how to root myTouch 4G

How To Root MyTouch 4G to Kick It Up A Notch

Are you tired of coming across complicated methods for rooting your T-Mobile MyTouch 4G? Do you want to install custom ROMs and mods on your MyTouch 4G? Are you looking for an easy method to root your MyTouch 4G device?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then continue reading to find out how you can root your MyTouch 4G device in just several minutes.

Using this guide, we’ll show you the easiest and safest methods on how to root myTouch 4G.

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Before you begin, it is recommended that you create a full backup of your device and transfer all your important files to your PC in case anything goes wrong. While the methods mentioned below have been extensively tested by users and they are relatively safe, you should only root your device at your own responsibility. Also, make sure that your device is charged at least 50% before you begin with the rooting process.

Method 1: Kingo Root

Kingo Root is one of the most popular and reliable ways for rooting various Android devices. Used by millions of Android users, the method is completely safe and it hasn’t bricked any Android device. While this is a universal rooting method for the latest Android devices, the MyTouch 4G device has been tested and is supported by the app.

Being one of the first one click root utilities for Android, Kingo Root should be able to root most MyTouch 4G devices and firmware versions.

Step 1

Download and install Kingo Root on your Windows PC. You can get the app through Kingo Root’s official website.

Step 2

If you don’t have the relevant drivers installed for your device, download and install HTC Sync Manager on your PC. Alternatively, you can also install only the drivers for your device.

Step 3

Open the Settings app on your device, go to Developer options and enable the USB debugging option. On some firmwares, the USB debugging option will be available from the Applications menu in the Settings app.

USB Debugging

Step 4

Open the Kingo Root app on your PC and connect your MyTouch 4G to your PC using a micro USB cable. Wait for Kingo Root to recognize your device and once detected, you’ll get a ROOT button at the bottom.

Step 5

Click on the ROOT button to start the rooting process.

Kingo Root

Step 6

Wait for the app to complete the rooting process. This might take a couple of minutes. Once completed, you’ll get a Root Succeeded message. Click on the Finish button.

Kingo Root Successful

Step 7

Reboot your MyTouch 4G. That’s it! You have successfully rooted the device.

Method 2: Unlock Root

Unlock Root is another fantastic universal rooting utility for Android devices and this works very similar to the Kingo Root app. If Method 1 didn’t work properly with your MyTouch 4G device, then this is possibly the next best alternative if you’re looking for a safe and easy method.

The app supports almost all Android devices and firmware versions, meaning that it should work with most MyTouch 4G devices. Aside from rooting, the app also lets you remove root access from your device if you’re not satisfied with the root access.

Step 1

Download and install Unlock Root on your Windows PC. You can get the app through Unlock Root’s official website.

Step 2

Download drivers for your MyTouch 4G device and enable USB debugging by following Steps 2 and 3 from Method 1.

Step 3

Run the Unlock Root app on your PC and connect your MyTouch 4G device to your PC  using a micro USB cable.

Step 4

Wait for the app to detect your device and once recognized, your device’s name will appear in the app.

Step 5

Click on the Root button to start the rooting process and wait for the app to complete the process.

Unlock Root

Step 6

Once the process is complete, you”ll get a Need reboot popup. Click on the Yes button to reboot your device. That’s it! Your MyTouch 4G should now be rooted.

Unlock Root Reboot


MyTouch 4G or the HTC Glacier is one of the earliest flagship Android smartphones and while the device is great for accessing all the stock Android features, you can do a lot more by rooting the device.

If the first two methods are not working with your device or the apps are not working on your PC, then you can use Method 3 in order to gain temporary root access. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you follow all  the instructions on how to root myTouch 4G, and feel free to shoot any questions below!

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  1. guyz have HTC glacier 2.3.4 but have failed either to temp root or permroot <<<<hv googled …tried any method but stil failed,,any help/

      1. I’m in the same situation. The Kingo ROOT method is the only one actually available anymore from links on this page and thus the only one I have tried. It has failed once, stuck on 19% multiple times. I’m currently trying again and watching it go to 100% on phone and computer before showing Root Fail.

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