How to Root Android TV box: 4 Best Methods

Imagine running a regular LED or LCD TV on Android. Turning your regular TV into a Smart TV sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. It’s a good thing Android TV boxes have turned into a possibility.

Perhaps you cannot fathom the joy of Android TV boxes! All the released movies, music hits, games, and other content are now available on your TV. However, you have to know how to choose the right Android box for you. Choosing the right specs for your Android TV box can benefit you greatly.

When you root Android TV box will have full access to its system directory. You’ll have the power to make some changes to its operating system. You can choose to customize and download applications that are normally not available.

Now, I’ll show you different methods on how to root an Android TV box.

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Root Android TV box via KingRoot

You can install unauthorized apps by enabling the “unknown sources” from the download settings of your Android TV box.

1. Configure TV settings

  • Turn on the Android TV box. Go to “Settings.”
Root Android TV box - Configure TV settings
Click on settings

2. Modify security settings

Scan through the Settings menu and look for “Security & Restrictions” in Personal.

Root Android TV box - Modify security settings
Choose “Security & restrictions”

3. Enable unknown sources

Root Android TV box - Enable unkown sources
Enable “Unknown sources” in settings

Enable downloads from third-parties by toggling “Unknown Sources.

4. Accept the disclaimer

A prompt message will ask for a confirmation whether you would agree that the manufacturer is not responsible for any damages. Personal data is now vulnerable with the unknown apps.

Root Android TV box - Accept the disclaimer
Pop-up warning window

5. Download KingRoot

Install an app that can download and manage files on your Android device. Go to KingRoot and download it.

6. Launch KingRoot

Use the Downloader app to install KingRoot. Launch the app right after installing it.

Root Android TV box - Launch Kingroot
Downloaded file

7. Start rooting the device

When it launches, tap “Try to Root.” It will start rooting your Android TV box. After rooting, it will return to its home screen.

Root Android TV box - Start rooting
Tap on ‘Try To Root’

8. Check for successful rooting

Download RootChecker on Google Play to check whether the device was successfully rooted.

RootChecker - Step 8 of Method 1
Root Checker interface

Root Android TV box with One Click Root

1. Get the app

Download One Click Root in your computer.

2. Connect TV box

Connect your Android TV box to your computer using its standard USB cord.

3. Enable USB debugging

Step 3 of Method 2 for How to root android tv box
Turn on USB debugging

Enable USB debugging on your Android TV box through the “Developer Options” setting.

4. Root with software

Run the One Click Root software and it will automatically complete the setup.

Step 4 of Method to on how to root android tv box
Run the software

Root Android TV box with Framaroot

1. Download Framaroot

Download Framaroot here:

2. Install Framaroot

Open the file using a Downloader app to install the software and launch the Framaroot app.

Framaroot Download
Framaroot interface

3. Choose exploit

Select an Exploit to execute after the root. You can choose either Superuser, SuperSU, or Unroot. After choosing, click “Install.”

Step 3 of Method 3 on how to root android tv box
Exploit choices in Framaroot

A prompt message will appear confirming the rooting success.

Step 4 of Method 3 on how to root android tv box

Root Android TV Box via KingoRoot (Desktop Version)

1. Download KingoRoot

Step 1 of Method 4 on how to root android tv box
KingoRoot download page

Download KingoRoot for your desktop here.

2. Install KingoRoot

Click the saved file. Once it is done downloading, launch the android_root.exe file and run it to begin installing. Follow the instructions on how to set up the software.

Kingoroot Download
KingoRoot download process

3. Tweak settings

Step 3 of Method 4 on how to root android tv box
Developer Options

Go to Settings and tap “Developer Options.” Tick “USB debugging mode” to confirm the changes in its setting.

4. Root device

When it is done connecting, tap Root. You only have to wait until it is done rooting.

Step 4 of Method 4 on how to root android tv box
Rooting with KingoRoot desktop

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Which is the best Android TV box available in the market?

Yes, choosing the best Android TV box can be daunting. If you are confused, you should take a look at the list of best Android TV box and streaming devices.

Are TV boxes legal?

Yes, technically, it is legal. For the record, there are no legal complications with regard to the sales and purchase of TV boxes. However, downloading and streaming of videos and music are still protected by copyright and can be termed illegal when used inappropriately

Is rooting considered illegal?

When you root a device, it involves allowing restricted applications to run. Many Android devices allow rooting their devices. However, you have to remember that rooting involves putting your device making your device vulnerable, and some manufacturers do not include it in their warranty. You can root your device in just a few clicks with One-Click Root or with an appropriate Android Root software.

Why do people root their Android devices?

There are a couple of advantages when you root your Android device. You can install restricted applications when your Android device is rooted. Moreover, the best thing rooting can give you is it can allow you to customize ROMs and increase your RAM, which means it helps improve your device’s performance.

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Well, what can we say? Android TV boxes can be rooted. The mentioned methods above all have the necessary steps on how to root your Android TV box. You can root it within a minute, or you can select other methods that are comfortable for you.

With these methods, you do not need to do more research; everything is clear. Share this article with your friends, colleagues, and family. It would really be a great help for them to enjoy their Android TV boxes if they can utilize them to their fullest.

Do you have any questions regarding the methods on how to root an Android TV box? Do you have any opinions or concerns about the above-mentioned methods? If so, we would like to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  5. i cant get any mic (BT/USB/Jack) works on mibox s (android 9), i read an article that android 9 support only 1 mic which i believed already occupied by the built-in mic in the BT remote? is there a way to enable multiple mic or disable the remote mic so to free up th mic connection?

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