how to root Samsung Transform Ultra

How to Root Samsung Transform Ultra for an Ultra Cool Phone

Not everyone knows the benefits of rooting an Android phone, but it’s important to understand that when you purchase an Android phone you have a wide range of possibilities that you can’t access with just the default features on your Android phone. For example, let’s say you just bought a Samsung Transform Ultra, and you’re wondering if there’s a way to increase battery life. Rooting is the answer. Maybe you want to figure out how to block all the ads in every single app that you use. Rooting is the answer. Let’s say you want uninstall those useless apps that come with a brand-new phone. Same answer.

Learn how to root Samsung Transform Ultra in order to turn the simple little device into something that you can be proud about.

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Some Notes Before Rooting

Make sure you download all of the latest drivers for your device. This is essential, or you will start getting frustrated because the rooting process usually doesn’t work without the proper drivers.

If this is the first time you plan on rooting a phone then you must keep in mind that you void the manufacturer’s warranty when you root a phone. You also run the risk of bricking your phone, so follow these instructions properly, or you might find yourself with a useless phone.

Charge your phone to at least 70 percent before you begin the rooting process. Your final warning is to back up all of the information you can on your phone. I’m sure you carry some valuable documents or personal photos that you want to hold onto, so learn how to backup your information with some apps.

Method 1: Using Odin With Transform Ultra

This method is probably the most comprehensive way to root your Transform Altra. To start off, you’ll need to download four separate files in order to root your phone. It may seem complicated at first using these files, but you don’t necessarily have to know exactly what they do in order to root your phone.

Download the following three files and place all of them on the desktop of your computer. You can save them in whatever folder you want, as long as you remember exactly where they are.

odin download




Download this final file and place it on the root of your SD card. This can be found on your phone, and you don’t have to place it on your computer.

tu root zip

Step 1

After you download all of these files and place them in the proper locations, you will need to enable USB debugging. This is a simple process that basically tells your phone that what you are about to do is OK. In order to enable USB debugging go to Settings and then click on Applications. Select Development and then click on USB debugging. Once the USB debugging check box is checked off, you’re good to go. You might also consider checking the stay awake option so that your phone doesn’t shut off while rooting.

usb debugging

Step 2

Turn off your phone, and wait a few seconds just to make sure it’s completely off.

Step 3

Find the ODIN program that you placed on your computer desktop and run this program.

odin run program

Step 4

For this next step put your phone into download mode. All you have to do is simply press and hold the camera button, volume button and power button. Continue holding down these buttons until you see a pop-up screen that indicates you are in the download mode. Use the volume up button to proceed.

download mode

Step 5

Remove the back of your phone to reveal the battery. This is where a sequence of events is quite important. Connect your phone to the computer that you’re using via a USB cable. Once the cable is connecting both the phone and the computer you want to pull out the battery from your phone. The ODIN screen on your computer will bring up a yellow box that shows you are connected.

Step 6

You’ll see a series of four options in this box. Check the first three boxes and uncheck the final box. This means that the One Package, Auto Reboot and Protect OPS boxes should be checked. The Reset Time (Sec) box should remain unchecked.

one package auto reboot etc

Step 7

Search for the Debug ONLY option underneath the Option and Debug Option area. Make sure this option is unchecked. Scroll down a little bit and locate the Select OPS option. Click this OPS button, and locate the TransformUltra.ops file you downloaded earlier.

Step 8

Search the bottom right area, and try to find the Select Integrate Package option. Select the One Package option and locate the build_7 file you previously downloaded. Press the start button. The screen will go black. Once the screen does go black you need to unplug the USB cable from your phone this step is extremely important. If you skip it you’ll have to start over. Place the battery back into the phone and proceed into recovery.

Not everyone knows how to get into recovery so here are the steps. Find the volume down button and hold it down. Locate the power button as well and hold that down. You will see a Samsung logo appear on your screen. Once it shows up let go of the power button.

Step 9

Scroll down, and locate the option that says “install zip from SD card.” Once you find this click on the power button. This will bring up several options on the next screen. Simply choose the very first one that reads “Choose zip from sdcard.” Press the power button again and scroll down until you locate the file. To finish up the process press the power button one more time and let the rooting complete. Once it’s done processing you can restart your phone. Enjoy your brand-new rooted phone.

install zip from sdcard

Method 2: One Click Root With a Computer

This method is a bit more complicated than the next method, but it seems to work quite well for those with more experience. You will need a computer, so connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 1

Download and install the Microsoft .NET framework on your computer.


Step 2

Download and install the SuperOneClick program on your computer.

Step 3

Turn your USB debugging on by turning on your phone and going to Settings > Applications > Development. Check off USB debugging.

usb debugging

Step 4

Do not mount your SD card when the phone is connected to your computer.

Step 5

Locate the SuperOneClick program and run it. Walk through the rooting steps. They are pretty self explanatory on the program. After that your phone is rooted. If the process doesn’t work then you might have to download the Android Drivers to make it work.

Method 3: One Click Root Without Computer

This method is quite easy since it only takes a single click after setup.

Step 1

Download the one click root apk file on your computer.

apk root

Step 2

Go to your SD Card folder and place this file in the sdcardrecommended file. This should show up as the first file under sdcard.

Step 3

Install the file on your phone by clicking on the file and running your package installer. Reboot the phone and your phone should be rooted.


Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about how to root Samsung Transform Ultra for the ultimate phone experience. You don’t have to be an expert in rooting in order to take advantage of your phone, but we do recommend that you follow all of these steps carefully in order to avoid any problems. If you get stuck on one of the steps, please feel free to ask us any questions and we will respond as soon as possible.

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