how to unlock MyTouch 4g

How to Unlock MyTouch 4G to Break Chains in a Touch

Yes, working with network carriers is not the funnest thing in the world, but you actually have the chance to break away from carriers you despise and use different SIM cards on your phone. It takes a simple unlock, and the MyTouch 4G has some simple methods to get the job done.

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to unlock MyTouch 4G so you can access networks when you travel and even save some cash.

Things to Remember Before You Unlock Your MyTouch 4G

As you walk through the methods on how to unlock MyTouch 4G you might wonder if all of your information is safe. Although unlocking is much safer than rooting your phone, you might as well take the safe road and backup all of your information before following any of these methods. It’s also wise to ensure that your battery is charged to around 70 percent so that the phone doesn’t die half way through the process.

Method 1: Using A Simple Code and a Free Service

This is a free method that’s great for people who are willing to wait a few days to get an unlock code. If you want to unlock your phone now then you might have to pay or speak to a service provider using one of the methods below.

Step 1

To start you can turn on your MyTouch 4G and navigate to the dialer area where you typically type in phone numbers to call other people. Bring up this window, and type in a simple code. This code is *#06. After that, simply click on the # button and your IMEI number will show up on the screen. Each IMEI number is unique for cell phones, so you need to write this down for later reference.

the code

Step 2

After you have the IMEI code you can turn off your phone and remove the current SIM card that is sitting in your phone. Take the new SIM card you plan on using from another carrier or service provider and insert it into your MyTouch 4G smartphone. You probably have to pull out your battery to locate the SIM card slot.

Step 3

Turn the phone back on, and wait for the screen to pop up. The MyTouch 4G phone should tell you that the phone is locked.

network locked

Step 4

Slide your finger down on the screen to reveal an area that asks for the SIM network unlock PIN.

sim network unlock pin

Step 5

The next step is to locate your unlock code. This process uses one of the only free unlocking services online. Unfortunately, you have to wait a few days to receive your unlock code for free, but if you like free stuff then it’s worth it. Go to and click on the Unlock? button to get the process started.

unlock button

Step 6

Under Free Unlocker fill in all of your information such as Email, Phone Model, Network and IMEI. Click on the Request Unlock button to finish the process.

type in your info

Step 7

The Stats area on the left shows you how long you might have to wait to receive your unlock code. It usually takes a handful of days, but if you want it quicker you can pay a fee by going to the Fast Track page. The service will send you an email with the unlock code. You can then go to the screen on your phone that asked for the code and punch it in. After that the phone will automatically reset and the phone should be completely unlocked.

stats and info

Method 2: Paying for Your Unlock Code, but Getting it Faster

If you are willing to fork over some cash for your unlock code then you can get it quite quickly. Although we like free things, we understand that the waiting game is not everyone’s thing. If you don’t want to hassle with your carrier or wait for an unlock code from a free service like above, then go with this method.

Step 1

Navigate to


Step 2

Go to the Start Here area, and fill in all of the information requested such as Carrier, Manufacturer, Model and IMEI code. In order to get your IMEI code you simply have to go to your dialer on the MyTouch and type in the following keys: *#06#.

start here

Step 3

Click on the Unlock Now button in order to submit the form. It will then ask for your payment information. Each carrier and phone has different rates, but the fees are usually minimal. Once your submit your payment information you can wait for your email.

Step 4

When you receive the email with your unlock code you have to bring up a screen on your phone that accepts the code. Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card. Replace it with a new SIM card that you want to use from another carrier. Turn the phone back on and swipe up in order to view the field that asks for the unlock code.

sim network unlock pin

Step 5

Type in the unlock code and then hit the Submit button. The MyTouch then resets, and your phone is unlocked. Congrats!

Method 3: Hassling With Your Service Provider

This is another free option, but it doesn’t always work if you haven’t been with the service provider for a long time. You also have to sit in the phone queues in order to speak with a person. So if customer service lines aren’t your thing then try another method.

Step 1

Get your IMEI number by going to the dialer on your phone and typing in *#06#. This reveals your IMEI numbers. Write this down so you can give it to the customer service rep later.

the code

Step 2

Call your carrier customer support department, and tell them you are looking for an unlock code. If they oblige then simply give them the IMEI code and they should either tell you the unlock code or email it to you.

Step 3

Turn off your phone, and take out your current SIM card. Place the new SIM card in, and turn the phone back on. When you receive a screen that says your phone is locked, swipe up and type in the unlock code. This resets your phone and unlocks it for future use.


If you have any questions on how to unlock MyTouch 4G then feel free to let us know in the comments section below. We recommend trying one of the free methods first and then moving onto the paid service method. Free stuff is awesome, so why not at least give it a try? After your phone is unlocked you can use different network SIM cards and take advantage of the financial savings and new network.

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  1. i’m really in big trouble in my* my touch 4g to unlock it, and i’really shut off money,can you help me please with your free unlock app?

    1. Eugene, what seems to be the problem with your MyTouch? We don’t offer a free unlock app, but have you tried any of the methods spoken about in the article? The Phone Unlockers service is supposed to be free, but it takes a while to work.

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