How to Sell Old Android Phone

How to Sell Old Android Phones and Make Space for New One

An average person goes through a smartphone every two years. If you are a fan of new technology you might even upgrade every year (like me). But some people have a hard time letting go or they don’t really know how to sell old Android phones and move on. I have personally seen people with drawers full of old Android phones which are just lying there. This is an excellent way to rot your funds and lay waste to perfectly fine hardware.

This article about how to sell old Android phones will focus on our readers residing in US. Some of the tips and tricks will apply to other regions as well; especially UK but the stores and links will be for the US readers.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can sell that old Android phone and make some tidy cash in the process.

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Sell Old Android Phone

1. Know Your Inventory


You have to know what kind of product you are going to sell. If you are relatively new or not really into Android you will have a little trouble nailing that product down. But with a little effort you can know what kind of smartphone you have at your disposal. If you have more than one Android phones lying around, you should make a neat list. Fortunately some of the to-do list apps for Android can help in this management.

2. Be Clear

Most of the ads I see online are vague and unclear. I’m very much less likely to purchase a product based on a one liner. “Samsung Galaxy Note III Good Nice”, this was one of the ad titles I saw on a site during research. Seriously do not do this kind of halfhearted job; it is downright harmful in the long run. If you think that this will save you time, I’m sorry you are completely wrong.

If you are a new Android user and don’t know the specs of your phone, it’s no big deal. Not everyone has the interest in knowing which company made the processor of their phone and it is very much understandable. Simply knowing the model number of your phone can give a general idea to your audience. It is not that hard either, simply go to the settings of your phone and look for Device Info, in there you will find the model number.

GALAXY S II Lifestyle Image_2

The model number will give ample information to a person who is interested. For example a model number may give the specs, the region, the processor and even LTE capabilities of the phone just at a glance.

3. Details Matter

Not everyone is a writer, I know that. But it won’t hurt the least bit to make a detailed ad post. Yes you need to prepare the ad even before thinking about posting. Make sure you include as much details about the phone you can. A simple Google search for the model will yield great results. Make sure you list the specs of your phone clearly. Also make sure to add incentives if you can. For example you won’t need a case for an old phone, so write “Free case” in the ad as well. These little things can actually sway a shopper’s interest in your product.

4. Take Pictures

GALAXY S II Lifestyle Image_4

If you have an ad with picture it is more likely to be seen and trusted by the interested party. If there are some defects in the phone, be honest. You don’t want to gain a few dollars by lying. Show the dents and bruises in the picture clearly and state them in words too. An honest ad is highly likely to attract a lot of customers.

5. Post the Ad Everywhere

This is a no brainer, if you want to sell your old Android phone fast and easy, post the ad on multiple sites. Here is a list of the most popular online phone selling sites:

Now be prepared to get contacted by a lot of people in a short duration of time. This is the most productive way to sell Android phones profit wise.

6. Trade the Phone In

If you are willing to forgo some of the profit and sell your phone with extreme ease, you can try to trade it in. Your carrier most likely will have a trade in program which you can utilize. Even if you have a broken phone there is still hope for that too.

You will need to contact your carrier for further details. Otherwise there are a lot of sites which offer good prices for old Android phones. Here are some of them I discovered:

7. Go Physical

GALAXY S II Lifestyle Image_8

If you are still not comfortable about online transactions you can go to numerous brick and mortar stores which will gladly purchase your old Android smartphone. I highly recommend your local repair shop; those guys are always in need for spare parts and can provide a handsome reward for your old smartphone.

Otherwise you can go to RadioShack, Costco or even Best Buy to sell your Android smartphone and get cash immediately.

8. Try EcoATM

This is another great way to do away with old phones. EcoATMs are now installed in almost all the big malls around the country. You can simply place your Android phone into the machine and it will scan it. After that it will give you a price for your phone. If you agree the machine will dispense fresh cash for you to take, much like any ATM machine. That’s about it; you have sold your Android phone.


All these methods of selling old Android phones are tried and trusted. No matter how old your Android is, you will be able to easily sell it off using this guide. But please don’t get ambitious, old phones are not like furniture which doesn’t lose value that quickly.

The chestnut coffee table from IKEA will likely retain its value for years but unfortunately electronics lose face value rapidly. It will be easier to part ways with your old trusty Android if you shake those dollar signs off your eyes. If you have any suggestions please share them with other readers so they can benefit too.

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