assurance of success for free. We’re gonna be honest with you here, the only way you can recover deleted text messages from your Android phone is if you can fully utilize programming and encoding. That includes being able to use the full potential of Android Debug Bridge (ADB). If you’re an amateur or have no clue what we are talking about, then the only way you can really recover deleted message and other data from your Android smartphone is through the following utility software tools.

So with that in mind, here are 5 working methods to recover deleted text messages on your Android phone as well as other files:

1. dr.fone by wondershare


One of the most popular and simpler way to recover files and data that you would normally have no access anymore is by using dr.fone – Recover (Android).

The software cost around $39.95 to be able to use the recovery feature of it. You will need a computer to perform the recovery procedure though. Additionally, you can try using the app after you purchase it but the success rate of recovering deleted text messages is higher with a computer.

The software is easy to use, after purchasing, install the software and connect your phone to the computer. Launch the software and perform a scan. After the scan, dr.fone will then provide you a list of recoverable files, data, and text messages.

2. Recuva by Piriform Ltd


If there’s one application that we can attest to and really recommend when it comes to recovering files and data, it’s gonna be Recuva by Piriform.

Recuva is a free software application that you can use on your computer. Unfortunately, there’s no Recuva app for Android but on the brighter side of things, it’s free.

Recuva User Interface

Recuva can recover files and data from various devices, from PC HDD, PenDrives, MP3 Devices, and up to SD Card, and Smartphones. Unfortunately, since it’s free, it has its limitations.

For Recuva to recover or retrieve deleted text messages on your Android phone, it first needs to have access to the phones main memory module through a computer connection. But as we previously mentioned, the software has limitations due to the security changes implemented by Google on Android.

With Android version 4.4.2 and later, Google has disabled the access to the phone’s memory, making recovery software tools useless in most cases. This also applies to all recovery software, causing difficulties in recovering files and data that are stored within the phones memory modules.

Although, it’s a different case for Rooted Android phones. Recuva will work on any Android versions that are Rooted.

3. UltData for Android (Android Data Recovery) by Tenorshare


Another recovery software that anyone can use to recover deleted text messages is UltData for Android by Tenorshare. This utility software is quite similar to the rest of the tools listed in our article. For it to work, you will need a computer, the paid version of the software, and a connection with your phone to your computer.

The software application supports all versions of Android. The only downside of this software is that they straight require that your phone is rooted. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover deleted SMS on your phone.

The software is quite easy to use as well. Simply download and install the app, connect your phone, launch the app and perform a scan. After the scan, it will provide you a list of recoverable files and data which is really nice.

4. EaseUS MobiSaver For Android 5.0


If you prefer something that can do the job without needing the use of a computer, then EaseUS MobieSaver for Android fits the description.

This application is readily available on the Google Play store. It works on Android 4.0 to 8.0, with the support for Android 9 & 10 coming in the future.

As we have already mentioned, this is the best recovery data app for Android that doesn’t need a computer. However, for you to be able to recover deleted text messages, the app requires that you purchase the paid version of the app and the phone in use must be rooted. Otherwise, you will be limited to photos and videos only.

5. Android Data Recovery by FonePaw


If you have an Android phone that runs on version 4 to 6.1, then you’re in luck. If you have a computer that you can use, then FonePaw Android Data Recovery is a great tool to try.

The free version will let you recover media files for Androids 4 to 6.1 for free but you will need the paid version if you wish to use this tool on a more latest handset models of Android.

Similar to the rest of the software included in this list, FonePaw also works by simply installing the software on your computer, plug your Android phone, and perform a scan. After the scan, it will then provide you a list of recoverable items.

If you wish to recover deleted text messages, you will need the paid version of this. Otherwise, you’re limited to media files only.

But in terms of efficiency, recoverability, and price, FonePaw is the least one in this list. Nonetheless, it is still worth including as one of the apps leverage is it’s faster scan process, wide support, and has more options to use for the free version.

Related Questions Most People Ask About

How to restore deleted text messages without backup?

To restore deleted text messages on your phone without a backup, you will need a data recovery software. If you have a phone that runs on Android 1 to 4, you can use Recuva to recover your messages for free. For phones that run on Android 4.4.2 and up, you will need to purchase a recovery tool software like UltData for Android and you may need to root your phone.

What apps will let you recover deleted text messages on Android?

There are various apps available on the Google Play store that claims that they can recover your deleted text messages on your Android phone. However, we recommend checking out apps such as EaseUS Mobisaver or dr.fone.

How to retrieve deleted SMS for free?

To retrieve deleted SMS on your phone for free, you first need to know the specs of your phone. If it’s an Android phone running versions 1 to 4, then you can use Recuva to recover your deleted SMS for free. However, for versions 4.4.2 and up, you will need to root the phone and use either of the software listed in this article.

One of the most reliable ways to prevent yourself from suffering situations like this is to constantly back up your Android phone. However, some of us just don’t have the equipment to do so while others simply do not know how to. If that’s the case, then we recommend checking out WD 2TB My Passport Wireless Pro Portable External Hard Drive.

Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro


This portable external hard drive is designed to support various platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It also has a built-in 6,400 mAh Power Bank to charge your mobile devices on the go while transferring and backing up your mobile wirelessly. It also supports wireless connectivity with standard 802.11ac for faster data transfer. Enabling you to back up your phone in just a matter of minutes.


A Conclusive Way To Retrieve Deleted Data

Personal messages are possibly one of the most important files to recover from a smartphone. Messages can be personal and confidential.

If you have lost or accidentally deleted messages on your Android device, then you’re not alone. If you’ve made a backup, then you can easily restore your messages through the backup utility. If you haven’t backed up the messages, then you can easily restore your messages using any of the methods mentioned above.

To further save you from the hustle, you can check out our guides on how to recover deleted files and how to backup apps on Android.

Almost all of the methods listed above require root access and a connection to your PC. If a particular app doesn’t work with your device, you can always switch to another method.

After recovering your deleted messages, we highly recommend making it a habit of doing regular backups of your messages. So you won’t have to go through this again. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you follow all the instructions properly on how to retrieve deleted text messages on Android, and feel free to shoot any questions below!

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  1. Do you have “simple” steps for recovering text & chat messages & video on Android in Tango? If so, could you forward to my email above. I’ve lost chat history and video … wanted to save, but they’re gone. I’m not backed up in Cloud … Help!

    Thank you.

  2. Some third party program can help you. But you need to root access on your android device at first, then use the program to scan your device and preview the deleted messages, like FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

    1. Hi Noahrobert,
      You are right, some apps do need root access in order to complete their mission and thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Tnanks to share so many third-party messages recovery tools. I’ve ever used MobiKin Doctor for Android, works well.

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