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5 simple methods to turn off Safe mode on Android in 2023

Safe mode on an Android device is a feature that disables all third-party apps on your Android device so that you can identify and fix problems within your phone. However, regardless of how helpful safe mode is, sometimes we accidentally get stuck in this diagnostic mode. If you’re looking for tips on how to turn off safe mode or if you are always left with the question, “Why won’t the safe mode turn off,” then you’ve come to the right place.

Turning off safe mode on an Android device isn’t hard in normal circumstances, and restarting your phone usually does the trick. But if you’re still stuck, I found a few methods that have worked like a charm for me and I’m sure that one of them will work fine for you.

Note: I listed down ways on how to turn off safe mode on Android device. I started with the easiest methods, and I recommend that’s where you start too.

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How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Your Android Device: 5 Methods

If the safe mode on your Android won’t turn off, here are 5 methods you should try right now to exit safe mode.

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Use the notifications panel to disable Safe mode
  3. Use key combinations (power + volume)
  4. Check for faulty apps on your Android device
  5. Perform a factory reset on your Android device

1. Restart Your Phone

Restarting is our go-to method for solving all kinds of phone issues. It’s also the simplest way to turn off safe mode on your Android phone using the power button.

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. From the menu, select “Restart/Reboot.” Some devices, however, only have the “Power Off” option.
  3. If your phone has the Restart option, it will power up automatically after it goes off. If it doesn’t, press the power button to turn your phone back on.
How To Turn Off Safe Mode on Android - Restart

2. Use The Notifications Panel To Disable Safe Mode

Some devices allow you to turn off Safe mode from the notifications panel. Find out if this is possible on your device.

  1. Pull down the notifications panel.
  2. Tap the “Safe mode” button to turn safe mode off. 
Option to disable safe mode

If you’re lucky enough to have the “Safe mode” button on your notifications panel, you can access and turn off Safe mode anytime by swiping down on your phone. Your device automatically restarts to turn off safe mode after you disable it.

This feature is available on most Samsung Phones (including Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9). so if you have one, check it out on the notifications panel

3. Use key Combinations (power + volume) On Your Android Device

You can access and turn off Safe mode by pressing your power and volume keys. Follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Turn off your smartphone.
  2. Press and hold the Power button until you see the logo on the screen, then release it.
  3. Quickly press the Volume Down button and hold it for a few seconds until you access your Safe mode. (On some phones, it disables your Safe mode.)
  4. From your Safe mode panel, boot up your phone normally.

By doing so, your phone will be taken off safe mode.

How To Turn Off Safe Mode on Android - Power Off

4. Check For Faulty Apps On Your Android Device

If you’re still stuck in Safe mode, there’s a chance that an app is keeping you there. To resolve this problem, you can either wipe the cache, delete the app data, or uninstall the app entirely.

Find out which app is causing you problems by deducing it from your most recent downloads. You can clear the app’s cache or delete the app. Afterwards, restart your phone and check if the process worked.

First, let’s wipe the cache:

  1. Go to Settings and open the “Apps” menu.
  2. Choose from your most recent apps
  3. Select Storage and tap “Clear cache.”
How to Clear Cache

If that didn’t work, move on to the next step. Warning: This method removes all of your data on the app, including login credentials.

  1. Open Settings and go to the “Apps” menu.
  2. Select the app.
  3. Select Storage and tap “Clear data.”
How to Clear App Data

If clearing both the cache and data didn’t work, it is time to uninstall the app.

  1. Navigate to Settings and open the “Apps” menu.
  2. Select which app you’re deleting.
  3. Tap Uninstall.
How to Uninstall an App

Remember that you should focus on apps you’ve recently installed.

5. Perform a Factory Reset On Your Android Device

If you’re looking for ways on how to turn off safe mode on your Android device. This definitely isn’t it. But if you constantly face having to turn off safe mode, then doing a factory reset on your phone can be a solution. For starters, factory reset involves deleting all internal data from your phone and restoring it to its original state. So before I start, make sure to backup all of your data.

Ensure that you’ve tried all the other options before doing a factory reset on your phone.

Via the Settings menu on your Android device:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Backup and Reset” menu.
  3. Select “Factory data reset” or Delete all user data.
  4. Tap on Reset Phone. The phone reboots after you click on the reset option.
How to Factory Reset Your Phone

Via the Recovery mode/Safe mode on your Android device:

  1. Enter Recovery Mode.
  2. Press and hold the Power button.
  3. Press the Volume Up key once then release the power button.
  4. Press the Volume Down button until the Wipe Data/Factory Reset gets highlighted. Tap on the Power key to select it.
  5. Choose Reboot system now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I boot to safe mode?

To enter Safe mode on your phone, press and hold the power button, hold the power off icon for a few seconds, and click OK to continue.

What can I do with Safe mode?

Since safe mode disables third-party apps, you can use it to identify and fix problems with your widgets and apps.

Why is my Android phone accidentally stuck in safe mode?

It can either be a software problem or human error. For example, you might’ve accidentally clicked the safe mode button on the navigation bar or clicked unnecessary buttons while turning on your mobile phone.

How to exit safe mode on Samsung?

To turn off safe mode on Samsung, slide down the notification tray. Next, tap on the safe mode notification and then confirm by tapping on ‘Turn off’ in the prompt.

What does safe mode do on Android?

Safe mode on Android disables third-party apps that may crash or slow your phone. It helps to diagnose the issues with your Android device. By turning on the safe mode, the phone will restart with default apps and remove the apps slowing down or crashing your device.

How do I reboot my computer to safe mode?

On the sign-in page, press and hold the Shift key and select Power and Restart. After your PC restarts, click on troubleshoot, Advanced options, startup settings and Restart. After your PC restarts, you will be able to see options. Click on reboot computer.

To Sum It All Up

Stuck buttons, bad updates, buggy applications, and defective hardware can all leave you stuck on Safe mode on your Android device. While there are many methods to get past this issue, restarting your phone is usually the easiest way that will do.

Only opt to do a factory reset when you’ve exhausted all your other options. It’s a lot of effort for something that can possibly be solved easily and it will delete all of the data on your phone. It’s a double-edged sword that should only be used as a last resort.

Just remember to keep calm when solving problems. Everything’s easier with a cool head!

Which method works best for you? Tell me more about it in the comments section below. If you’re still curious about the feature, check out our ultimate guide to Safe mode!

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  1. Thank you so much for this information. I have spent the last hour trying to get out of safe mode through various other websites and they didn’t work or were too scary to contemplate. The scariest was a YouTube video complete with spare parts and soldering iron!
    Then I found this site with the things I had tried plus more! Your site had all the information needed and was very clearly laid out and explained. I am a technical writer, so I notice these things.
    Method 4 worked in my situation.
    Thanks again, Rose

      1. Hi, so unfortunately none of these worked for me, the solution that worked for me was to go to best buy, they have a samsung technician onsite and can write a program to overwrite the safe mode. No appt, necessary.

        1. Hi, Scott! Sorry these didn’t help you, but I’m gad you were able to get your problem solved anyway!

      1. Hi There,
        I´m glad that method 4 worked for you. You´re most welcome for the information, but don´t forget to share your positive experience with others so they too can benefit from the tips. =-) Thanks for commenting.

  2. Thank you so much….I was totally confused about this safe mode and I thought all my datas are getting spoiled…your information helped me escape from this trouble…thank you again and again…..

  3. Hello. I have a problem. I am forced to start my phone into safe mode. I have an HTC one and it keeps going into the hboot mode whenever I switch my phone on. I can’t select anything in the menu there. So I start up my phone by pressing the power button and volume up button.
    (to add to my problems the volume down button isn’t working)
    Any advice would be appreciated ::)

    1. Philip
      I believe your phone volume down button is struct or pressed inside. So when you use power button, it means you are actually pressing power + volume down button. Thats why you get hboot mode. You need to fix your hardware first or pull out the volume down button.
      Trust this helps

    2. My Lenovo yoga tablet 2 is stuck in safe mode for 1 year already I tried all the methods but didn’t work help pls 🙁 I rlly love this tablet 🙁

  4. I cannot get out of accessibility mode because the notification that says “Homescreen unable to start” keeps popping up. Please help me!

    1. This is the first time I’m hearing such error. Try other methods in this article. Try to restart or reset your phone as well if you cannot come out.

  5. Pretty phone savvy but can’t get this one out of safe mode tried all the methods listed except the last one only because I can’t get into recovery mode for some reason I think I may have hardware issues is there anything else I may try before I get a new phone. Thanks.

    1. These methods worked for almost most of the readers. I’m not sure what is the problem with your mobile. There is no other method at this point of time 🙁

  6. Hi.i have tried all of these method except the last one.but it doesnt work on my phone.my phone is huawei y300.please answer me.thank;-)

      1. I don’t no how ..safe mode …come in my phone …n I try all this ….method BT also it dnsnt work so …help me to ..exit safe mode.

        1. Hi Chuzeen,
          Have you tried taking off any case you might have on the phone? It might be pressing a button that is keeping you in safe mode. Also, please check to see if you have any stuck buttons that could also be preventing you from getting out of safe mode. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. Hi Trina,
        Do you have a case on your phone? If you do that could be pressing buttons that is keeping your phone in safe mode.Stuck volume buttons could also be the culprit. Let me know if the case suggestion works for you. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  7. my phone is in recovery/safe mode and im trying to restart it .My pc will not recognize it at all and I have downloaded the drivers several times. I just want to reboot the phone but my power button is missing .Any idea how to get out of safe mode without a power button ?

    1. Jeremy,
      Try to install these two apps named “screen off” and “Gravity Screen”. They will help you to use the phone without power button. But still I’m not sure this will help you to get out of safe mode!

  8. Please tell me what safe mode does exactly and how I know if the issue(s) is resolved before restarting and exiting safe mode.

  9. My wife checks out Mich lotto several times a day. When she does, every other time our android goes into safe mode. Is she hitting the wrong keys or is the site dirty?

    1. Hello Mel, follow the steps to clear your applications cache memory, Open Settings-> Tap on Apps-> then locate the app that you want to clear the cache-> Tap the app-> Tap Clear cache. Try to open the Mich lotto application now, Hope you can access the application on normal mode. Let me know if that solves your problem!

  10. Thank you so much man , i was so worried before and tried all methods like wipedata/ factory reset everything but at the end method 4 works 🙂

  11. My galaxy grand mobile fall in water by accident and the volue buttons are no longer working.
    the device is now in same and I can not try some of these 6 options simply because they need the volume button.
    I think is there any software method that would allow me to deactivate the function ?

    1. Hi Mustafa,
      I am not aware of any softwares that will get you our of safe mode. Can you have your phone fixed so you can use the volume keys?

  12. Is there any harm in leaving your phone in safe mode for long periods of time? For example, I’m in class and won’t be using my phone for a few hours. Can I turn on safe mode to save battery and still receive phone calls and texts? (I know third party apps won’t be available to use, just stock apps.) Thanks!

    1. Hi Ann,
      I don´t see the harm in leaving your phone is safe mode for a few hours. It will help you save battery and I don´t see why you shouldn´t be able to receive calls and texts. Thanks for commenting.

    2. Hello Ann, Yes! you can absolutely leave your phone on safe mode for a long period of time, definitely in safe mode you will save your battery from draining at the same time you can receive phone/texts. Let me know if that answers your question!

  13. Hi. Do you know how to disable the option to boot into safe mode? I am aware of how to get out of safe mode, but I would like to disable this option for the security of my child’s phone. Thanks for any help you can give me. Horace

    1. Hi Horace,
      Are you sure you don´t want to count on this feature? It will help keep your child´s phone safe in case an app or virus is causing problems and give you the possibility of fixing the issue. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Hi, I want to disable safe mode for the same reason as Horace, and im sure I want to keep my child safe from the bad side of the internet more than i want to keep the phone safe, ill have a good antivirus, and worse comes to worse ill get a new phone. also a way to block safe mode with a password or not permanently is also a good idea, is there such a way?

    2. Hello Horace, Follow the steps to disable Safe Mode-> turn off your phone-> then press and hold “Power button” until you see the manufacturers logo on the screen-> then release the power button,”Quickly” press “Volume Down” and hold it for few seconds until you see the message “Safe Mode: OFF”. If you wanted re-enable it, simply repeat the steps above, and you should see “Safe mode: ON” rather than off. Let me know if that solves your problem!

  14. I appreciate these clear and concise directions and the photos !!! too. The youtube videos were a hassle to stop and go back. So glad I found this site! bookmarked for what I am sure will be many future visits. Thx

    1. Hi There,
      You are most welcome and don´t forget to let your family and friends know about us so they can too benefit from our tips. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  15. I don’t now how I got in safe mode and after having tried all these methods I’m still in there, and I hate it. Even after factory reset the phone come back to safe mode, looks like there’s no way out.

    1. Hi Fred,
      The reason that you may still not be able to get our of safe mode could be because of stuck buttons. Please take off any case or gel skin from your device, if the case is pressing the menu key, it can cause it to go into safe mode. Please press each of the buttons to make sure that they are not stuck. Then re-start your phone, if that still doesn´t work then we might be looking at defective hardware. Hope this helps

    2. Hello Fred, make sure none of your phones buttons are stuck. Because by pressing and holding the volume down button your phone will reboot in safe mode. Let me know if that solves your problem!

  16. I have a problem. None of these ideas are working,I’ve literally tried every single one and its still in safe mode. Can you please help me?!

    1. Hi Tatyanah,
      If you have tried everything in the article then it might be because of stuck buttons. Please remove any case or gel skin from your device, if the case is pressing the menu key, it can cause it to go into safe mode. Please press each of the buttons to make sure that they are not stuck. The re-start you phone, if that still doesn´t work then we might be looking at defective hardware. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi There,
      Try the methods again but this time, take off any case your device may have since it might be pressing buttons that are keeping your device is safe mode. If that doesn´t work, play with your device’s buttons to see that they are not stuck. Another reason you may not be able to get out of safe mode. I hope this helps. =-)

  17. I have a problem that my phone always goes to system recovery and I can’t select any of the features because the power button is broken so every time I remove the battery and put it back it always goes to system recovery. I need help

    1. Hello Carlos, ROM Manager, developed by Koushik Dutta is one of the applications where you can boot into Recovery mode on my phone. The app is available for free at the Google Play Store. Just download and install it, open the app and select “Reboot into Recovery”. There are other similar application too like Quick Reboot,Rapid Reboot,Reboot Manager,etc. Hope this fixes your problem!

  18. So if my phone was hacked and I take it off of safe mode will there be a problem? Will I know if it was hacked? I’m not sure how it hapoened… I think it may have just happened when I put it in my purse and I hadn’t locked it….but I want yo make sure I wasn’t hacked. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Mike,
      The methods listed worked for the majority of the readers, but I am not sure why it didn´t work on your phone. What kind of phone do you have?

  19. Me too methods doent work for my phone.. except for the no. 6 method because my home button is broken huhuhuhu!!!!!

  20. I have tried every step and my phone is still in safe mode. I spilled coffee on my phone recently and it broke my home button and volume button. I wasnt able to try the volume button method becuase of that but i tried every other method and still nothing. I think ive came to the conclusion of having to get a new phone

    1. Hi Chelsea,
      Getting a new phone phone doesn´t sound like a bad idea at all considering the coffee incident and that could have cause some damage to your phone. For what they might charge you for fixing it, it is a better idea to use that money for a new phone. Thanks for commenting.

  21. I have an S4 that I must’ve accidentally put in safe mode somehow. All i get is a black screen with the wrd “custom” and a pic of a lock. All of these methods are not working…I’m getting real nervous here. I use my phone for business and am already missing calls. HELP!!!!

    1. Hi Eva,
      Other possibilities that your phone is not coming out of safe mode is because of stuck buttons. Please remove any case or gel skin from your device, if the case is pressing the menu key, it can cause it to go into safe mode. Please press each of the buttons to make sure that they are not stuck. The re-start you phone, if that still doesn´t work then we might be looking at defective hardware. Hope this helps.

  22. I have tried all of the steps but nothing happens my phone still on safe mode and . Can’t download applications. It has volume down problem.

    1. Hi Pakishi,
      How unfortunate to hear that your phone won´t come out of safe mode, but have you tried uninstalling recently Installed Apps since they may be the ones causing the problems and
      Wiping Cache Partition (Dalvik Cache) since data can sometimes cause your Android to endlessly be in safe mode. The steps for clearing the cache will vary with each device. Please let me know if this helps.

    1. Hi Rizwan,
      I am guessing that you are saying that out of frustration, but trust me, Safe Mode is something you want to be able to count on since you never know when you are going to need it. You may have a stuck volume key/rocker and/or the power button.

      It’s more likely to be the stuck volume key/rocker…have them check to see if it’s dirty/gummed-up and stuck in one position and see if that helps. Please let me know what happens.

    1. Hi Majid,
      I am glad that one of the methods was able to help you and you are most welcome for the info. Don´t forget to keep coming back for more useful tips and tricks for your phone. Thanks for commenting! =-)

  23. I have had safe mode on my phone for the past three weeks and have tried to turn it off by pressing the bar on the drop-down menu which did nothing and by holding the power and volume buttons and selecting the safe mode option which also has no effect whatsoever. I went to a Verizon store the other day and was told to backup everything important and then set my phone back to factory settings. So, I did that and everything on my phone has been deleted but safe mode is still on. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Kaytie,
      If you have a case on your phone that could be pressing some buttons that could be keeping your phone in safe mode and stuck buttons have also been known to be responsible for this too. Please make sure that this is not your case and don´t forget to let me know what happens. I hope this helps. =-)

  24. Thanks for the step-by-help and easy explanation of the facts. I have a Moto-E and I ran into safe mode but I came out of it by restarting it.

    1. Hi There,
      You are most welcome for the information and It´s good to know that you could get out of it with a simple restart. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  25. please i changed the screen of my off and when i turned my phone on i saw it was on safe mode…. i have tried restarting it it didn’t work. what should i do please

    1. Hi Bobby,
      Before trying the tips mentioned in the article, please take off the case you may have on your phone because it could be pressing buttons on your device and preventing you from getting our of safe mode. Also, check to see if your device may have any stuck buttons, so play with them to see if they are Ok. Hope this helps. Let me know how this works out for you. =-)

    1. Hi Nizam,
      Please take off any case you may have on your phone that could be pressing a button that puts you back into safe mode. Also, check to see if any of the button on your phone are not stuff, that could also be the problem. Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  26. I am using samsung galaxy core 2. I’ve disabled the safe mode but whenever i restart my phone , the safe mode enabled. To add my problems , my volume buttons aren’t working. Hope you can help.

  27. Can you help me ?! Until now I can’t disable the safe mode . I’ve tried already the method but still I can’t disable it. My volume button is not working anymore , what are the other method ? Please help

    1. Hi Loren,
      There is a really good chance that the reason you can´t get out od safe mode is because of that volume button that´s not working. I would recommend having it fixed and hopefully get out of safe mode. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  28. thank you very much for the help I was about to give up.I held the power button til it switched off when I switched it back on all my apps where back

    1. Hi There,
      You´re most welcome and I am glad to hear that the methods were able to help you. Don´t forget to keep coming back for more useful tips and tricks. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    1. Hi There,
      I’m glad that it´s working. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  29. I had my samsung galaxy grand duous touch screen replaced recently. Since then my cell is showing safe mode. I have tried all option restrating , factory reset but no improvement. My friend has suggested using ODIN mode and do factory rest from there. IS thi spossible or there any other way to work out the issue.

  30. Hi there, i have a samsung galaxy duos phone. it fell one day and d screen got broken. I was still able to use d phone with all the buttons working properly. l however decided to replace d broken screen because it made d phone look ugly. I went to the phone dealer’s shop and he replaced the screen with a new one but it kept on booting in safe mode. He tried several new screens but same thing. meanwhile he had already discarded my broken screen. Now my phone is useless without a screen because i refused the new screen. My question is what could the problem be and can i use the phone on safe mode continuously like he advised me?

  31. I’m happy to see that India has a good talent like you…
    Your all suggestions work great.
    Thank you

  32. Hye,im using the Samsung sHV-E250L. It got stuck wit safe mode ive tried various methodstoremove it But seems cant .pls help me all buttons functional seemz fine. Oh do help me..Thanks

  33. Hi JOA
    I have Huwaeri G610 and encountered safe mode problem. I have tried Method 1,2 ,3,4 and 9. But still my phone is on safe mode. Can you tell me any other way to get rid of it?

    1. Hi Fahmeed,
      Try putting your charging cable to your phone and restart your phone and while it´s rebooting hit the home button various times until it stops rebooting. This has been known to work especially for Huawei phones. Hope this helps. =-)

  34. i have oneplus one i had this problem (safe mode), it happen suddenly after using ” share it app” but the solution was simple.. i just low down all my phone volume and i reboot it..and every thing was back then.

    1. Hi Sujivo,
      Thank you for sharing your way of getting out of safe mode. It will definitely help other if other methods don´t work. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  35. my ph has been taken over. ivedoneeverthing you suggested. this app is in root, deleted awhile ago but never left. i found it by mistake. its shitting me off from data, or foogle apps. its been days of this ive lost all and control of ph. contact googleandroid safe is first time i can usr phone. i have no contract, it a sam. gal sgm386t myfamymobile.com is carrier. no car no ph when it wants it deletes what i write. cant send texts cant gett or stay on google. i feel im in abattle. thanks for hearing me if it comes thru. nothing else is working

  36. im sorry bought my bad typing. i didnt look till after i wrote. this safe mode has let me get out to someome but this root app has control when not in safe mode. please can you let android google know. im actually scared. i lm disabled no other ph. though this account will be gone asap. new sim. im hopeful they will see the logs and info i saw. kingoroot krause su and verity took over my ph. boosting for months in my neighborhood and my private. ive lost Three thousand photos buts it flashes them at me. wont let me update says its root tunnerler didnt catch a dile over air fast enough. i pinned to dr but next day its gone. im saying to much. this has scared me cause i wonder what i had or saw that it wont go. i have no apps now, why wont it go

  37. Hi.. I’m using Samsung S7 edge..
    Now my volume down button stuck..
    And cannot disable the safe mode. Currently I cannot get my phone fix but I need some downloaded app
    Is there any ways to by pass the safe mode and using the app ?
    Or can I disable my safe mode with the volume button stuck ? As I failed to “un-stuck” then volume button. 🙁

    1. Hi There,
      Have you tried rebooting your phone or maybe even uninstalling the apps you may have recently installed. Maybe an app you have made your phone go into safe mode and uninstalling the ones you recently installed may help you phone boot normally. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. Yes.. Reboot to disable the safe mode. But due to volume button stuck
        So it back to safe mode (I guess)
        Was suggest by the service centre to change the whole screen & casing
        Tried delete the recent install app, but still the same

        1. Hi There,
          It looks like the best thing you can do is get the stuck button fixed then. Hope there is a place nearby you can go to. =-) Thanks for commenting.

          1. Hi, thank for the info.
            i have schedule for the repair next week, due to working in outstation.
            Just found out that, some apps are actually can be use even in safe mode, e.g YouTube & FaceBook.
            Is there any ways to open the apps that previously installed ?

          2. Hi There,
            If you create a shortcut of that particular app that you want to launch in safe mode, you can do so while in safe mode. But you should be in normal mode when creating the shortcut. To run your app in safe mode, you need to copy your app to /system/app, for which you need root access. So only on a rooted device, it is possible. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  38. Hi, my friend is freaking out over this safe mode. Neither of us were aware of a safe mode at all. I want to know if it can delete apps without asking, because after safe mode had been turned on all/most of her downloaded apps were deleted. I want to know if safe mode did this or if something else did, and if it was safe mode, none of the things seem to be working and none of her buttons are stuck. She doesn’t even have a case. I’m asking because she is very concerned right now, thanks!

    1. Hi Christine,
      Safe Mode doesn´t delete apps or at least it shouldn´t. The apps should be there once you get out of safe mode. Are you haveing trouble getting out?

  39. ZTE lever stuck in safe mode has water damage. Volume buttons do not work anymore either, still make calls, get calls, make text an receive text, but no apps can be used. I can use the internet, an YouTube beyond that no apps I downloaded will work. I have tried all of these steps. Please help

    1. If the buttons are stuck, then I would recommend taking it in for service since the stuck buttons won’t let you get out of safe mode.

  40. I’m using At&t Kyocera c6745 ,and there is a password on it I have try several time to do factory reset but I cant .really need your help

    1. What exactly is preventing you from doing a factory reset? I mean, is it because the buttons are stuck, your phone freezes, Etc.

  41. You saved my sanity. The problem was my new case which pushed on the volume buttons too much (and didn’t allow me to adjust the volume). I cut out the part of the case that was touching the volume buttons and voila!!!

    Thank you so much. I thought I was losing my mind.

  42. Hi Guys,

    I have the S7 edge and even though i reserted and turned off and on like 20 times safe mode is still on. I can’t remove battery and i want to avoid a factory reset for now. Any ideas?

    1. Have you tried Method 4? This is likely how you entered Safe Mode and sometimes yo may need to manually tell it to leave Safe Mode.

          1. My phone required a system update and when it was done the safe mode was on. I cannot clear the cache because the aps aren’t even there. All apps i see are like contacts, camera, gallery, calendar…. nothing like facebook, instagram, whatsapp….

          2. to me, it sounds like a corrupt download and update. there are apps and software out there that say they fix bad installs, but I can’t vouch for any of them. You can try to redownload the update via the system update option in the settings. If that doesn’t work, and as little fun as it is, it may be best to reset the phone.

  43. Hey I hope people are still active here as I’ve been having a strange problem. My phone has been stuck in safe mode the past week because my volume down button is stuck internally… I’ve factory reset twice now and is still broken. I want to use my apps, please help!

    1. If you have a mechanical issue (broken button), you will need to get that fixed. If a master reset didn’t work, it’s not a glitch or software problem.

  44. I’m Facing Problem with few app which is installed in my Samsung galaxy A7 2016,
    When I Start wifi Internet in my phone , Lots of whtsapp msg, LinkedIn Msgs and Instagram Msgs Cumming and my Phone Screen Goes Black automatic for 2-3 seconds, this happen only with wifi internet not with data internet.

    1. most likely it’s just trying to do too much all at once. If you set the less important apps to sync manually, you can probably avoid this issue. Try turning off the sync option for a few of the apps to see if the problem goes away.

      You can also free up some space on your phone, this can also make your phone work harder.

    1. what does it do when you boot? Are there any errors?

      You’ve removed the battery and rebooted it, I assume. Have you looked to see if there are any buttons that are sticking or are there any external devices plugged into the USB or the micro-SD card slot? Try to remove them and see if it boots correctly.

  45. it 1355 cant accept all solutions listed above.. av tried one by one but to no avail
    and no keypads stuck plus it ddnt fell in water nor failing down from a pocket or so…. the problem ctil persists

  46. i am using samsung galaxy grand duos.i updated my android version jellybean 4.2.1 to 4.2.2. when i restarted it gone to safe mode i have tried everything but i cant get rid of that .. please help me///

  47. Hi.
    Volume down button of my Samsung S7 broken. I sent the phone to service to repair it but they asked for about €300.
    I don’t know what to do.
    Is there any solution for my problem?
    Thank you very much.

    1. broken devices, even if unintentional are not covered under the warranty. You can ask for it back as-is and see if you can get it fixed locally. If you have insurance on the phone, you can make a claim.

  48. Have tried everything and still on safe mode. I even took it to a Boost dealership and the woman there deleted all my apps and I was there almost 2hours! Still on safe mode. I’m beyond pissed. What can I do? This is killing me.

  49. Have tried everything but none of it worked. I don’t know what to do to unsafe mode my phone. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Grand neo plus. It’s been 3 months.

  50. hallo ! i have sumsung galaxy active s4 and i stuck into safe mode! i really try everything ..
    about restart my phone. factory data reset. wipe cache, Also my buttons work perfectly..
    maybe yo can help me please ! thanks!

    1. how did it get into safe mode? did you do it manually?

      Did you try a master reset? If you’ve tried everything… soft reset, hard reset, pull the battery, clear the system cache, that’s the last option to try.

  51. Thankyou so much all wonderful advice and indeed my volume down button doesn’t work, thus staying in Safe Mode but before sending it away, to be fixed I need to back up 2 crucial 3rd party apps usually by Dropbox but it also doesn’t appear in Safety mode any suggestions? Unfortunately I’m not technical enough to know if rooting it can help, although I can follow explicit directions reasonably well the model is a Sony E2363 Aqua dual SIM Experia

    1. That’s what safe mode does. it disables all the 3rd party apps and uses the default settings. It might not be as efficient, but you can send things to Dropbox through the browser.

    1. Not knowing which phone you have, I’m not sure I can be any more help than what’s in the article.

  52. My volume down key is broken
    I tried all these methods non of them worked
    Im stuck in safe mode i dont know what to do

    1. Unfortunately if your hardware buttons aren’t working, you may have some other damage to the phone that would prevent this from working.

  53. I just remove my SD card it’s working OK. Virus and male are should be in your SD try this…. ?

    1. This is a great tip. Viruses can be on internal or external memory. If the virus is just on external memory, solving performance issues and preventing the spread of the virus is often as simple as removing the card. Of course, if you want to recover files on that card, you’ll still need to remove the virus, and you probably want to run a virus scan on your device even after the card is removed just to be safe.

  54. I was really scared when I got my S6 into safe mode. But thanks for this guide, now my problem is resolved, thanks!

    1. Glad to help, Joe! Is there anything else about your Android devices that you’d like to see a guide for?

  55. My Samsung galaxy S7 got water into it a while ago but the repair shop sorted it, I was aware of wouldn’t be perfect when I got it back and I was right the volume keys worked at the start then they stopped working. They press fine, I even tried to clean around the buttons & I don’t have a phone case. I let my phone die and it came back on in safe mode ever since my volume keys stopped fuctioning. I factory reset my phone, rebooted, deleted apps, cleared cache, everything, it is still in safe mode. Help please! I can’t get it repaired I only just recently spend to repair.

    1. Hi, Aqeela. Unfortunately, with a hardware issue like this the only thing that can be done is a repair to the faulty hardware. Sorry I couldn’t give you the answer you wanted!

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